Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 Ending – Is [spoiler] really dead?

What happened to Dong-Ma?

Love (ft Marriage and Divorce) bows out its third season with quite the dramatic turn of events. We’ve got the whole episode recapped with our thoughts on that one HERE.

The purpose of this article however, is to discuss the ending involving Dong-Ma. Now, if you haven’t seen the episode yet, turn back now! Big spoilers are discussed below – and we encourage you guys to get involved with your thoughts in the comments below!

So first up, what actually happened at the end of the episode?

The End of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3

Throughout the episode two black-robed reapers have been waiting patiently in Dong-Ma’s father’s house, ominously telling ghost Song-Won that someone is going to die – and will do so within the month.

Well, it’s assumed that the one they’re after is Dong-Ma. When he heads into the bathroom at a clothing store, a strange black smoke swirls around him.

Dong-Ma eventually reconvenes his clothes shopping, but from afar the reapers watch as a ceiling panel collapses and lands on his head. Dong-Ma drops on the floor, blood trickling out the side of his head as he seems to be knocked unconscious.

Dong-Ma is rushed to hospital, while the two reapers, now in a sort of semi-human form with swirls for faces, watch over him.

In the ambulance, Dong-Ma sits up, asking who they are… as the season comes to a close.

Is Dong-Ma really dead?

Upon first inspection, all evidence points toward Pi-Young’s husband having passed away. The Reapers confirmed that someone inside the house is going to die within the month. Song-Won initially believed it was going to be Seo-Ban but that hasn’t come to pass.

Dong-Ma is also watched over by those faceless reapers most of the episode too, which appear to have morphed into something quite different by the end.

Dong-Ma has an accident and one would think he’s “awoken” in the afterlife in the ambulance. This is the most likely answer, but let’s explore why that could be wrong and disguised to catch us all off-guard.

Why can Dong-Ma see the Reapers?

Across the seasons, we’ve been given little hints that all is not what it seems in the ghost world. If you’ll remember, little Ji-A managed to see her ghost grandfather in the living room, doing karaoke and just generally acting randomly.

Likewise, we’ve seen various shamans able to see ghosts and, furthermore, the end of this season seems to point toward those who have had ghostly encounters can now see ghosts as well.

Hye-Ryung, for example, was possessed most of this season. When she heads back home again she now notices the ghost boy sitting on the sofa. This could be a subtle hint that Dong-Ma actually does see the ghosts inside the ambulance.

So if not Dong-Ma… then who?

If Dong-Ma isn’t really dead, it could well point toward another individual in the household that may be close to dying. This could be who the Reapers are after.

Dong-Ma’s father, for example, appears to have served his purpose narrative-wise, having patched up his differences with his boys across this season. He’s done. He could be the one the Reapers are after but the month hasn’t passed yet, hence why they disappeared in a wisp of smoke. Dong-Ma’s accident could just be a brush with death but he could be resuscitated and revived through CPR.

It’s clear that he’s not dead in the clothing store, at least not if the paramedics are rushing him to hospital so quickly. It’s fair to say they might have felt a pulse and taken him to the hospital for emergency treatment.

What’s the most likely theory though?

Knowing the writers of this show, it’s fair to say the above theories probably don’t hold much weight. Not only that, those more astute than myself will point out logical flaws with the reasoning around how the ghost world works and why certain individuals can and cannot see them.

The most likely outcome here is, sadly, that Dong-Ma died from a falling ceiling panel. Him waking up in the ambulance is passing to the afterlife, where he’ll likely be taken by these two reapers.

Alternatively, he could hang about and haunt like the others until his “purpose” is done. He could even end up possessing someone else. We’ll have to wait and see if that happens in season 4.

Over to you!

But what about you guys? What do you think happened to Dong-Ma? Is he actually dead? Or do you think the writers could be pulling the wool over our eyes and actually reveal Dong-Ma is still alive?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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137 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 Ending – Is [spoiler] really dead?”

  1. Why can’t we have the original cast? I don’t like their replacement and why did you have to kill Song Youn and turn her into a Ghost? She wanted her baby so much and you spoiled that for her. Unbelievable! I love the parents of Sa heyon, please don’t kill them or turn them into shamans. Why do you want to turn Hye-eryong into a shaman? That’s ridiculous, she is crazy but doesn’t deserve that. I like the actress that plays AMi, bring back the original Yusin. When is season 4 coming?

  2. K-dramas have lifted my spirits so high. They are so well done, due to the excellent writing, acting, cinematography and good morals in the themes. However, Love, Marriage and Divorce is one of the worst Kdramas I’ve experienced!
    Despite having some of the elements that I’ve seen and loved in other Kdramas, it has been shrouded by these silly, inexplicable ghosts as well as really poor storytelling and writing, which is usually excellent in Kdramas. I continued to watch because I loved some of these characters. Dong ma and Seo Ban’s brotherhood is so touching and my two favorite females are the women they chose to marry. The children of the divorced families also are lovely and sweet. Please don’t destroy any of them.
    Why is A Mi still around? She is being rewarding for her harming the life of JiA and her mother!
    There is nothing redeeming about her character. Why should Dong Ma die and Ami gets to stay and take care of such a beautiful baby???
    Change the story line or your will lose me a lot of other viewers. ….and please I beg again, dump the stupid ghosts!!!

  3. I agree with one of the commentators; I was so frustrated by the end of season 3 that I would get a refund if I could. Who in the world wrote that stuff? Too confusing! Please STOP putting incomplete, jumbled story lines out into the universe – I beg you! Either finish it off or just take it down altogether.

  4. Season 3 is really disappointing. I regret watching it. They could’ve done better especially with Hye-rungs attitude. The ending was also very confusing. Please, if there is ever a season 4, I hope the writers will fix it and maybe make it more realistic to depict reality. I also hope those who deserve a happy ending will get it, especially Si eun and Pi young and the baby of Sa hyeon too.

  5. I do wish they would have renewed for a season four. For the most part I’ll accept it was what it is. As a commenter mentioned, they definitely jumped the shark in season two. What a wild ride. As for the ending in season three: I will assume it’s left to us to determine the happy endings (as much as we can). I would absolutely love to assume Dong Ma lived, however, the ghosts/reapers showed up at a convenient time for Sa Pi Young’s labor. I’d assume it was either for the baby or the father, much because I’d like for Sa Pi Young and Dong Ma to have some sort of their fairytale, though tragedy could easily end their relationship. I cannot accept Dong Ma being dead, and though tragic, the happiest ending would be their father passing. So that both sons could continue the family with the loves of their lives along with their children. And more so, I really wanted Pi Young to have a happy ending after her husbands betrayal (really loved them as a couple in seasons one).

