Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Hae-Ryun’s Poisoned Mind

Episode 10 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 starts with Hye-Ryung leaving the bedroom and facing Sa-Hyun. Of course, this is actually Song Won possessing her and somehow she manages to telepathically project a whole bunch of memories into Sa-Hyun’s head. The scene is a little confusing, but Sa-Hyun hypnotically decides they should work out together.

Hye-Ryung (as Song Won) is encouraged to eat with Sa-Hyun first, who’s now all happy with his ex being there. It’s not confirmed but it would appear that he can only see the ghost form inside Hye-Ryung. Eventually they head out together. However, they’re stopped by Moon-Ho, who complains about a bad back from sleeping on the hard floor. So naturally, the pair head out to help him buy a bed.

This charade continues through the episode, as the two parents try to make Sa-Hyun and Hye-Ryung a romantic item again, unaware that Hye-Ryung is being possessed by Song-Won’s ghost.

Meanwhile, Ji-A joins Dong-Ma and Pi-Young as they head out together, discussing the beauty of Switzerland. Dong-Ma jokes about them all leaving together and going but Pi-Young talks them out of it.

Eventually Ji-A blurts out that her mum should get married to Dong-Ma, commenting that they look great together. So what changed her mind? Well it was actually the moments where Dong-Ma cooked for them and didn’t try to be overly chatty and show off… even though he invited them over to a massive barbecue and a home cooked meal at his house, complete with a maid there. When Pi-Young sees Dong-Ma again, he encourages her to speed up quitting her job.

Elsewhere, Si-Eun and the kids reflect back on meeting Seo-Ban’s father and how well-mannered he is. As they set to work making sweet potatoes in the microwave, their father, Hae-Ryun, rings. While they exhibit concern over what this may mean, it pales compared to the concern A-Mi has regarding Dong-Mi. She’s clearly not been herself and A-Mi is worried that the old woman may be losing her mind.

Eventually she relays these concerns onto Yu-Shin, but he’s busy feeling self-conscious about his own body, following a trip to the swimming pool.

Meanwhile, jealous Hae-Ryun watches Seo-Ban and Si-Eun leave his old house and immediately confronts his kids about the current dynamic. In fact, he tells them they’re going to live with him, convincing the pair that Seo-Ban is two-faced and doesn’t actually care about them.

Hae-Ryun demands they tell Si-Eun about this and decides he’ll take them both in and they can stay with their mother one time a week, using Seo-Ban’s presence as a bargaining chip. Unfortunately U-Ram is convinced that their dad is right, and that they’ll feel uncomfortable about Seo-Ban living with them.

For now, there’s a big dinner ahead, which includes Si-Eun and Seo-Ban joined by Pi-Young and Dong-Ma. With the four all sitting together, they discuss their relationships. Dong-Ma calls Pi-Ypung “cutie”, while Seo-Ban tellingly says “If he ever mistreats you, let me know right away.” In reply, Dn-Ma tells Si-Eun that Seo-Ban is boring but urges her to treat him well.

When Si-Eun gets home, she’s sat down by her kids who both decide that they’re going to take up Hae-Ryun’s offer and go and live with him. They believe this is best for them both, as Hyang-Ki does a complete 180 on her character traits and decides to leave with her father. Despite liking Ban, Hyang-Ki admits that her dad is more comfortable and implores her mum to be at peace with their decision.

In order to sort this, Hyang-Ki  decides to give Si-Eun and Ban a few months for the “honeymoon phase”. Being forced into this position, Si-Eun is made to choose between marriage or the kids. The evil Hae-Ryun knows she’ll pick the kids, turning this into a disgusting bit of blackmail.

Eventually Si-Eun settles on trying to keep everything as it is and encouraging them to “use the wisdom they have to create the results they want.” Si-Eun gushes over her children, telling them they’re amazing and that this is just another hurdle they need to overcome. She wants them to stay strong and stick it out living with her.

That night, Ban ends up ringing, drunk. He needs somewhere to stay and encourages Si-Eun to let him stay over. After contemplating this for a few seconds, Si-Eun agrees but gently suggests he give her 10 minutes before he does.

While all this is going on, Dong-Ma gets Ji-A a new dog and the duo head out with Pi-Young to buy dog treats and accessories.

