Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 11 Recap & Review

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Episode 11 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 starts with Si-Eun telling the kids that Ban is going to sleep on the sofa, He’s just having a bit of a walkabout at the moment to try and sober up. Hyang-Ki isn’t exactly thrilled, eventually suggesting her mum sleep in her room while Ban is shacked up in the study.

Seo-Ban’s tardiness is partly thanks to snacks he’s grabbed though – four bags worth to be precise. The kids certainly don’t complain! Hyang-Ki is sweet, even pointing out that Ban is one of the family now. As they all gorge on ice-cream and crisps, Ban tries to eat some of the leftovers too, given “leftovers are a sin.” Si-Eun smiles warmly and lets him off.

Eventually he goes to sleep, with Si-Eun heading in late at night to adjust his covers to make sure he’s warm enough. In the morning, Si-Eun heads over to see her ex with big loads of food. It’s the last time she’s doing this for him and she immediately puts Hae-Ryun in his place. He calls out Hae-Ryun’s pity party as he feebly claims Si-Eun is “stealing” a lavish lifestyle.

At the end of the day, Hae-Ryun only has himself to blame for being a dirty cheater. When Si-Eun leaves his place, the pathetic man crumbles against the wall.

He’s not down in the dumps for long though. Hae-Ryun heads out and plays golf, getting cozy with Dong-Mi in the process whom he ends up having dinner with.

He’s not the only one out walking though, as Hae-Ryung is with Sa-Hyun. She soon turns into Song-Won for this episode though, as Song-Won gushes over how this is a great moment for them. Eventually they head home and break the news to their parents that they’re back together again.

All three of our ladies get together for an afternoon bath. Hye-Ryung (who’s still Song-Won of course) admits that she’s marrying Sa-Hyun. She then rings Ga-Bin afterwards and asks her to come and sing at their wedding. It’s a pretty hurried affair and the next scene we see her singing while the pair walk down the aisle together. Hilariously, Hye-Ryung isn’t even in the picture at this point. It’s Song Won all the way, right down to a big old montage for her.

Meanwhile, Dong-Ma’s father begins to learn about Pi-Young, courtesy of Dong-Ma. He believes she’s disqualified thanks to her “flaws,” Dong-Ma is having none of it though and demands that he see sense. After all, he’s going to marry her whether he approves or not. The stubborn old man clutches at straws, bringing up how heartbroken his mother is going to be over this.

Dong-Ma tries to convince him, pointing out that Pi-Young is not too old to have kids. His attempts to win over his father is an uphill struggle. In fact, that’s made even harder when he receives a call confirming his wife has passed away. Pi-Young and Si-Eun attend the funeral.

Of course, this also allows Dong-Ma’s father to meet Pi-Young for the first time. It’s hardly the ideal time but Pi-Young is caring and suggests he should have some ice cream.

Skipping meals right now is not going to do his health any favours. Pi-Young is the one to serve it up, and Ban’s dad admits that he likes pistachio ice-cream. Pi-Young chirps up and agrees, admitting that this is good for him. He decides to let her stay for dinner.

It’s around this time Si-Eun and Ban appear, but it seems like Ban’s father is starting to come around to the idea of their marriage. In fact, he immediately throws the idea of moving in and living together at the ladies… which they both instantly agree to. Ban and Dong-Ma though, aren’t so sure.

The Episode Review

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) returns this week with another algorithmically driven slice of drama. I know this is written by actual writers but every week I find myself struggling to understand where the focal point is in all this.

Despite being a soap opera, we’ve got random ghosts, possessions, character jumps back and forth along with a complete mishmash of ideas – some of which work, others really don’t.

I’m still not sure on Dong-Ma and his motivations. He’s a shady character and may well be a part of a larger plan, given his stalking. But then again this show has a way of skewing morals and showing some people in a really weird light.

The most obvious is that involving Hye-Ryung and Song Won. Hye-Ryung is barely in this show now and in fact, she’s just being possessed by Song Wong outright and not even being filmed acting like her anymore. I’m not sure if that’s more disrespectful for the actress or the character.

Either way though, we’re gearing up toward the climax of this one and the story doesn’t even feel like it’s anywhere near being finished. Season 4 anyone?

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  1. I loved Si eun putting her ex in his place she’s finally getting her happy ending and he can’t stand it since he has nothing left i mean the man cheating on his very devoted hardworking wife with a younger singer who was literally using him as a rebound he demanded a divorce not even thinking how it would effect his kids and abandoned them as well almost hit his daughter for calling him a bastard which he is and now he thinks he had the right to use his kids to stop Si eun getting married. The worst part he did was accuse her of stealing when she left her wealthy family for him bought him a car paid for his studies did all the housework stopped taking care of herself to take care of him like Si eun deserves a life a luxury and he deserves to stay alone. I found it odd the Hyang Gi believed her father about Seo Ban and decided to live with him and now she saying Seo Ban is part of the family like make up your mind. Nam Ga Bin singing My destiny From (My Love From the Stars)i died of excitement it was soo good i loved how they did that. Now is Song Won going to keep living in Hye Ryung body for the rest of the season cause it’s just getting weird now like surely someone will notice if Hye Ryung would never act like that.

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