  6. Why kill Dong-ma off, did he break up a home like Ga-bin did NO, She shattered the lives of Si-eun and her kids, just to dump their father when Dong-ma came back. Told Si-eun it was because she thought she was being punished, what a joke, she didn’t want Dong-ma talking to Park incase he found out she had been living with him. She did more harm to 4 people than Dong-ma did, should he have married her while longing yo be with another woman, Please a divorce would be far worst…DO NOT KILL OFF DONG-MA, Pi – young and Ji-a deserve to be happy.

  7. I spend lot of my time for this movie even im busy evryday as i really love it at first ,so i patiently continue watching until finale.i didnt expect to dissapoint like this at the end of the story it was very bad .i not understand anything on season 3. There is lot of questions remain .and also ghost matter messed up the whole thing. u guys should not ruined the story.not worth it to waste of time. If u have plan to make season 4 pls fix it.

  8. It’s been bothering me, its been 8 hours since I last saw the ending of season 3 and been wondering how stupid the ending was. Love, Marriage, Divorce and Tragedy? 😤 Im so irritated and can’t even go to sleep. Why dongma? What happened to Yusin’s stepmom? Why haven’t you resolved Hyeryung’s attitude? Why was spirits roaming around? Song Won was quite understandable but for the Others I don’t. Ahhhhh frustrating 😤

  9. I thought the show “jumped the shark” at the season 2 finale. Why kill of so many characters and we never got resolution about the end of Season 2. I had a hard time getting into Season 3 with the replaced characters, though I thought the actress who played the stepmother did a decent job. This series left many plot points hanging. Why did nothing some of the stepmom’s obsession with Yu Shin? That would have upset me far more than A Mi. Also, this series was so ageist. Maybe there is an expectation that men marry much younger women but the way the male characters, Seo brothers aside, was awful, especially since Professor Park and Dr. Shin (both, actually) were with way younger women. I don’t like that Do Ma died, either.

  10. Compared to S1 & S2, S3 was a big disappointment due to its new characters and story line, it’s quite confusing too! How I wish they remained the original casts. I was expecting a happy ending to the couples.

  11. We can’t blame the writers for everything. Whoever gave the “okay” after watching and rehearsing this whole Season 3 needs to rethink the future of this show. I don’t mind the spirit appearances, but this was not in the original fantasy genre so it’s very random. This show seems to punish women a lot, except for Yu shins mom. Every woman that “sinned” had an extreme tragedy unfold in their lives while the men get to walk around whining about how their kids don’t care about them. I understand Korea isn’t very forward thinking when it comes to women but it’s just very obvious that the men aren’t getting treated the same. I knew after watching Season 2 that they would either kill off Song Yuan or her baby since they kept dragging all the couple scenes out and created horrible futures for the women mistresses. Why weren’t the same characters in this season and will there be even more cast changes next season? Not looking forward to S4.

  12. A few things…Song Won and Seo Ban are not a couple. She enjoyed talking to him while she was alive and selfishly wanted him to join her in death because she is lonely and wants someone to talk to. Dong Ma has some hard times to go through. Him buying Ban’s conception dream won’t change anything. Dong Ma is a selfish, self-centered brat. I like looking at him at the pool and strutting his stuff, to his theme music, but he treated Ga-Bin poorly (twice) and he needs to feel what she is feeling. It broke my heart when she asked him, “why me?” I have a feeling (since they keep showing her trying to find out who Dong Ma married), if she goes to see him in the hospital, she will see Pi-Young. Pi-Young is quick to put things together and will not be happy with her new husband when she thought so highly of him. I know he’s really in love this time etc., but his happiness was at the cost of someone else’s happiness. Pi-Young would be the one to think that he could do the same to her. He needs to drop to his knees and beg Ga-Bin for forgiveness. Personally I would love to see Pi-Young confront Dong Ma on his dumping Ga-Bin so brutally. I’m sure she’ll mention the scream fetish he has. She’ll also make him understand that he was wrong. Ban tried to warn him.

  13. why chnage characters?so sad,loved yu-sin,you dont replace someone like that,it’s awkward to start watching new faces lol

  14. I loved season 1 and 2 but season 3 didn’t show any thing meaningful. I also didn’t get what the ending wanted to show. Completely disappointed.

  15. I love this program. I understand why there were spirits and ghosts however, the little boy was a bit confusing. Who’s child was he? So maybe not so many ghosts would have been better. The time line for Dong Ma and Pi Young was a year, not a few days. She’s 3 months pregnant during the wedding. I hope they bring back the original yu shin. Don’t kill off Dong Ma. They all deserve a happy life. The professor deserves no happiness right away. He’s selfish and manipulative. So he should be alone for a while. Yu Shin should go ahead and marry Ami. Remember he told her he would come back to marry her on Ji ra was an adult. He didn’t ask for the divorce but he was certainly setting Pi Young up for serious heartbreak. She would have been 50 yrs old or older when he would leave her. In there culture women that age don’t marry. So if he’s unhappy he deserves to be. I hope season 4 comes back soon.

  16. First off all S1 and S2 was great.
    But S3 I’m not sure about the story it’s just doesn’t make any sense, cast was changed and story was awful.
    I hope BOO BAE doesn’t die or else I’m not gonna watch this series 😑😑
    If there is a S4 please bring back OLD CAST please… specially (SUNG HOON)*
    Once again I hope BOO BAE doesn’t die 제발☹☹

  17. If dong ma dies, I’m not watching the drama anymore…I feel like pi young deserves happiness especially when she’s already pregnant! The characters who got cheated on deserves a happy ending! And it’s annoying why there’s so many ghost in the story now? The genre of the show totally became something else, horror/comedy? There’s too much going on now just by adding the ghosts and the reapers. Can we just end this drama on a good note? Instead of making everyone confuse because the plot is already going down the hill at this point especially if dong ma dies.

  18. S1 &S2 was pretty good and last episode of S2 was the start of WTF leading into S3. Normally S3 is a flop for most shows (not all) but 3rd season was like everyone is saying. The ghost. The marriages and the babies at older ages (nothing wrong with that) but they could have travelled the world etc.

