Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5 Recap

Continuing from the last episode of Love on the Spectrum, in Episode 5, Connor tells Sasha he wants to remain friends. It goes surprisingly well. His mom and brother are proud. Connor gets second thoughts about marking Emily from speed dating as a “No,” so he calls Gina. As they wait, his mom remarks how much attempting to date has brought him out of his shell. Gina reveals that Emily marked Connor as yes, and connects them.

Tanner continues his date with Kate at the zoo. It’s a success, so they head off to get ice cream while holding hands. Abbey and David are on their last day of their safari. They see a lioness on the prowl, and then come across a group, including a few little cubs. Afterwards, they meet a small group of villagers and get a tour of their land.

Dani continues her search for love without Jake, and races off to a second date with Adan (from Season 1) at Pasadena Comic-Con. When she meets Adan, he’s dressed as a Jedi. They meet Richard Horvitz (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) and have an evil laugh contest. After the con, they get a meal and get to know each other even better. This time, Dani is feeling the sparks.

We’re reintroduced to Steve (64) from last season, and he’s still on the search for love. He meets Sharona at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts. Their conversation gets deep fast. James meets his date, Maggie, at Hammond Castle in Massachusetts. They exchange historical facts and look around the castle grounds, inside and out. They talk a bit about past relationships, and James gets a bit uncomfortable. At the end, James asks if Maggie would care to go on a second date… end of episode!

The Episode Review

This episode of Love on the Spectrum sees a fairly happy and eventful string of progress in terms of dating. Connor finds acceptance and understanding of physical attraction without feeling guilt or anxiety. It’s a pretty big moment and shows how helpful dating can be for people on the spectrum. It’s another example that shows this show is more than it may seem on the surface.

It was quite a moment in the first season when Dani was kept waiting on her first date with Adan. However, his charm is nearly impossible to stay mad at. The fact that he addresses it and spins it into a vow to do better also helped a ton.

The dispersal of the content is just enough that new people are welcome at any time. It’s also tight enough that it’s easy to feel connected to everyone. The editing and cinematography maintain a high level of consideration, quality, and humor. The close-up of the giraffe’s eating at the zoo was visually striking. As the season moves on, it feels like everyone is making at least some sort of progress, either with a relationship itself or simply by facing the challenge of stepping into the dating pool.

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