Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Showdown

Episode 5 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 2 begins with Ga-Bin preparing to meet Si-Eun. While they do, Sa-Hyun confesses his love for Song Won. He gets her a ring and decides they should be together for when “Bada” Arrives.

As he schmoozes with her, Hye-Ryung watches the rain and decides she’s going to cheat on Sa-Hyun at least once. Well, Sa-Hyun says his goodbyes to his lover, who wants to go it alone now, and leaves her for the time being. As they part ways, he promises himself he’s not going to cry.

Meanwhile, over 25 minutes into this episode we finally get the meeting between Si-Eun and Ga-Bin. While they talk, Hyang-Gi shows up and overhears everything. Eventually she has enough and sits next to her Mum, confronting the woman who has broken up their family.

She screams and shouts, laying into her completely and then *cue Twilight flashbacks* it’s revealed to be one big vision. She doesn’t actually move. She sits and listens as this conversation unfolds. This eventually ends with an indifferent shrug and with Ga-Bin having the audacity to ask for her to be understanding. Si-Eun obviously refuses.

Hyang-Gi obtains Ga-Bin’s address though and prepares to confront the celeb on her own accord. Only, Hae-Ryun stops her and eventually talks while driving back home.

He spews some lines about how time changes our feelings and makes you think of others, eventually ending with telling Hyang-Gi she’ll understand when she’s in love.

It’s a crushing blow and one that sees her absolutely distraught when she heads home. Hyang-Gi throws things around her room and she’s absolutely incredulous at her Father’s attitude. Seeing what this has done to her daughter, Si-Eun is crushed too and eventually tells Hae-Ryung to leave, reminding him of the good times they had and how cruel he’s being.

Alone, Si-Eun sits with her daughter and mentions the past. Specifically she talks about how we reap what we sow and how we shouldn’t hate God. Instead, one should just roll with the punches. She’s moved past this and is ready to move on without him, despite how much it hurts.

Hae-Ryung sits with Ga-Bin after and contemplates whether they should stay together or not. There’s a scene with ghost Ki-Rim again but honestly it does absolutely nothing so there’s not much point mentioning it beyond this statement.

As the episode closes out, business looks like it’s about to pick up. Pi-Young notices a film shoot nearby and heads over to take a look. There, she spies A-Mi with her coat on. Only, the coat is the same one Yu-Shin gave her. As she enquires about it, A-Mi tells her her boyfriend handed it over. A burn mark on the inside confirms that this is definitely Yu-Shin’s. Uh oh!

The Episode Review

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) returns this week with an improved episode that actually starts to increase the drama in an organic way. These meetings between the mistresses and the wives have been the only thing driving this series forward and finally we’re getting some fireworks.

While the Si-Eun incident was a little underwhelming, it’s still much more civilized than what’s going to happen with the other couples. If anyone’s made it this far then the rewards are certainly going to come.

The show is still bogged down with unnecessary subplots and some clumsy editing but the story at least looks like it’s moving somewhere now. Let’s hope tomorrow’s episode delivers.

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  1. How dreadful – the professor literally dragging his daughter down the stairs and out of the building as she said – ‘like a dog’ all the while painting himself as the ‘victim’ and painting his affair as romantic on the drive home. Of course she would be distraught. Losing what she thought of as a close relationship with her father is a death. She needs to be allowed to ‘grieve’ in her own time, all the stages. It is totally unrealistic for Si-eun to expect that she, her daughter or her son should be ‘a saint’ about this. They don’t have to act ‘uncivil’ but they need to let themselves feel their true feelings. The children have been pretty much abandoned by him and the boy is only 11 years old. The gall and self-centeredness of Ga-bin to want everything to be ‘nice’ and be a ‘family’. The series one loves to hate.

  2. I wanted all these episodes ti finally see Hae-ryung slapped by Si-eun !!! And his daughter did very well to treat him that way !!! Good !!! What a satisfaction ….but stilo for me It Is top Little !! I Hope his mistress break his Heart and leaved him for another man !! Only deserves that !!!!! And now it’s up to her perfect husband tuoi …i can’t wait !!

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