Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 13 Recap & Review

Seo-Ban and Si-Eun’s Wedding

Episode 13 of Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 3 starts with Dong-Mi laughing hysterically while making breakfast. Dong-Ma’s father soon shows up though, complete with Dong-Ma and Dangchu the dog. Outside in the parking lot happens to be Yu-Shin and A-mi, with the latter excitedly chirping up about Dong-Ma’s stature and family.

Dong-Mi is still laughing when the food is dished up, but as he tries her cooking, it doesn’t appear to be poisoned. In fact, she’s overly attentive to Dong-Ma’s father, encouraging him to try all the different dishes she’s cooked. Her excited and happy attitude derives from having guests over. In fact, she chooses now to start hitting on Dong-Ma’s father, swooning and calling him handsome. Pi-Young is clearly uncomfortable.

While they enjoy their meal, Dong-Mi does her makeup, seemingly hearing voices in her room. At the same time, Dong-Ma’s father encourages Ji-A to start calling him grandpa. She agrees.

When Yu-Shin finds out about his mother’s behaviour, he too starts to grow uncomfortable. I want to say jealous too, given what we’ve seen in the past, but who knows with these characters! Anyway, Dong-Mi continues to dance and sing when the family appear. She tells them all that Dong-Ma’s father is quite the catch. Yu-Shin hurries ahead while A-Mi and Pi-Young exchange worried glances to one another.

Meanwhile, Moon-Ho calls in a favour, determined to find out if Hye-Ryung really is possessed. A monk shows up and sits down with Hye-Ryung and the family.

In private, he tells Moon-Ho that she’s definitely possessed and they need to hold a rite of exorcism. The spirit is not malicious but she warns that they’ll need to be careful with this. After all, spirits change just like people do and because of that, they could cause her to become hostile. Not only that, Moon-ho worries that Hye-Ryung could see a lot of bad luck in her life, such is superstition around these sort of possessions.

At the same time, Dong-Mi is brought in for some tests too, but far less spiritual one. Yu- Shin doesn’t tell her what the diagnosis is but does spill all to Hae-Ryun over drinks later on, admitting that his mum is getting old and her mind is not what it used to be.

The pair drown their sorrows in alcohol (the same sorrows they brought on themselves of course by cheating!) as Hae-Ryun remains confident that it’s not them that are losers but their exs who are out of their mind. Ah, the delicious taste of bitter tears.

The big marriage between Si-Eun and Seo-Ban finally goes ahead and it’s a beautiful affair. Everyone is there, clapping and cheering. It’s a beautiful ceremony and the pair end up flirting and chatting about their “first night tradition” after tying the knot. Part of this includes… helping Seo-Ban take wax out of his ear.

Meanwhile, Yu-Shin asks Ji-A to come and live with him. She lays everything out on the line and points out how he broke Pi-Young’s heart. She also brings up his affair and how – unlike Pi-Young – he didn’t even consider her feelings.

Eventually Ji-A tells him to leave, unwilling to leave Pi-Young. Just to close things out, she brings up the incident at the bookstore and how embarrassed and hurt she was. Some wounds just can’t be healed and Yu-Shin’s attitude has, at least, taught Ji-A that being greedy can lead you to lose everything.

As the episode coms to a close, Dong-Ma’s father meets with Ga-Bin over work, while Dong-Mi admits gleefully to A-Mi that she intentionally killed her husband. She then also forces A-mi to make her food.

While all this is going on, Hye-Ryung heads home, worried that the ratings are continuing to drop on her show. As she looks set to eat a burger, she suddenly starts retching.

The Episode Review

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) returns with another crazy slice of drama, with characters all starting to slip into this new norm gripping these two dominant families. We’ve got Dong-Ma’s father welcoming everyone in, and I’d imagine we’ll see Pi-Young and Dong-Ma’s wedding before long.

Meanwhile, Dong-Mi is starting to fall off the deep end and truly act crazy. She’s been the wildcard through all three seasons so far and that much is especially apparently here too.

There are still characters here though that just don’t have that much purpose. Ga-Bin, A-Mi and Hae-Ryun are good examples and I can’t help but feel the show could have spiced things up by having one of them die at some point this season.

Either way though, Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) has one highlight this episode and that’s Seo-Ban and Si-Eun’s beautiful wedding. I know I’ve gone hard on this show over the years but credit where credit is due, that was really nicely done.

With less than a handful of episodes to go, it really is anyone’s guess where this one is likely to go next!

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3 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 13 Recap & Review”

  1. What can I say just love the show, I look forward to my Saturday mornings watching this show, don’t know why but I am addicted, I truly hope there’s a season 4.
    These ladies were good wife’s and they got mistreated , I felt ther pain, it time for their happiness 😊.

  2. Well well well. I’m a fan of this drama don’t get me wrong. But I really wish I was one of the writers on this drama. Because S3 has become a HUGE disappointment. It’s jumping all over the place. Now it’s bringing in the head house manager talking all kinds of trash which we don’t know why. Makes us wonder who she’s in love with all these yrs. Also now you have the crazy ex-mother-inlaw all of a sudden acting up. WHY?

    The hell with the ghost plot that’s played out. That should have never continued on. As I’ve posted before. She should have never been killed off if they were going to continue to have her play a roll. She should have stayed in as a live person especially since it seems the script is about to send him thru hell all over again now that it’s all hit the fan in upcoming episodes.

    The harping on the ex’s wanting to take the kids and all that mess it’s over played and shouldn’t have continued on. Once he had the conversation with his daughter and she said her peace that should have been the end. It just seems that the writers were putting fillers in to fill up time not really developing the story.

    I think they should have focused in on things that they left hanging in previous episodes. Like what the conversation was between Bans brother and wife. Or even elaborate on why the house manager is tripin out all of a sudden in stead of being happy they have two women that will help and not be lazy. Anything but the mess they have put out.

    I can go on and on about what could and should have been done. But I’m gonna leave it here with this.

    As a previous poster stated if you need a new set of eyes or writer please send me an email I’m all about it. But don’t make a S4.

  3. This drama is lacking they have one sea hag one mean hard face mean manly female one want be actress 3lowlife exs the story line around the ghost is laughable from dead old man to a dead woman now a little boy crazy a suppose to be 50 something bride that doesn’t smile who looks as if she’s always crying cold but you can identify With her she’s had it ruff supporting a loser of a husband the cast is cold even at happy times it’s icey it doesn’t give you to much to look forward to the next episode wondering how it’s lasted 3 seasons now this stroke face teacher is wanting his family back after being dumped him and his fling both left standing we got the doctor who looks as if he’s always drunk crying and now a woman being possessed by her exs lover and pregnant this drama has ran its course new writers am available lol

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