Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Episode 4, Recap & Review

Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 of Love on the Spectrum opens with Dani and Jake resuming their date. Jake accepts her “giant kiss.” He did, however, think she was offering him an actual kiss. Dani recounts her date with her aunt and uncle. She doesn’t think he sees her the way she sees him. While it’s not over, she feels like it might be. Tanner has a Zoom call with Jennifer, the autism expert. He has his second with Kate, at the Clemson Zoo. He brings her a bag of Lindor chocolates. James gets ready to meet someone new.

We’re introduced to Journey (18), in Chicago. She gets ready for her first date with her sister and gets advice, including how to properly say goodbye. Journey meets her date, Kara, at Grant Park, and they immediately hit it off. It seems like a successful date talking in front of Buckingham Fountain and blowing dandelions. Then, Journey reveals to Kara that she’d like to just be friends.

Abbey and David share their mutual love for each other in a relaxing soak with a great view. After days of searching, they finally spot a couple of lions resting beneath a tree. Beaming with excitement, all five of them sing to the two lions, and the lions react to the noise.

Connor talks with his mom and brother, Jack, about his date with Sasha. Jack speaks with his mom about Connor. She’s worried he’ll stay lonely, and Jack reassures her he won’t let that happen. A week after their date, Connor practices with his mom, telling Sasha that he wants to stay just friends. The episode ends as soon as Sasha answers the real call.

The Episode Review

Love on the Spectrum, episode 4 is more of the same, and that’s anything but a complaint. It’s hard to know whether Dani and Jake will walk a path of romance, but the buildup is well constructed. While most of the show’s featured men and women struggle to start and maintain romantic relationships, it’s beautiful to see when it works out. Abbey and David seem to be in a great place. To speak much beyond that is to exit the realm of critique.

The show continues to showcase such helpful and vulnerable slices of life from everyone’s families. Moments here and there, like Connor’s talks with his mom, or Tanner’s meeting with Jennifer, go beyond documentary entertainment and start to dip into the realm of education. Love on the Spectrum feels like it provides actual guidance not only for people on the autism spectrum but for their loved ones as well. It’s truly difficult to find something to critique about such a positive show.

The quality of the filmmaking is on full display again. One of the most consistently funny gags the show employs is to insert animal reactions into family conversations. Journey’s family dog perks his head up when Journey asks, “What’s with all these random dudes?” When she tells her mom it’s “unfortunate for them” that boys gravitate toward her, the dog droops its head. Just a silly, creative way to spice up a conversation. Similarly, when Tanner tells the monkey Kate’s name, we cut to a shot of the monkey staring at Tanner incredulously. The telephoto shots employed in Kenya feel close to a full-blown nature documentary.

Overall, more fun, more struggles, more awkward conversations, and another cliffhanger ending. Keep it coming, Love on the Spectrum!

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