Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

“Nothing Much Happens”

Episode 3 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 2 begins with Song-Won talking to Ye-Jung about her plans for the future. She tests the girl, finding out where her loyalties and allegiances lie.

Through her words Ye-Jung realizes she’s completely different to Hye-Ryung. Well, after their conversation Song Won heads to church and begins praying for the safety of her child. The Pastor there arrives to greet her though, promising that the Lord has blessed her with a child.

While Moon-Ho is furious about the affair when he finds out, Ye-Jung sympathizes with Song Won’s plight, telling her husband that Song Won is a nice girl and nothing like Hye-Ryung. Guys, Ted Bundy was a charming, nice man. It doesn’t make his actions justifiable.

Ye-Jung eventually heads home where Sa-Hyun is waiting for her. However, Song Won has made a decision. She’s decided to raise this child alone and cut Sa-Hyun out of this. In fact, he asks him to give this up as her religion is getting in the way and she believes the child is a sin. Just a reminder here that having an affair is a sin too, Song Won! Anyway, an overlong montage then ensues as thee two break up and go their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Hye-Ryung takes Si-Eun out drinking for the night to unwind. The kids are left to their own devices, as Hye-Ryung and Si-Eun arrive at the same bar as a gentleman across the room, who decides to pay for their drinks. Hye-Ryung but the guy doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s a vip guest and brushes it aside with nonchalance.

With ghost biscuit eating out the way, Ki-Rim continues to lounge about the house. Dong-Mi believes her maid (the one who has now told Dong-Mi twice that she’s quitting) has been spooked by the ghost so she decides to stay with her son and Pi-Young for the time being.

At least temporarily anyway. She heads home and makes a load of food, believing Ki-Rim is there with her. She justifies letting him die and claims she gave him joy and happiness.

As the lights shut out, Dong-Mi tells ghostly Ki-Rim he doesn’t scare her. The next words out of her mouth seem to be a reflection on what her worst  Pirates of the Caribbean movie is, “Dead men tell no lies” she replies. She then heads back to Pi-Young’s with her bags packed, ready to stay for the time being.

Meanwhile, our three mistresses meet up and exchange pictures of the husbands they’re sleeping with. Song Won reveals that she’s broken up with Sa-Hyun, prompting the others to sympathize with her.

That evening, Moon-Ho is confronted by his wife over Dong-Mi’s package. This has been an ongoing issue of course, with Ye-Jung deciding that she’s likened to a maid and has no place in his life.

As the episode closes out, Hye-Ryung and Sa-Hyun prepare to head over to see Moon-Ho and Ye-Jung. However, more trouble lies in store for our characters. A-Mi is going to be on Hye-Ryung’s talk show radio. Oh no!

The Episode Review

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce returns for another lethargic, indifferent, tepid and stagnant episode, one that sees this reviewer run out of adjectives to describe whatever this is we’re watching every week.

This time we see our characters going about their day to day lives, injecting some slice of life across the 65 minutes. There’s nothing wrong with that of course. Look at Reply 1988, there are literally episodes there that do nothing to progress the plot forward. The big difference here though is in character and compelling storytelling.

None of these people are particularly likable and aside from Sa-Hyun and Song-Won breaking up there’s not a lot here until the final cliffhanger reveal.

I won’t bore you guys with a lengthy rant about how bad this show is (maybe that can be reserved for a completely separate post altogether!) but I will just say that this is a top contender for worst TV show of 2021.

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