Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 12 Recap & Review

Mourning in the Morning

Episode 12 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 begins with Pi-Young bringing flowers to Dong-Ma’s father. He’s still reeling over Seo-Ban deliberating over moving in, which certainly causes some friction in the household. Seo-Ban discusses this with Si-Eun and the family, with Hyang-Ki deciding it’ll be a good thing. After what’s happened with COVID, Hyang-Ki believes they should cling to family.

Elsewhere, Dong-Ma promises to be devoted to Pi-Young, claiming she’s all he has. Pi-Young tells the director to stay strong. Little Ji-A is all for moving in too, excitedly talking to her dog. Pi-Young warns that Dong-Ma’s father is in mourning and encourages her to settle down a little and reign in her enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Moon-ho starts to sense that Hye-Ryung is not acting herself. He points out with Ye-Jung that she sounds a lot like Song-Won. And just like that, the pair get goosebumps when mentioning this. They’re not the only ones though, as Ga-Bin talks with A-Mi and discusses how she cried at the wedding. She also pays reference to how Hye-Ryung’s face “overlapped” with Song-Won’s.

Moon-Ho and Ye-Jung both test Hye-Ryung (Song-Won) the next day regarding food and realize they’re right – she is being possessed. Moon-ho clings to this idea, believing they should bring a shaman over to perform some sort of exorcism. Ye-Jung is not so sure and believes they should give it some time.

The next day, Dong-Ma tells his father than Seo-Ban is going to move in after all. The pair have breakfast (lunch?) together, including a bowl of Pi-Young’s pistachio ice cream. While everyone prepares to move into his house, an enraged Yu-Shin barges into his old house and questions Pi-Young about her upcoming marriage.

Yu-Shin demands to know about the “punk” she’s marrying and promises that he’ll never let Dong-Ma raise Ji-A, not if he has anything to do with it anyway. He ends up heading back home and sulking, lying on the sofa and ignoring both Dong-Mi and A-mi.

Meanwhile, Dong-Ma’s father is in mourning and blames himself for what’s happened. Given he mentioned that his mother would have a heart attack if he was to get married, he sees this as an ill omen come true.

Yu-Shin is not giving up and eventually rings Dong-Ma, asking to meet at the Class Hotel at 7pm. He’s going to confront the man head-on.

Yu-Shin is taken aback when he learns this 37 year old is an executive director of his own company. Dong-ma immediately brings up Yu-Shin challenging Pi-Young about custody of Ji-A. He’s having none of it and calmly tells Yu-Shin to let him do this. He’s accepted Ji-A as his daughter and believes this is best. Ji-A is staying with them. However, he decides to test that theory and suggests they let Ji-A decide this.

The pair continue to verbally spar over their point of views, and they both have a solid case. However, the evening eventually ends with the pair going their separate ways and no closer to a civil agreement.

Dong-Ma heads back to Pi-Young and Ji-A. Yu-Shin meanwhile, is called back home thanks to Dong-Mi acting scared and wanting to sleep on the sofa. Early in the morning, she up and leaves, heading over to see Pi-Young, warning her about a bad dream she had. She urges her not to let Ji-A leave the house, reminding Pi-Young that her dreams always come true.

Pi-Young has an excuse to stick around though as Dong-Ma’s father invites himself over to theirs for breakfast. Pi-Young is definitely up for it, while Dong-Mi starts happily cooking. As she does, she starts laughing maniacally.

The Episode Review

A character just randomly bursting out laughing is probably the best metaphor for Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) at this point. The show is incredibly unpredictable – and not in a good way. The series just seems to throw random plot points in around this slice of life drama and while there are some enticing ideas, it’s buried under overwhelming mediocrity.

Some of the characters this year have been absolutely butchered. Dong-Mi has had barely anything to do, Hye-Ryung is hardly in this now (given it’s actually Song-Won) while the whole Ki-Rim/ghost thing is just dragging on without any sort of coherent plot or end-goal around it.

Unfortunately, this is not a season to remember and somehow this year has been worse than the previous two. Hopefully the next episode can pick things up but given we only have 4 more episodes left of this season, it’s fair to say this is not a show t remember this year!

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5 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 12 Recap & Review”

  1. I like episode 12 because it shows the contrast between Dr. Shin and Seo Dong Ma. Pi-young’s ex was very condescending towards both Pi-young and Dong Ma in his inner thoughts. He was sleazy, living with his young mistress and unable to let go of Pi-young. I love the way Dong Ma handled him. Dong Ma was articulate and straightforward.
    He and his brother Seo Ban are my favorite. They showed the cheating husbands what real love is like.
    Season 3 is keeping me glued to Love ft.Marriage and Divorce.

  2. All I can say is the best part of this whole saga, are the hillarious comments, by the viewers. Straight and true by the honest opinions, and individual perspectives, regarding this series. And the Oscar goes oops, the Asian awards go to the viewers. (Hehee).

  3. I have been watching from Season 1 and although dissatisfied with the ghostly invention, the plot around all that is worth praising. I began watching because I am an adamant Sung Hoon fan but found other principals very talented. Ga-bin’s character is like a dead person and she has been from the very beginning. Love the way they’ve paired Ban with Mrs. Lee they both deserve a happy ending.
    Ami has grown frumpy and meddlesome. Professor Park should go back to Gabin because no one else seems to need him. Song Won will have to exit the body at some point as nothing last for ever and maybe some of her goodness will remain behind.
    Dr. Shin is no match for Dong-Ma and there’s no reason for Pyoung to go backwards in time. I only hope that Dong-ma doesn’t abandon her.
    At this point it’s up to Buddha

  4. I love how Yu shin thinks he has any say to Pi young getting remarried not like he asked her if he can go have an affair with another woman and then he goes and complains to park hye-ryun like i dont understand their mindset so they can go freely deceive their wives and cheat on them with younger women and one begs for a divorce and the other tries to emotionally manipulate his wife into keeping their marriage do they really not realise the pain they left their wives and children in and the . Now all of a sudden the men are the victims once they hear their ex wives are getting remarried and finally deserving to be happy now they care about their kids and try everything to ruin their happy ending after destroying their own marriages. I hope Jia sees what a horrible man her father is honestly atleast let her decide what she wants At least Hyang Gi and Uram pretty much dont want anything to do with their father after he tried using them to ruin Si eun happy ending Father of the year they both are clearly.

  5. I am impressed until now by the evolution of 2 characters : Dong Ma, from playboy to deeply caring fiancee and father ( he is considering Ji-a’s opinion), and Pi Young, from submissive wife and daughter in- law to fighting for her dignity, daughter and love. I do hope the screewritter will not mess up and allow them a happy ending together..

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