    The writing is awful. The acting is okay and DongMa is just so handsome to me he could just be in the scene and not say anything.
    The triangle of relationships is annoying as of there aren’t other people in S. Korea to date.
    It’s giving cancellation for me.
    The writer needs to fix it. I love the older cast but it’s getting boring and I’m losing interest.
    Anyway. I finished Sky Castles in 2 days! That was good and edgy from start to finish.
    I have mo idea what Love Ft. Marriage and divorce is doing right now.

    I’m annoyed.

  19. To start, I still cannot comprehend how dong ma fall in love with pi young, fall in love with her scream??? no body find that’s weird, he sounds lunatic to me. And how did pi young even agree to marry him? she barely know him. the only nice thing in this season is to see seo ban and si yeun to get married, that’s sweet. and what yu shin father is doing? he possessed ji a then after that there is no any proper closing for that. dong mi crime and her feeling for yu shin is not narrated well. again hanging. and why the heck hyerung is married to sa hyun? the idea of her get possessed with song yuan and married him is so far stretch. and I am sick of seeing the death and death looking son yuan. just removed her. ami character is really not doing anything in this season, she is really like a maid in yu shin house, most of her scenes involves cooking, house cleaning or serving dongmi. and also nam ga bin that looks miserable all the time, she really doesnt serve any purpose in this season. and wth with the boys ghost charater? and grim reapper? totally unnecessary. the professor park also same , he doesn’t any importance at all. and song yuan barely know seo ban, why the hell she wants seo ban to accompany her, wasn’t she in so much of love with sa hyun? the first 2 season was great, the 3rd season is the ultimate disaster.

  20. Show started out really strong. Relatable. Don’t know how the storyline got so twisted. It could have been great if they just stay with title of the sow. Hoping for a great ending for the wives. Hoping that seeing Ban marrying the dead mother spirit that is lingering doesn’t mean he’ll be the one to die. The step mother who killed her husband and the professor needs to be punished. They have absolutely no remorse for they actions. Here’s hoping for happy ending for everyone else.

  21. They had better not kill seo ban and put him with the most annoying mistress of all. He and se eun are the best and most loving wholesome characters. Pi and dong ma were actually more annoying than beautiful. She treated her mother horribly and couldn’t forgive her for not forgiving her father but when yu shin cheated she couldn’t forgive him either. She only couldn’t forgive him because she felt she had been the perfect wife but she wasn’t. She would not leave work or have another baby as he wished but did so immediately with dong ma. He was like a perverted stalker and she a crazy teen and they slept together immediately. She also fantasised about ban while married. Dongma also forced ga bin to cheat. Though I absolutely hated her when she lured the professor, she paid with her parents death. Dong ma took advantage of her a second time when parents died and then left her and was a serial cheater before that it seems . He should die because what he did to her, ga bin, to be with a sick fantasy was cold and wicked too. Pi young should get back with you shin cos he never wanted her to leave and if she expected it of her mother, she should be able able to do it. Yu shin punishment is raising another man’s child. They also should give boo a happy ending cos she is not the most evil person and has had some tough experiences

  22. Please if anyone to die let it be the crazy mother. I’ve gotten use to the new men and Dongma must live. Please don’t let the two babies die either or the mothers. Let Dogma see ghosts now. We still haven’t seen the crazy mothers reaction since she was hit on while her husband was in the man’s body and he hit her. What comes of that. Will crazy mom kill him.. I hope not. Maybe a close call would be good but leave the men alone in season 4. I won’t watch the season.

  23. Honestly, since the writers started introducing more than one goths. The interest on the serie collapsed. I understand that the father who died without anyone else but with Mrs Kim had come around to make her feel guilty for her crime, and to an end where the guilt is too much to carry that she loses her mind. That I understood. However, the climax about infidelity, betray and the meaning of married that caused my interest was completely lost with this third season. Too many goths too much fantasy and too far away from what I thought was a reflection of reality.

    Hopefully the writers find a way out of now a fantasy world, that Honestly it does not make sense with the primary focus of the Drama.

  24. It is highly likely that Dong Ma died. Not many people can return from coma, especially if they have been captured or seen reapers, ghosts, etc. I can understand why Song Won possessed Hye-ryung and didn’t want to leave. This kind of soul can stay behind for a bit, only if permitted. Like when I purchased my house, the previous owner’s soul was lurking around (although she was alive). Pray was taken place and that soul disappeared for a while. Then it came back couple of years later…later I found out that she died but I still felt her presence. One day, I was saying out loud that her home is exactly as she left, what is she worried about? Soon, I couldn’t feel/sense her anymore.

  25. Porqué? Cada vez que tienen hijos matan a algunos de sus padres. Cambien a los libretistas

  26. The ending is not acceptable it leaves the viewers in dismay .They need to make the Seo brothers to be happy and enjoy thier new found family .I want a happy ending for them😀😀😀 Hoping to watch for season 4.

  27. Love this series🙂 please don’t kill off dong Ma Love him and his wife and his brother and his wife let them be happy with their lives together having a new babies🙂 The wives have been through so much with their cheating husbands🙁 looking forward to seeing season four as long as you do not kill off dong ma🙂🦋

  28. please don’t do another after life character, it so silly and trying very hard to fit in the story.
    and do not kill another happiness !

  29. I am reading all the comments about no ghost and no shamans but you all need to realize this is their beliefs..if you don’t like this stuff don’t watch it. Please stop complaining about something you don’t understand. I’ve been watching Korean shows for almost three years and I’ve learned so much about them. I have come to love and respect their shows and accept them the way they are written. I love the imagination that goes into them. Please just enjoy and accept their way of thinking..I love this show. I can’t wait for season four. I will watch it till it ends and I will be sad when it ends..

  30. If they kill off any of the brothers or the new wives or Sa-Hyeon’s family and his parents,I’ll stop watching it. I already had to get use to the 2 new male characters. I like the 2 brothers and there wives and kids and love the idea of the brothers becoming fathers!!!!! No season 4 for me if any of them Die! And what’s with the ghosts??? That seems to make you he show sort of unbelievable.

  31. I can’t agree more with the other commenters. This story has really gone off the rails this season. After every episode I just ask myself what is going on??? This entire ghost story line was ridiculous. I didn’t even understand why they even started going down this ghost story path it should have ended with the grandfather. Now you finally have happy couple after all they been through and then you start killing off the character we want to see the most. I just don’t understand it all. PLEASE get some new writers. I couldn’t wait until the third season to began, but to be honest I was really disappointed in this season.