Hye-Ryung – still possessed by Song-Won – decides they should get back together again, which Sa-Ryun happily accepts. As the episode closes out, we cut back to D0ng-Ma, who happens to be with his father. He wants to know how old Pi-Young is. Shocker!

The Episode Review

So we’re over halfway through this series now and there’s been some really random storylines and subplots this year. The show has always been a soapy nonsensical mess but the early animations in this episode were just laughable. I get that they’re trying to portray Hye-Ryung as Song-Won now but her character has just been absolutely butchered by the writer.

In fact, the same could be said for many of the characters here, including Hyang-Ki who all of a sudden is a cheerleader for her father. That one’s bizarre, given how vehemently she’s been on Si-Eun’s side this whole time since the affair. These little character changes have arguably made season 3 the worst of the bunch and it’s obviously not helped by the new actors either, who feel ill-fitting compared to their previous iterations.

I mean Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) is certainly unpredictable but that’s not enough to keep this one from slipping into mediocrity (at best). And if there’s nothing going on with Dong-Ma I’d be very surprised, especially his weird behaviour and Seo-Ban’s telling “if he mistreats you, let me know” comment. We’ll have to wait and see though.

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4 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap & Review”

  1. There may be something medically wrong with Ban. I often wondered about his quiet, slow-paced demeanor. The reason death is at their doorstep, and the end of Season 3 ending preview shows Ban marrying Song Won. They will meet up in heaven as she hopes to have company. I, too, want nothing to happen to anyone in the household. It is clear they all went through years of pain, and I like to see people finally get happiness due to them. Get rid of Boo- Hye-Ryung, that beating in the face of her husband on two occasions and especially in front of his parents, will never put her in a good light no matter how many good deeds she does from this point on. The damage is done. Evil should never win it sends a wrong message. I watched season three repeatedly to see Dong-ma, Pi-Young, Si-Eun, and Ban happiness. The change of characters threw me out into the left field, which was too drastic, and too many characters changed.
    I had to check whether I was still looking at the same drama. Overall, it is an excellent drama. I have no complaints about the writers and producers, except I want to see Si-Eun and Ban happy with their new baby. That is all I am asking for out of the three seasons. Come back with an excellent Season 4. I finally accepted Song Won is gone. I cried. But do not take Ban away. Dong-ma is alive. Do you see that body on that specimen of a man? There is no way a piece of a ceiling will kill him, whether foam concrete or wood; he is too strong of a specimen to allow a plywood to take him out.

  2. I agree with the points on the professor, Ga Bin and Ami. They’ve mellowed out this season. I swear one of them will become a monk (I’m looking at you, Ga Bin 👀)

    I like Pi-Young and Dong-Ma’s relationship. It’s sweet, like revenge! This arrangement is like a big “HA” on her ex-husband and his psycho mother’s faces since they both craved someone younger and prettier. She didn’t have to go out there to find him; Dong-Ma found her! The best kind of revenge. I just hope Dong-Ma doesn’t change his mind, and if he does, I hope Pi-Young’s defences weren’t all down to lessen the blow.

    Umm, Hye-Ryung got exactly what she deserved while still getting a bang for her buck through generous alimony and property. The feminist in me was snapping her fingers and saying “YAAAAS” when she took what she could from that bad relationship. She’s a strong independent woman (snaps in triangle formation). But, she burned that bridge when she stabbed them in the back and demanded more— that greedy bijj. There’s a difference between getting what’s due and stepping over the line. But people with bad personalities often don’t see that line.
    Even when you get married, it’s still a gamble. You can’t know everything about someone before marrying. I don’t condone cheating, but their divorce could have been inevitable, who knows? I do know that being prideful and not opening your heart in a committed relationship also has consequences. She didn’t even reflect or feel remorseful about what she attributed to the divorce. Again, the line.

    Also, I don’t agree with the line above about Hyang-Ki’s 180 changed traits. I argue her traits are still intact. She loves her mother deeply and would do and stand against anything for her mother’s happiness – even if it means separation. Who would want to stay with their lying and cheating father? Not me. The professor knows this and took advantage of it and his position as her father. She naively received the professor’s advice “logically” and was unaware of his true intent. But, I believe she said these things to her mother in genuine selflessness. A trait I believe she strongly has had all along. I’m just glad Si-Eun handled it correctly.

