Lovers Of The Red Sky – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Ring Of Fate

Episode 11 of Red Sky picks up right where we left off last time. Yangmyung realizes that Cheon-Ki is in danger and rushes up to arrest Ha Ram. After thanking Cheon-Ki for her understanding, Scholar Ha willingly goes with the Prince, leaving the young painter to sob; the King’s unfinished portrait by her side.

Down in the dungeons, Ha-Ram is kept in a special cell deep within the police bureau with no escape. Left alone, Yangmyung promises to bring more straw given how bitter the nights are coming. He also brings up the demon too, and his knowledge of it festering inside Ha-Ram all this time.

Knowing this, Yangmyung encourages Ha-Ram to show up at the Sealing Ceremony later that month. Ha-Ram declines though, believing Cheon-Ki will be put in danger and bringing up how her father went mad after painting it himself.

Cheon-Ki does make it back home but in doing so, ends up collapsing and running a fever. Her dreams are menacing, seeing the demon taunting her for drawing the portrait.

When she finally awakens, Cheon-Ki remains more determined than ever to paint the King’s portrait and see Ha-Ram. In order to do that though, she calls upon the talents of Choi Jung and Young-Wook from the Painter’s society to help try and find him.

While this is going on, Cheon-ki manages to do a great first sketch, with the resident expert Han-Geon noticing her work and realizing how impressive it is. He comments how she’s definitely the divine painter and contemplates what the future may hold for them.

Cheon-Ki though ends up speaking to the tiger spirit again, following her into the archive room from before. She doesn’t sat much to the young woman, only to keep painting and not to get too distracted. In order to do that though, she pleads with Yangmyung to let her visit Ha-Ram one more time.

Now, given Prince Juhyang is scheming and preparing to strike, the King is warned that if he’s not careful there could be massive political upheaval. And that could be coming sooner rather than later. Gathering all of his loyal subjects together, Juhyang and the gang begin to scheme.

In the time that they do this though, Cheon-Ki finishes the first draft as the royal subjects all gather to marvel over her work. King Seongjo is certainly pleased, while he gathers Yangmyung and lets him know that in 10 days’ time the portrait will be finished. Only, it apparently doesn’t hold any divine qualities. This throws their plan completely askew as the King sobs. Yangmyung though promises to do his best to try and make things right.

However, it’s Ha-Ram who learns how to make things right. According to the elderly scholar locked away in the dungeons with him, Ha-Ram needs to join hands with Cheon-Ki in order to channel the divinity needed to make this portrait right.

Jung and Young-Wook manage to forge Yangmyung’s signature, deciding to head into the cells and find Ha-Ram. With Jung posing as Cheon-Ki, the two others find their plan go completely askew and are subsequently thrown in a cell together.

Yangmyung is not best pleased when he finds out and leads the young woman in to see Ha-Ram in secret. Cheon-Ki speaks of her destiny and waves away Ha-Ram’s concerns, pointing out that sealing the demon is the only thing that matters. As he grabs her hand, a massive energy consumes them both… as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Lovers of the Red Sky comes to an agonizing end today as the destiny of our two lead characters now becomes clear. It seems like the only way to present this divine painting is with Ha-Ram and Cheon-Ki joined together. This backs up what Samshin has been mentioning all these episodes, with the pair’s fate entwined together.

Yangmyung is obviously caught in the middle of all this, torn between his loyalties to the crown and his affection for Cheon-Ki. Seeing him allow Cheon-ki to see Ha-Ram like that is a nice touch, even if it is a long way round of doing it, given the scheme to break past the guards.

In the midst of all this though is Cheon-Ki’s painting which takes up a good chunk of the run-time. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it does also seem like we’re gearing up for Mi-Soo and Prince Juhyang’s plan to manifest sooner rather than later.

Either way, Red Sky continues to deliver decent drama and the ending leaves us on a big cliffhanger ready for tomorrow’s follow-up.

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