  32. This show went off the rails this last season, Pi-Young falling in love and getting married to a stalker in matter of days. Did not like any of the replacement actors. All the crazy ghosts story lines. A ceiling tile falls and hits Dong-ma on the head, which should at the most just mess up his hair and give him a mild headache but he is going to die because of that, seriously ?
    Hopefully they either get new writers if there is a season 4 or kick the current ones in the ass to get better story lines. This season 3 episode 16 was so rushed to conclusions for everyone and made no sense at the end. I hope there is a season 4 with some good story to wrap up the storylines for everyone in a satisfactory way.

  33. La lógica de los escritores latinoamericanos es diferente al de los coreanos, dejan morir a los favoritos de las series sin pensarlo mucho.
    Yo no hubiera dejado morir a Won en el parto, y menos a Dong Ma en el final… sin él como disfrutaremos el visual de la siguiente temporada???

  34. Please don’t kill DongMa off !!! Piyoun is finally happy !! He also deserves to be happy he and his brother deserve some happiness 💓

  35. This is just literally disappointing. Dongma just got attention. Piyoung just finally became happy. It’s saddening to see she left a cheating husband to becoming a widow with child. Thats just wrong. They better not kill off Dongma. Piyoung has to be happy.

  36. Again ..did the writer get fired
    What a ridiculous ending
    It seemed rusted
    Very disappointed

  37. I don’t think Dong Ma is going to die. I don’t See Ban either. It might be one of the babies. And Song Won is being selfish by wanting Seo Ban to die so she can have a companion. If Dong Ma dies: Pi Young might go back to Using and he will not marry A Ji or whatever her name is.

  38. Love Season 1 & 2…they spoil Season 3 with the ghost/grim reapers scenes..Finally PiYoung and ShiEun are living the lives they deserved …so happy for them and their kids…why kill off Dongma ..makes no sense…they need new writers for this show….they spoiled Season 3 with all the extra BS.

  39. In my own theory, Dong Ma will be in the a near death situation and will fall into a COMA for a while while his spirit will wonder around his beloved family and that he will eventually wake up once he served his punishment.

  40. If Dong Ma dies , what the heck is the point of watching? And stop it with ghost crap ugh 😩

  41. Please don’t kill Dong Ma I love him so much the way he take care Pi-Youngwho is a very kind hearted person and still had a cheating husband If you remove him my family won’t watch it anymore. Remove all those ghost and let the story end with the grandfather enjoying all his grandchildren give a happy end that will also make you story more appreciated by every one

  42. Please dont kill Dong Ma. Please. The sweet revenge has just started so why kill Dong Ma.
    Ms..Sa & Sei-un and the Seo family will live happily ever after.

    I like how Ms. Sa handled the abusive helpers.

  43. I loved this show from season 1 but I can’t believe season 3 finale. Why kill our favorite character. I was so sad and I don’t think I can watch season 4 if Dong Ma dies. Pls pls pls don’t kill Dong Ma. It’s a very bad idea, bad writing. Am totally pissed off

  44. The introduction of possesions, shamans and grim reapers is shifting the genre of this series. I am not sure this is not lazy writing.

    Deux ex machina is the resort of lazy writers who cant hold a storyline.

    However, I understand that K-Dramas are shot and edited in very short timeframes, so the pressure on the writers is somewhat different. So I excuse them.

    Good K-Dramas are superb, with great actors and good,funny and meaningful storylines. ( Something in the rain, Stranger, Korean Odyssey, The good manager etc).

    I feel a bit sad as the characters created in Series 1 and 2 deserve better.

  45. Lástima tan bien que iba la serie, quedaron muchas cosas sin resolver y para colmo cómo se les ocurre matar a dong ma, ya dejen de dañar a los personajes principales, sólo falta que vayan a matar al bebé de alguna de las chicas que ya han sufrido con sus ex maridos. Por favor hagan una 4 temporada más emocionante y agradable, por ejemplo si iba a salir toda la temporada son wan para qué la mataron la hubieran dejado con su hijito y su esposo y a hye riun pues lo que pasó que nadie de los hermanos la quiso. Ella tenía que haber recapacita do sobre su personalidad controladora y soberbia. En fin espero que le den un arreglo en la 4a temp. Y por favor ya no cambien a los actores.

  46. Terrible final de la temporada 3 Dong Ma hace un excelente papel como esposo de PY, no entiendo porque poner fantasmas y segadores ni como relleno es interesante, los escritores se salieron totalmente de la finalidad de la serie , sugiero regresen a la trama original, tampoco me gustó el hecho de que las esposas estén sufriendo tanto, mientras las amantes y los infieles les va bien, si no regresan a la trama original de acuerdo al título de la serie no creo ver la siguiente temporada. Muy decepcionante el episodio 16 totalmente fuera de contexto

  47. Por favor no maten a dog man dejen que sea feliz con Pi Young el cambio mucho con esa relación se enamoró y está feliz hay personas más malas que han hecho daño y no le han pasado nada como los ex los niños son felices en esa casa y que Ban pueda ser padre y el abogado arregle su matrimonio

  48. I hate to watch the last episode! I am disappointed!!
    Is it wrong to have a happy ending where everyone moves forward with the path they chose? Frankly, I did hope Pi-young will reunite with her ex-husband, but the fact he still leave together with A-mi, makes me feel that Pi-young deserves a better one is Dong Ma.

  49. I just wish for a season 4 where there at least we watch the happiness of The Seo brothers with their families, they are so good. Tragedies happen but please not this way, why break/play the hearts of the viewers, it feels that the beautiful emotions/feelings just started and writer cut it off, so cruel. Its the Seo brothers that attracted viewers, why such thing happen that way, and yes I demand a season 4 with Dongma there or you will lost a viewer😊. In reality there’s already frustrations and chaos please writer let us smile and feel the happiness enveloped in this kdrama for a while don’t cut it short like that.

  50. Season 3 is a mess. Several episodes are filled and boring. The last two or three got really interesting but the ending makes me not want to watch the 4th season

  51. Fiquei muito decepcionada com o final da terceira temporada! Muita crueldade deixar Dong Ma morrer! Deveriam ter finalizado esta série!

