Love Sea (Thai) – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Love Sea episode 2 picks up with Mut calming Tongrak down. They head back to land, and Mut feeds Tongrak some clams and turns on his flirting game. Without missing a beat, Tongrak matches his energy, and an intense, seductive kiss starts. Unfortunately, Tongrak hurts his arm, and they are forced to stop their kiss. 

After treating the scratch on Tongrak’s hand, they go back to flirting. This time, things get even hotter, and Tongrak gets the inspiration for his next book chapters. He leaves Mut dry and heads to the hotel to write. Mut begrudgingly follows and sulks as Tongrak types on his laptop. After finishing his chapters, Tongrak joins Mut in the shower. He offers to pay Mut for some intimacy, and they end up having sex. After their rendezvous in the shower, bed and all over the hotel room, Tongrak kicks Mut out, asking for his privacy. Mut is surprised but accepts to leave.

Meanwhile, Khaimuk visits Vivi and finds herself doing more than fixing her bulbs. Vivi uses every excuse in the books to get Khaimuk to clean after her and stay longer. At the end of the day, Vivi kisses Khaimuk’s forehead, causing her to feel excited and surprised at the same time. 

The next morning, Mut runs into his brother as he returns from his night shift at the bar. The young brother tells Mut that the hotel staff have an ongoing bet over who will get Tongrak’s attention first. According to his brother, Tongrak recently went through a heartbreak and needs some tender love and affection to recover. He wants to know who he should bet for, but Mut leaves without giving a response. Mut heads to the hotel and starts hanging out with some girls. 

Tongrak sees Mut having a great time and feels offended. He sends him money before approaching the group and claiming Mut as his. He pulls Mut aside and expresses his disapproval of the situation. He insists that Mut shouldn’t entertain anyone else on his dime.

Mut is happy about how possessive Tongrak is and agrees to spend time with him. They head out for lunch and have a deep conversation. We learn that Mut left home as a teenager after a fight with his dad. He made his way in life worikg odd jobs and has no intention of returning home to his dad.

As for Tongrak, he took up writing because it was fun, but as he grew successful, many people started critiquing his works and that made him doubt himself. Nonetheless, the two agree tey don’t pity each other and commend themselves for surviving in the tough world.  

Later that evening, Mut contacts Connor’s boyfriend and asks for more information on Tongrak. He is worried that Tongrak is having a hard time in regards to work, but Connor’s boyfriend says it is something else. However, he refuses to tell Mut what Tongrak’s problem is. Instead, he advises him to ask Tongrak. 

The following day, Tongrak and Mut decide to go diving, and Palm joins them. Tongrak thought it would only be the two of them, but Mut explains that they need Palm to man the boat while they dived. Tongrak is first to put on his gear, and while Mut goes over the lunch plans with Palm, Tongrak jumps in. Mut quickly puts on his gear and follows him.

Unfortunately, Tongrak starts reminiscing about his mom. It turns out his mom was in a toxic relationship with his dad. After Tongrak’s dad abandoned them, his mom blamed herself for loving him and started teaching her son that love is a weakness and should be avoided. The memory causes Tongrak to have a panic attack and nearly drown. Thankfully, Mut spots and saves him. 

Once they get back on the boat, Mut checks in on Tongrak and asks why he dived alone and what happened to him. Tongrak apologises, and the discussion shifts to the meaning of their names. Tongrak means can’t help falling in love. Mut jokes that Tongrak has no choice but to love him. However, Tongrak says he doesn’t believe in love

The Episode Review

Tongrak’s dad expected monetary gifts in exchange for love. When his mom failed to give him this, he left. Tongrak keeps paying Mut for his time but also expects im to leave. He doesn’t believe in love and tells Mut that love is a delusion. Sadly, this is how he views one of the beautiful human feelings. It is also ironic that he built a career on writing romance novels.

It seems like he may want to find love, but he’s scared of losing it. It’s also worth noting that when Mut offered to be a tasty meal for Tongrak, like the fish they had for lunch, Tongrak refused because he didn’t want to think about Mut dying. Deep down, he is starting to care for Mut and that is why he feels possessive.

On the other hand, Mut is falling for Tongrak and wants to help him. Our handsome island boy has his work cut out for him, but we have no doubt he will conquer Tongrak’s heart. Lastly, let us take a moment to inhale and exhale after that scene. Please don’t pretend you don’t know which one we are talking about!

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