Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 14 Recap & Review

Another Wedding

Episode 14 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 starts with Moon-ho conflicted over whether to do the exorcism on Hye-Ryung or not. After all, Song-Won has been so good to them. Moon-Ho is convinced that they have a few years before anything untoward happens.

As she heads out of the bathroom, the root cause of Hye-Ryung’s sickness is explained. It turns out she’s actually pregnant!

Off the back of this, Moon-Ho brings in the monk once more to actually exorcise Song-Won from Hye-Ryung. She’s also banished from the house too, which causes Jeong-Bin to start crying uncontrollably.

Elsewhere, A-Mi warns Yu-Shin about Dong-Mi’s confession last episode but he’s having none of it. A-Mi bemoans how she hasn’t taken a video of it to show as proof.

Instead, Yu-Shn heads over to see his mum and hands over a gift. She’s super happy with Yu-Shin but hostile toward A-Mi, paranoid that she’s trying to harm her.

Yu-Shin believes her mother just has a “troubled heart” and won’t listen to A-Mi. In fact he gives her an ultimatum, telling A-Mi she can either stay and bear it or leave.

Ji-A heads out for dinner with Dong-Ma and Pi-Young. Ji-A is quite picky about what she chooses to eat, much to Pi-Young’s embarrassment but she brushes it off as a side effect of being in middle school.

Dong-Ma hands over a gift for the girl nonetheless, given it was her entrance ceremony just prior to this.

Ji-A is grateful for them both being together, pointing out that their upcoming marriage is the best gift of all. While they enjoy their time together, so too do Si-Eun and Seo-Ban, although they’re over with Seo Ban’s father sharing a pleasant breakfast.

Unfortunately those pleasantries aren’t shared by Yu-Shin, who notices Dong-Ma and Ji-A leaving the car together to head into a shop. They link arms, intending to buy equestrian gear. Yu-Shin is furious.

Yu-Shin storms into his apartment and demands some moving boxes. When Pi-Young finds out, she hurries over, where she finds out her ex is trying to take Ji-A by force.

When Pi-Young catches up with him, Yu-Shin brings up what’s happened and how it has affected him. Pi-Young turns around and brings up the situation involving A-Mi as a counter-argument.

Yu-Shin shrugs it off, claiming that it’s different because A-Mi is female. Pi-Young changes tact and brings up Ji-A’s wishes and how unfair he’s being to her. After all, she already told him what she wants. He should honour that.

Yu-Shin decides to go through the court system until Pi-Young brings up his crazy grandma and how much he’ll fail doing that. She also reminds him that this is going to cause Ji-A a lot of hurt and resentment if he even tries to take her by force.

Eventually Yu-Shin has some sense knocked into him, although just before he leaves he brings up how she’s okay to have a baby with Dong-Ma. Defeated, Song-Won leaves the apartment building.

Yesterday we had Seo-Ban and Si-Eun’s wedding so it’s perhaps inevitable that we’d be graced with Dong-Ma and Pi-Young getting married. It’s a big, glitzy affair, complete with reporters trying to take pictures of them and expensive clothes.

Just like before, both Pi-Young and Dong-Ma are invited in, one at a time, as they’re wed. Not only that, it turns out they actually have a baby on the way too. Together, they ring Dong-Ma’s father and let him know that evening. Thankfully, his reaction is a good one.

Sa-Hyun and Hye-Ryung (actually Hye-Ryung this time) spend time together. The latter has indigestion but when she heads into the bathroom, things take a turn for the worst as she starts bleeding.

She phones Sa-Hyun, pleading with him to ring the hospital, as the floor is lined in blood. An ambulance races her to the hospital but the worst happens, Hye-Ryung has had a miscarriage.

When Moon-Ho and Ye-Jung find out, they contemplate whether this is a result of exorcising Song-Won.

At the same time, Yu-Shin decides that he and A-Mi should get married some time in the fall, like September or October (ironically, this is when Pi-Young is scheduled to b due her baby.)

When the pair hug, Yu-Shin doesn’t exactly have a particularly pleased expression. Some of this could stem from Dong-Mi and how she’s left earlier on, taking the food A-Mi had made with her.

Speaking of food, Si-Eun starts making a broth but as she dishes some of it up, she begins retching. Yep, it seems Si-Eun is actually pregnant! Hooray!

The Episode Review

Every now and then this show really surprises and brings out an enjoyable and well written chapter.

This season has been poorly written across the board but this chapter is at least functional and delivers on the storylines that have been explored and brought up this year.

It seems Song-Won has finally gone and unlike Ki-Rim, actually has a resolution to her ghostly appearance.

Likewise, this whole 70 minute chapter manages to  deliver a couple of surprising moments, including the reveal that Si-Eun now appears to be pregnant!

It’s a great way of introducing this, although it’s hard not to feel sorry for Hye-Ryung, who has a miscarriage. The writer has absolutely trashed her character right the way through these three seasons so it’s perhaps no surprise that her character has more misery piled on her.

With the finale up next week, it really is anyone’s guess how this one will finish!

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  1. Please have a season four. This drama is fantastic . I love everything about it. I was so hoping to find out what happens with the charactersfrom the ending episode of season 3. the acting superb. Please, please, please give us season 4.

  2. We are looking forward to season 4. Lovely story lines that makes you angry with man unfaithfulness and yet fulfilling that all the wives get to marry a much better guy! Don’t bother whether all these are really happening in real life, it’s very entertaining. A round of applause 👏👏👏

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