  52. I would NOT watch if there is Season 4.
    I hate everything about this Season 3 though I kept fast forwarding to keep up with the storyline and reading recap and review here and there.
    Sorry All, to me Dong-ma deserves his death. Playing with a woman’s heart once is a sin but twice is a crime. He was the one who put Nam Ga-bin to her situation that she asked the Professor for comfort and destroy his family. I don’t stay on her side but I have sympathy for her. And then he said to Pi-young that he fell in love with her because of her screaming when in pain. How sadistic he is! I can’t bear him. He is just a pervert.
    I do agree with everyone regarding the bs ghosts, first the old guy then that mistress Song Won then the little boy and Hye-rung will become a Shaman!!! What the heck? These make the show sooo creepy unnecessarily. What the purpose of these creepy things?
    I didn’t agree with BHR on some of her behaviors in season 1 but she didn’t deserve to be possessed by the SW ghost and lost her baby. Gosh, I hate that SW ghost and sick at her white pale face. Why did she keep roaming around like that? Who gave her the right to destroy BHR’s life? She took BHR’s husband, body, baby, mind and her whole like. What did she think she was? Looks like the writers hate this character so much that made her became a dumb one. And that BHR’s husband and his family. Those people are just selfish and always think about taking advantage of BHY while keep groaning how good SW was. They seem to treat BHR nice but they are just faking with their evil thoughts. The writer should have return BHR to her real life. She used to be a very interesting character but they dumped her in this whole season with that SW ghost. I could not wait for that ghost just vape away but she kept being around everyone till the end grrr. And afterlife with SW with the wedding? Those writers are just psychopaths.
    For SPY, she should be punished for treating her own mom so badly, she didn’t really go through a lot and not being strong at all as she fell for that pervert DM. Her ex should marry that dumb Ami and enjoy a hassle life with her. I have no tolerance for both of them.
    The only couple I like is SB and SE. How dare that ghost SW want to marry him, even in the afterlife?
    I wish this couple the best and have a twin as he wishes but I have a feeling that something is going to happen to them if there is Season 4 (well, I would not watch it but will back here to read the recap and review ;). It is because DM said something bad about him with SE before their marriage.
    This Season 3 is really a waste of time. These writers should not write Season 4 if any or any other TV dramas/films!

  53. I want to give a tip of my hat to the actors who play the lawyer’s parents in the drama L M and D; they give a powerful and entertaining performance every time!!!
    A shift away from the the loves of the main characters yes, but they are so delightful!!
    Season 4 MUST INCLUDE THEM!!!!

  54. So Im wondering if maybe Ban’s fortuitous dream that he sold to Dong Ma will end up saving Dong Ma and thats why he cant see the reapers faces. Perhaps…its the only thing that would give reason for that dream to have been introduced. I can only hope…
    but then I wonder if that robs Ban of the good fortune and they take him instead 🙁 and thats why we see him in a wedding with Song Yuan. Plus to the kid spirit refering to ban as an old man might not be a stretch 🙁 I hope I am over thinking this. I want them both to live and tbe ladies to have their happiness.

  55. besides the thing that greatly delighted the audience, such as the marriage of Seo Ban -Sue In and DOngMa + Sa Pyong, then that sa pyong and sue in were pregnant, the episodes of season 4 were so strange, because they mixed with the strange and secretly evil ghost of Song-Won.. and bring up the angel of death which is also strange.. I hope season 4, writers don’t mix with weirdness again. No more ghosts!!

  56. I agree with someone above the mother in law roll isn’t needed anymore. Why kill Dong Ma in he just got married with a child on the way. That don’t make since, both women that married into that family has been through a lot. I was hoping to see them in a beautiful happy marriage with guys that loved them unconditionally. What about Si eun ex-husband he has no meaning anymore either. I mean no one wants him and he don’t visit his kids often anyway.

  57. If it can not be helped that that someone in the story needs to die, i think it should either be dong.mi as a punishment for what she did to her husband or the lawyer’s wife for her bad attitude. By the way i liked what happened to the house helps.

  58. Why did the writer kill Dong Ma? It’s a very disappointing ending! Dong Ma and Pi Young just got married and having their first born. Why not let them happy? Why Dong Ma should die and not their cheater ex-husbands?

  59. Please, end it well and do not make additions to fill the time of the show it loses it’s purpose.

  60. Nothing left to say. I think we all agree. Kill off the Reapers, keep the cast, lol! I did notice Dong ma isn’t bleeding, so I agree it’s some sappy “dream” scene. I think the coma/amesia is just soapy enough for this drama.
    I would really hate to see Seo Ban leave, and as others have said, he had no relationship with Song, except taking lessons. I don’t know enough about Asian drama to predict that story.
    It sounds like ratings will drop if Dongma dies, but I don’t know if I believe it, since their ratings are very good! If viewer support is important, I think Dongma lives. Probably in a coma as the cast recovers from COVID and old cast renegotiates…..if they really want to return to this circus? Lol

  61. I loved watching this show from S1 to S3. ..just want to see more scenes of my fave couples Seo Ban/Se Eun, Dong ma/ Pi young. just want to tell the writers not to kill them in S4…let them stays as couples… don’t let Seo Ban marries Won…let Won’s soul rest in peace …let Ban and Se Eun live a happy married life with their new babies and 2 kids..
    .dont let dong ma dies, let se eun and pi young gave birth to healthy kids…please bring back the 3 original actors…. can’t wait to see S4…😘

  62. Please don’t kill Dogma such a wonderful love story
    And don’t killl pi yum just because she is 50and pregnant. Why not take her ex husband the selfish pig
    and don’t put dogma into the Drs body unless you bring back the other actor
    Now the crazy mother who killed her husband she can go with the reapers

  63. I’m sooo disappointed with the way season 3
    Ended…It made no sense for the Reapers to
    Even enter into the series…If you want to keep Watchers make the plot a lot better than it is…Let Dong ma live and both newlyweds enjoy the Happiness they deserve..Bring back the original Dr Shin yu
    Sin…Bring a good love interest for sa hyeon
    to help him raise his son…get rid of slap happy Hye ryung and grandma Dong mi
    And the rest of the homewreckers you can do as you please

    a very messy story and not worth watching again for season 4.

  65. What this episode did to Dong Ma is ver, very upsetting. Why hurt the nicest guy on Season 3. And it is devastating to Pi-young and Ji-A
    Bu Bae as Dong Ma is so refreshing and charming. I am looking forward to his next drama.
    Episode 16 is disappointing and has many unnecessary scenes. The writers inputted ideas without thinking thoroughly. What a shame.
    They ruined the final episode.

