Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

I Love You To The Yu-Shin Moon And Back

Episode 7 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 2 begins with Pi-Young deciding to visit Yu-Shin at the stables. She’s determined to figure out the truth and see if her husband is having an affair.

Luckily for Yu-Shin, A-Mi is called away by her Director at the last minute, just as Pi-Young shows up. When Pi-Young appears, Yu-Shin is obviously rattled but he maintains his composure.

Pi-Young questions him about the young girl Hae-Ryung mentioned last episode. Specifically, who he’s been horse-riding with. Yu-Shin simply brushes it off as a teenage girl from the past.

Pi-young buys it too, believe it or not, and heads home. When she does, she wonders just how she ever doubted Yu-Shin in the first place.

In the middle of all this is another hilarious and utterly useless scene involving Dong-Mi and ghost Ki-Rim. This time ghostly black writing shows up, with him cursing her out and wondering what to do with her.

Feeling the heat, Yu-Shin decides to break up with A-Mi. He tells her it’s just temporary and that he really does love her. A-Mi is obviously distraught and ends up in tears in the car park. Later on in the episode, she actually ends up in hospital. Possibly from depression, possibly from bad writing. Or a bit of both!

Back home, Yu-Shin and Pi-Young end up eating sweet potatoes with Dong-Mi. That night, Pi-Young seduces and dances for Yu-Shin in the bedroom. Next door, Dong-Mi does the same thing and sees Yu-Shin’s face in the moon. It’s absolutely hilarious to be honest but it’s played off as a really serious moment.

Elsewhere, Moon-Ho takes Song-Won’s advice and begs for forgiveness with Ye-Jung. She begrudgingly agrees to give him another chance, as Moon-Ho remains dead-set on treating her like his Queen.

Well, that evening they head to the restaurant with Song Won and offer her a place to stay. They claim the air is cleaner where they are and that this will be better for the baby. Only, trouble ensues when Sa-Hyun appears at the restaurant, ordering food to go. When he notices Song-Won, he joins them for dinner.

What none of them banked on though is Hye-Ryung, who shows up later that evening. Fireworks ensue… for a few seconds at least. Hye-Ryung grabs Song Won and then Sa-Hyun but Moon-Ho restrains her and holds the girl back. Unwilling to see this kick off in the restaurant, the group pay their bill and head back home to talk. On the way out, Hye-Ryung’s friends notice them all leaving together.

As Hye-Ryung interrogates Song Won, the episode comes to a close midway through their conversation.

The Episode Review

Well that was…disappointing. We’ve been waiting two whole seasons for this and the ensuing meeting is pretty tepid and restrained.

Out of all the women Hye-Ryung was the one I was hoping would go full on slapping and screaming. So far that hasn’t happened. It also doesn’t help that this entire family are on Song Won’S side which is pretty sick and unfair when you think about it. After all, regardless of her pregnancy she still had a hand in breaking up a married couple and should be held accountable for that.

Meanwhile, Ki-Rim seems to be a bit more vengeful now, cursing out Dong-Mi and wondering what to do with her. Only, she’s too busy seeing Yu-Shin in the moon. This show certainly has a way of making really ridiculous and unintentionally hilarious scenes. I would say this is a satire but the show isn’t clever nor entertaining enough to pull that off.

Instead, this watered down melodrama lacks the spark needed and even now, as the mistresses meet the wives, everything feels shallow and tepid. Hopefully there will be some fireworks in the future.

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10 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review”

  1. I’m Team Si-Eun. The rest are gross.

    Sa-Hyeon is a child. He saw his father get pampered all of his life, so when he didn’t get that same treatment, he ran into the arms of the first woman who’d give it. Yes, Hye-Ryung can be cold and demanding, but she didn’t change into a tough girl. She was rough when he met her, rough while dating…he’s a hot mess. And what will having a baby prove? It’s already a train wreck. So let’s say Son and Sa-Hyeon do get together—then what? What if she realizes he’s immature and what if raising the child takes her away from doing all those “sweet” things for him? Back at square one because Sa-Hyeon doesn’t understand compromise.


  2. Sa Hyun is guilty. He acts like a child. He is kind of innocent man manipulated by his wife who is an horrible woman who does not love him.

  3. Yu-sin – master manipulator. Reads the other party and makes quick adjustments. Working on convincing mistress that breaking up is for her own good. He certainly can spin it. Wraps it all up in a new car. But, seems the ice may be getting thin. Seems he forgot – humans are unpredictable.

  4. In reply to other comment – ‘marriage is a two-way street’ – that is the entire point, why people are defending Hye-ryung. Sa-hyeon’s idea of marriage is a one-sided affair which favors the man – like the marriage of his parents. Hye-ryung is an ambitious person, he knew that going in. Think about it. He criticized her for throwing food away but couldn’t even go the refrigerator and feed himself that food. He acts like a child. She is certainly imperfect, but he is an even bigger problem in the relationship. Instead of addressing the issues with her, he goes to the lady at the gym whose advice was decorative and non-constructive. He certainly must have found Hye-ryung most desire able at one point – he married her. As to his mistress – who knows what she’s really about – she dragged him into the bedroom at the hotel – oh you won’t like me once you really know me. Ever wonder what the heck that was about? Sure fire way to end an affair – have sex. But, who knows what the writer is thinking? The first season was a train wreck.

  5. The writer is running out of time to try to do something with this train wreck of a show.glad the doctors wife caught him out at last No way can he live with his cry baby mistress in his position. Still waiting for the two new guys to make a move and so long as the young one doesn’t end up with the teachers mistress will be okay .so I’m so hoping for some justice for the wives although they aren’t perfect things should have been discussed between each couple

  6. Most people are on Hye Ryung’s side but seriously she gives women and wives a bad name. I think she is just scum and Sa Hyeon should have the balls to end it with her. Marriage is a two-way street. Stop making demands if you are such a terrible travesty of a wife. She doesn’t even really love him if she is plotting to get it on with someone else. Please. She deserves all she is getting and more. The Pan family needs to cut her off COLDLY.

  7. I hope the writer will give justice to Hye Ryung’s character , not happy with the parents of Sa hyeon siding with the mistress. Where is justice here?

  8. The story appears unrealistic in all 3 couple’s lives. The young couple are trying for a baby while the mistress is already pregnant ??? The mistress accepts to live in the home of the husband’s parents???? Did she plan all this beforehand and has a goal in mind?
    Yu-shin is the biggest mystery to me—what is his purpose in all this? Okay it is fun to have a young woman as a mistress, so why is he nervous when his wife questions him? He can leave his wife and marry A-mi. and What about his stepmother–is he really interested in her sexually? I think that he is a narcissist who thinks he is the greatest. How shallow?
    The third couple—- sitting and shopping for a wedding gown for a fast wedding, and giving his daughter a bank account for sundry expenses?? Really this is ridiculous thinking, plus all while he is driving a luxury car that his wife bought for him?? Seriously? I watch the series to understand examples of cheating spouses.
    I find the story getting more ridiculous and unrealistic. I watched because I want to know

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