    I cannot wait for Pi-Young and Si-Eun to get married. This show has promised so many marriages that never pulled through that I’m scared it won’t happen. But, hoping. AND I WANT TO KNOW SEO BAN’S SECRET. I think he’s sick. That’s probably why they keep saying they’ve never seen him drunk. But he was drunk at the end of the episode, though… I JUST HOPE HE DOESN’T DIE. Si-Eun’s reaction makes me think it’s something dire. She stopped in the middle of the road with her hazard lights on. I remember thinking, “you’re not allowed to park there unless you have a breakdown”, which I clicked and thought, “SHE’S HAVING A MENTAL BREAKDOWN”. Thus her parking was justified. Phoebe, please don’t do Ban dirty, otherwise, imma start throwing hands gurl.

  3. Agree with the points about the professor, Ga Bin and Ami. Now that they are dealing with their “consequences”, their characters have mellowed out a bit. I swear one of them will become a monk… I’m looking at you, Ga Bin 👀

    I like Pi-Young and Dong-Ma’s relationship. It’s sweet, like revenge. This arrangement just gives the finger to her ex-husband for cheating on her with a younger woman and his psycho mother who craves for a relationship with a younger man. I’m still sus though. I hope Dong-Ma won’t change his mind and if that’s the case, I hope Pi-Young’s guard isn’t completely down to lessen the blow.

    Boo Hye-Ryung deserved what she had coming for her. That, and she got more for her buck too (through alimony and property).
    I couldn’t fault her for taking as much she could as a strong independent woman (snaps in triangle formation), plus the wrongs committed against her. But she a greedy bijj for not keeping her end of the bargain and even asking for more.
    When you marry someone it’s still a gamble, and you can’t know absolutely everything about someone even before marrying them. I don’t condone cheating but, she had what was coming for her 🤷🏾‍♀️ she has no remorse for her faults in this divorce fiasco because she’s still too narcissistic. She literally needs to check herself. A little soft spot in me could sympathise with her though bc of her inability to have children etc., but being prideful and not opening your heart in a committed relationship also has it’s consequences.

    If it ended at season 2, that would have been fine. But it makes sense that it didn’t. Season 1 was the start of all this mess, season 2 was the unravelling of the mess and season 3 is about rewards and consequences. Which frankly feels satisfying seeing the bad guys get what they deserve.

    Also, I disagree with the point above which states Hyang-Ki had a 180° in her traits. She cares and loves her mother deeply so and so that she’s willing to stand up for her in anything – even if it’s not what her mother wants. The professor knew that and used it to Si-Eun’s demise. I truly think Hyang-Ki did this as an act of selfless love for her mother and bc she still has a soft spot for her dad, she invited his advice logically without knowing his manipulative intentions. She’s young, she’s allowed to be naive. I think these things align with her character so far.

    I really can’t wait for Si-Eun and Pi-Young to get married. I feel like this show has promised marriage so many times that I doubt they’ll ever go down the aisle. But hoping 🤞 I WANT TO KNOW SEO BAN’S SECRET TOO. They’ve never seen Seo Ban drunk perhaps because he’s got a medical condition. But he was at the end of the episode so, can’t wait to see what happened… Also, I don’t want him to die 😖 if he does imma throw a fit at Phoebe. DON’T KILL BAN YOU SONNOVAGUN.

  4. Hae-Ryun is absolutely horrible and he deserves to be alone–at least right now. Manipulation at it’s most despicable and then lying to the kids saying her learned to cook!?!?! Ha! Si-Eun is still bringing food to his sorry arse. Ban, though ☺️

    Ga-bin being all in her feelings… IDC

    Pi-young and Dong-ma’s relationship is strange and I just don’t see chemistry there. That forever smirk she has. Those awkward hugs they insist on putting in every show.

    I really don’t care for that storyline at Pi-Young’s ex-husband’s house. It’s boring. Get A-mi some business so she can stop the one with Mother.

    Sure, Hye-Ryung may not have the best personality. She may be a bit shallow at heart, BUT her husband knew this when he married her. How she is seen and portrayed as the villain and Song-Won is the poor soul idk. Sure, she passed away in labor, but villifying Hye-Ryung for being cheated on is beyond the pale.

    I can’t want Ban and Si-eun to gotten married already. Though I like the show, I really grateful most k-Dramas have one, and on occasion, two seasons b/cthis is dragging on and getting ridiculous. Also, not a huge fan of the replacements.

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