  66. Season 4 Please!! Disappointing finale, caught off guard, didn’t know it has a cliff hangar. You can’t kill off Dong Ma!! Stories revolves around the two brothers and their wives and it’s getting more interesting in each episode. Dong Mi is infuriating and the looser husbands, they need a good punch from me! Writers, please end Season 4 with good story line. How soon?

  67. In the ambulance he was on the stretcher still bleeding from his injury. As he sits up he has no blood and has left his body. The only hope I saw was that he viewed the birth of his child and that the boy ghost asked the grandmother what she is going to do about the man being taken by the reapers.

  68. Please let the newlyweds be happy. I disliked the way the show depicted the wives in the first season as innocent victims of their cheating husbands while the cheating partners happily ruined their families. The husbands and their cheating partners all deserve to pay for the pain that caused to the wives and children. The storyline should show Karma in action.

  69. First, you changed the main character of this kdrama, the anchor woman’s husband, the doctor, and the ajuma, which is not fitting, but because the tale is good, I was fascinated till season 3. If Dong Ma dies, the story will become boring because they will have a baby at the same time as Seo Ban. I adore the two couples, Pi-young and Dong Ma, and Seo-Ban and Lee-Seun, and they should stay in the scene until the end. If you will kill them, don’t push Season 4. The one that irritates me the most are those bothersome ghosts.

  70. With the way their father was running I think Dong Ma’s father will pass. If there is no season 4, why end it this way. It maybe crazy, but in a good way. I will not watch anything else these writers write.

  71. I hated the ending of season 3, so much that I kept asking what did I watch.
    I had seen so many kdrama, and here are my guess for next season.
    1) The reapers (for people who wonder why showing two reapers, because they always come in a pair, each grab one arm) were trying to get Dong Ma because his spirit came out from body in the ambulance (notice his head wasn’t injured when he woke up and talked to reapers).
    2) Dong Ma will be in coma and waken up not remember Pi Young, but he will find his memories back again someday. (Very typical in asian drama)
    3) The reapers could be taking Dong Ma’s father, Ban, Pi Young, or Pi Young’s newborn. I would bet on Dong Ma’s father because he was rushing to see Dong Ma (or Pi Young is in labor!) and he acted like he would have a heart attack, which also is typical in asian drama. Also the ghost boy had said they were taking the old man.
    4) The showing of Ban and Won could be afterlife. Maybe Ban is quitting season 4 just like how other main actors did in 3? LOL (It’s BS that Won suddenly fall in love with Ban, she never interacted with Ban as a ghost. And Ban loved his wife so much the whole time. If he suddenly changed his heart to Won in afterlife, that would be the worst twist in all kdrama ever.)
    5) This type of kdrama can have very sad ending that make audience beat up their tv. So be prepared, Pi Young might die while giving birth, just like what happened to Won. Or her newborn died.

  72. Why take away the happiness of the two female leads who husband cheated on them and devastated their lives. It was so beautiful to see romantic recharge that the lady’s needed after so much hurt. I am sick of the professor who dumped his family in a heart beat and now to find out the woman from her own mouth never really loved him always playing the victim she is no saint and Dogma even though he dumped her twice they were not legally married he never committed adultery but she did with the professor. The chemistry that Dogma has with Piyoung is amazing he really fell in love with her she knocked him off his feet the player got whooped😅💯💕and now marriage and a baby come on writers let love survive. Send all ghost and reapers away they do not need to linger around destroying this lovely family’s happiness with the kids and everyone united in that home so please let’s let Dogma live and send that ghost with Ban back to restful peace she does not get to choose him that’s so evil to take him away from the love of his lifetime and a baby on the way. I so upset so please forgive me everyone if I misspelled characters this ending is crazy.

  73. The grim reaper should came for song won who doesn’t want to leave she keep visiting everyone everywhere I thought the grim reaper followed her to dong ma house .the writer mess up the story instead the writer can bring him back dong ma should be in coma while his soul is flying around and meet with his mother and the mother sent him back cause the grim reaper came to get his soul the writer should not mess up seo and dong family they need a happy ending also they married right women I hope seo got his wish the twins babies one boy and one girl he deserves that look at his age still can get women pregnant that’s a bless also si eun please let her give birth to a healthy twins babies writer don’t break those families. Go focus on the others specially the friend that’s on the hospital who can’t control her attitude she needs a miracle

  74. Kill Dong-mi instead of Dong-ma! That old hag is crazy. She killed her husband so she got to pay the price! The Seo brothers both Ban x Dong-ma are good persons!

  75. Please have season 4. You can’t leave us like that. I love this show. I WAS DISAPPOINTED.PLEASE BRING BACK.

  76. Please don’t kill Dong Ma. Those two ladies deserve to have a happy life after all they’ve been through. You have to get rid of the ghosts, reapers, shamans and reencarnations. These elements are weakening your plot, making it confusing and boring.

  77. Please don’t get rid of dong ma. There are plenty other people that can die & be a ghost. Pi-long deserves a happy ending.

  78. I think Yu Shin is the character that should die. He cheated on his wife and he is very disrespectful to A MI. I like A MI, she is a good person and needs to be happy. She should marry SA Piyong. If you need to kill someone why not the professor or the stepmother? I am addicted to this series and don’t really like the reapers.

  79. Like everyone else here, I’m just baffled about all the ghost and grim reapers showing up. It’s about time to go back to the original purpose of the show – “Love ft marriage and divorce”. All these additional ghost entries etc is disturbing and annoying. I don’t mind a little, but after the grim reaper showing up, I’m just tired lol. That being said, I love this show and I am addicted to it for sure! Just so sad if our beloved character, Dong Ma does get killed. I just don’t see why pull the audience string like that since his character/story developed so well for both 2nd and 3rd season?! I would sure hope they keep his character alive as we want to see a beautiful happy ending with him and PiYoung. I also love Seo Ban and his wife as a couple, so please do not kill them off as well. I love their character and story and am rooting for those 2 couples!!! We want to see Seo Ben and his wife overcome all obstacle and challenges and have their baby ! 🙂

  80. I’ve watched it since season 1… I hope the writers would come to their senses not to play with the story… Don’t you think its better if the reapers took song yuan since she’s dead? Let her rest in peace. I’m so dismayed!!!

  81. Dong Ma and Pi Young, Ban and Si Eun are good together and they should experience a happily ever after with their kids. No one should die in that household. The only person that needs eliminating is A Mi’s mother in law, she’s no longer needed in the cast.

  82. I have a feeling that Dongma will have amnesia for season 4 and forget about his whirlwind romance with Pi-young. He will probably just remember his relationship with Ga Bin and it’s also probably the reason why Ga Bin and Professor Park didn’t get back together. I also think that Seo Ban will die because in previous seasons one ending scenario always comes true and the fact that Song Won is seen with Seo Ban in the car seems like foreshadowing of what will happen. I do hope that any of the scenarios i’ve listed won’t happen because I believe that Si Eun and Pi Young both deserve to be happy after everything they’ve been put through… If the grim reapers need to take someone then they should just get Dong Mi and Professor Park. those two are just irritating at this point.

  83. I believe Dong MA survives as I saw there was a wedding between Seo Ban & Song Won! But, don’t understand why someone must dies for no reason? Even the death of Song Won already doesn’t make sense with the current advancement in medical field, the show can be more interesting without death! Don’t feel like watching with all these holy crap ending!

  84. Like the rest..I don’t want dong ma to die..he was the best..I thought the show was about karma n the mistresses getting their due n the husbands who cheated..but they seem to be doing fairly well..please don’t go off track n punish those who deserve to be punished..otherwise not watching season 4

  85. If I were to base it to other kdrama. It would be possible he may be in a coma and wakes up not remembering SPY. Just being positive. But the videos in the end still has Won and Ban. So there is a possibility he can live. But wishing Ban does not die too. For S4 if there will be one. I hope the original YuShin goes back.

  86. There are 2 grim reapers that’s why i thought 2 will die probably Dong Ma & Ban?
    What a story! After the long wait, why Ban getting married again to the dead one? Does it mean they are in the afterlife? Is it a ghost, reincarnation, afterlife or etc story? So many plot twist involving dead people, weird. Please focus on the living ones , give it a happy ending. Do not disappoint us bcoz it’s a long story & it should be given a satisfactory clear ending. Thank you ❤

  87. So totally agreed with everyone’s comments about Dong Ma.
    Do not kill him off!
    Such a joy to watch him and PY together.
    Have a good ending to this drama!
    If they kill off Dong Ma..Not going to watch the next season!

  88. Am so disappointed with the ending. Why Dong Ma? PY deserves a happy 2nd marriage. Pls don’t kill him off. Bring him back in season 4 please.

  89. I think Ban will pass away hence the shot with him and Song Yuan. That can only happen in the afterlife.

  90. I really hope Dong Ma did not die he makes the show, he does sate after breaking up with his ex he will burn in hell but she was just as bad if not worse breaking up families
    Dong Ma’s wife who has been through so much already is a strong lady but let her have some happines. The ghost element I don’t get why has this come into the show….really.
    Kill off Yu Sins mother she is a nasty piece of work and the wedding shots of Ban and Won…are they both in the afterlife and a couple????

  91. I’m so devastated with the ending of episode 16. Why Dong Ma! I watch season 3 because of him! I love him and Piyoung together. I need them to be happy. Just when they are so in love this happened. Please let him be alive in season 4 otherwise I’m done with this show.

  92. Whats with this ghost stories!! Cant they just make a real life situations and end in season 3 with 2 healthy babies!!grrrr.. dont you ever kill dong ma and grandpa!!

  93. Please don’t kill him off !!! They were meant to be together!!!! I think the grandfather needs to go !!!

  94. Don’t kill Dong ma, hmm , i will be mad at you writer and won’t watched the season again. Don’t dare like Dong ma i repeat.

  95. Crazy making ! The writers are messing with us. Perhaps they don’t even know what season 4 holds for these people. I hope they get it together without anyone dying. As annoying as this series can be, I could hardly wait for the next episodes.

  96. I’m clearly disappointed once again,first because of the character changes..Second because you had 2 grim reapers…Now you show Dong Ma like he is dead, come on pi young deserves happiness..The series has really went left and I may not watch season 4. Why not remove that pitiful A Mi she gets on my nerves..Seadon1and 2 where excellent. Season3 was ok in the beginning..I was happy that both pi and se got married to bothers and now both are pregnant..Just to many ghost involved now..Is this a ghost story now.

  97. Didn’t like ending don’t want dogma dead why keep showing them getting married with different partners Ami deserves someone else my heart and stomach were hurting at ending please bring seadon4 different endings

  98. I think its the father who dies. The little boy say they will grab the old man in the ambulance. Also something’s up with Ban and Won she had wished it was him who died so he could be with her. He was driving and his phone rings maybe he got into a car accident. Who knows this season was crazy. I hope its a season 4 love the show and I hope Dong ma isn’t died. We need more of him in the show.

  99. I don’t want anyone in that household to die! And I agree with the others, get rid of the reapers! If anyone has to die, ket it be professor Park. I can’t stand his arrogance! He left his wife for a younger woman & when she dumped him, he tried to run back to his wife! How he spoke about his ex wife when he learned she was getting married was terrible!

  100. I just hope Dong Ma is not dead, he`s very good in that show, really enjoyed watching the show, he`s one of the male characters that I like. Why are there ghost elements in that drama, it is not a ghost movie. This drama ended sadly again. I hope there is Season 4 and will be aired soon on Netflix.

  101. I am very upset and disappoint regarding the writer come up with Dong Ma accident. I hope he is still alive. He is the reason that I’m looking forward to watch the show every week. He is handsome, good person, and loving husband. I don’t want Dong Ma to die. He needs to stay alive to deserve happiness with his pregnant wife. Pi-Young went through a lot in her life. She deserves happiness. I really like Ban and his wife together. Ban and his wife deserve happiness also. I wish Netflix renewal season 4. Such a great drama and good acting all characters especially Pi Young and all the kids. This is my favorite Korean drama.

  102. Agree wuth everyone. I do not want Dong Ma to die. Hope is a dream. I wish Season 4 will end with Dong Ma and Pi Young, Ban and Si Eun, have a well deserved happy and peaceful married life, especially Si Eun and Pi Young, they deserved with the heart aches they have from their ex husband. Season 4 can involve others but pls leave Ban/SiEun and Dong Na/Pi Young alone, enjoying a well deserved marriage life please. That is what I will be looking for. If Dong Ma dues, I will too not watch the Season 4.

  103. Why did the ghost boy say someone is coming to snatch the old one? If Hu re ting is a shaman why didn’t she warn pi young about dong ma. Why should pI young be the one to suffer again? Dong ma will not go willingly with the reapers and why did they change form and outfits? Really disappointing ending. They will need a season 4 to explain another weird ending just like after season 3.

  104. I have been watching this series and became addicted to its story but I was a bit disappointed with the grim reapers and ghosts as it’s darting away from real situation in life I understand that this is fiction though. Expecting to have more exciting storyline twists in the next season but I just hope that it will have a happy end! Hope Season 4 will be aired very soon!

  105. I agree with every person here, it’s really stupid to have all these ghosts appearing in the show, it was boring and wasted of times, didn’t serve any purpose, and killing off Dong MA didn’t make sense, if anyone should die, it would be the professor, he’s the mist annoying one of them all, and changed 3 actors with differences people is such too, I like the original.ones I hope they exorcism all ghost in season 4. Do not kill Ma Dong off from the show please!

  106. I really think this has gone ridiculous with the grim reaper character. It’s like season 1 was all abt the affairs and marriage, season 2 was the breaking up part and season 3 is where karma got them back, good and bad. But why kill dong ma? It’s a complete joke! Super disappointed. I can’t imagine what’s gonna happen in season 4 with all 16 episodes and are they gonna still have super natural element with grim reaper and ghost? Then change the movie name from Love to something Horror! Omg season 3 was going so well but the last 2 episodes has gone really ridiculous for the 2 cheated wives. Let them and their children have a happy ending! Ergh!

  107. The kid is from the Hye Ryung’s miscarriage in season one. Ghost mum Song Won can take of ghost child, while Hye Ryung can take care of Song Won’s kid. They will do a deal.
    Dong ma won’t die, he will talk to Songwon and negotiate the child swoop deal. 😊

  108. Get rid of the ghosts please! I love Dong Ma and he has been a joy to watch with his wife. His family is together and happy. Why spoil it by killing him off and his wife is having their baby! Don’t kill him off. I like Ban in love and marrying his first love and now will experience fatherhood for the first time at his age! I enjoy the series but I am tired of things that are not real! Do not kill Dong Ma off, let it be a dream.

  109. U already upset me replacing the 2 handsome men! Not again!!!
    Don’t u dare take away Dong Ma! The brothers and the father are perfect! I like the closeness of the sister in laws and their children. So respectful and happy and wholesome. Please continue. We need more wholesome and happy family life!
    Please Get rid of the grim dumb! And soooo weird. We hv enuff weird stuff going on. Stop!!!
    Please ….. get back to normal stuff and some fun drama!


  111. Hard to predict in this show. Still wish they hadn’t done in the new mom. Hope it isnt either of the brothers. Get rid of the grim reapers, such an unimaginative plot turner. I wish they would stick to the topic, love marriage and divorce.

  112. The ending was so upsetting. Sure, we need season 4 fir nothing was an ending. He really love pi and she deserves happiness. I wondered if it could be Prof. Park. Pkease let both men live and have healthy babies with their wives

  113. season 4 pls.. Pls don’t let Dong-Ma died.. I don’t like the ending.. pls give us good finale if there is season 4

  114. I dont want Dong ma to die.I want him to see his kid and live a good life together with his wife. If Dong ma will die, I dont want to see the 4th season. Its not satisfying. If there is someone to die , its Dong mi, she is annoying.

  115. Beautiful show which I am really enjoying ghosts and all.please don’t kill of Dong Ma.Rather let Ji A s grandmother die.

  116. I hope Dong Ma will not die amd lead a with Pi Young.because it would be a spolier if he die..
    Will there be seaaon 4?

  117. Don’t you fucking kill off Dong ma….cos that will be you murdering your movie with your own hands…me as a person will stop seeing the movie as soon has you kill him off

  118. This was such a great series until the stupid ghost element. It’s so boring and really spoiling a really good show. Season 4 better be good as it’s been good all the way until the silly dead people and grim reapers.

  119. I hope dong ma not die because his wife pregnanf she deserve to get happiness and have a perfect husband affer cheating befote, even life is unpredictable even she not good with her mother but when her mother pass away she already get the punishment knowing her husband cheating her for a long while, i think she still deserve to get a lot of hapiness

  120. Let Dong ma alive maybe the stepmother should be dead she doesn’t they don’t have used for her anymore

  121. I do not understand creating reapers I don’t want anyone dying except the old man later after he see’s his grandchildren. I don’t want pi young lose her husband she’s so much in love with him. I don’t like them to changed their partners I like the ghost to disappears the ladies husband should stay with their wives especially Ban I like him and se young together. If they continued to mess it up I would not want to watched this series ever again.

  122. I love Dong Ma a lot. Don’t you dare kill him. If so, i am no longer interested by watching this show. Dong Ma must live. And please, get rip of those ghost walking everywhere. It is not a slasher movie.FF
    Stop then.

  123. this is all so weird, even more so, why the images of Ban with Song Yuan again…is there like a reincarnation happening because I really like Ban with Si-Eun, and I for sure don’t want A-mi with Shin-hyo, I don’t want A-mi with anyone to be honest with you, she is really annoying…But to kill Dong-ma off the show would just ruin it for me, I don’t think that Pi-young deserves that especially all that she’s been through.

  124. I hope it’s the dog that will pass away. Not being disrespectful to animals but the grim reapers made a reference to the dog. I hate the ending. How could anyone die from a Dept store ceiling? We all know that it’s a soft material. It would even crack and break if you strongly tap it on your knees.

  125. I certainly hope he is not dead! Why would the writers kill him off?
    If they have to kill someone off let it be his father. I do agree that the father brought his sons together in his home and welcomed them all back and now he can leave in peace.
    I also hope that Netflix renews this show for the fourth season.

  126. I want Dong-ma to be alive. How heavy could the ceiling panels be? I am thinking the father dies from a heart attack over his son’s accident. Plus, through out the season, supplements were bought for the father, you see him drinking a lot and talking about health.

    It would hurt my heart for Dong-ma to die. I think he is unconscious. Please be a season 4.

  127. I’m so upset I do not want Dong Ma to die. I don’t want the father to die either not yet. Dong Ma’s wife has been through so much already. Can’t the ladies have some happiness! And why did they introduce this stupid ghost mess any way! The show was great without this stupid ghost scenario and reapers. Did the writers change this season because honestly it’s just stupid. When it was such a great show about Love and Divorce. I wish they wouldn’t do that. I’m losing interest because of the ghost element. It’s silly to me.

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