Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Just A Ghost Casually Eating Biscuits

Episode 2 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 2 begins with ghostly Ki-Rim showing up back at home and eating biscuits. At the same time, Pi-Young and Yu-Shin get to work with some product placement, this time for a neck massager as they comment how effective it is.

Elsewhere, Sa-Hyun heads out with his Mother and asks her to show compassion for his mistress and help out with the child. He guilt trips her into helping to look after Song Won, at least for the next 8 months while she’s pregnant.

After this meeting, he heads up to see Song-Won and breaks the news about Hye-Ryung and her stomach ulcer. Given she’s refusing to divorce now, Sa-Hyun makes himself the victim. Song Won tells him to leave, given the stress it’s causing her, prompting them both to eventually start sobbing as they realize what an awful situation they’re in.

Let’s be honest here though, it’s hard to feel any compassion for either of these guys so it all completely falls flat. Anyway, Sa-Hyun then pleads with her, holding the girl’s hand and seemingly convincing her to come around to his way of thinking.

Meanwhile, Yu-Shin meets up with Dong-Mi and they play hide and seek…while romantic music plays. Haha honestly, what?

Elsewhere, slimy Hae-Ryun continues to spend time with A-Mi, helping her out around the house. Eventually he heads home though and speaks to Si-Eun about their current familial situation.

Si-Eun tells him to pack up his things and leave, learning that he’s spending lots of time with A-Mi. On the way out though, Si-Eun tells him to text the children but he refuses, believing they “won’t like that”.

Dong-Mi’s maid decides to high-tail it out this drama, realizing what a mess it is and telling Dong-Mi that she’s seen Ki-Rim’s ghost. This isn’t what she signed up for and she’s gone.

Elsewhere, A-Mi is unhappy that she and Yu-Shin don’t do anything together. She wants to go hiking and do more romantic endeavours beyond horse riding. She’s obviously unhappy with their current arrangement… but also seemingly happy to break Yu-Shin’s family up. Anyway, Yu-Shin drops her off back home.

In the morning, Ye-Jung heads up to meet Sa-Hyun and Song Won. Ye-Jung intends to see what sort of gold digger she is, noticing that Song-Won is an older woman. Things are tense between them, eventually leading to Sa-Hyun being ushered away after paying for the table. As they sit together, Ye-Jung learns that Song Won is 42 and that she was previously divorced too.

As the episode closes out, the maid who said she’s quitting but hasn’t really quit is mopping the floor and looks in shock at something in the corner of the room. It’s Ki-Rim isn’t it? Is he eating more ghost biscuits? Doing a handstand? Watching Love ft. Marriage and Divorce and despairing? Who knows and who cares at this point. Please, just make it stop!

The Episode Review

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) must surely be going for some sort of award for worst drama. The first episode was bad but this follow-up slips back into old habits as the show meanders through a series of boring, plodding storylines with characters that don’t grow or evolve in meaningful ways.

I’m still not sure why we’re supposed to be showing empathy toward any of these despicable men and Hae-Ryun’s apathy toward his kids makes my blood boil. As a father of two and a divorced man, I cherish the weekends I get with my kids and I’d be absolutely crushed if I didn’t even get that time with them. The fact that this wet flannel is absolutely fine with not talking to his children is despicable.

That’s to say nothing of Yu-Shin and his cheating either, with this weird Dong-Mi ghost angle thing in the middle. The fact that the one ghost element this episode is Ki-Rim eating biscuits speaks volumes about the imagination gone into this show.

When it comes to the technicality of this piece, the editing is still shockingly bad and the sound mixing is just not good at all. It’s hard to find words to sum up how bad this show is and I do apologize to those enjoying this one and reading my words.

Are there any worse Korean dramas than this though? If so, please do let us know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review”

  1. I watched half of season 1 and couldn’t continue. Totally agree with your review and thoughts about this show. It’s so bad, and annoys me to no end when it tries to make the affairs appear romantic, and worse, prolonged it which increased the agony of viewers (speaking for myself). I read your reviews for the rest of Season 1, just to see if it gets better and from what I gather, it doesn’t. The writer who is making her comeback seems to have lost her touch – haven’t seen any of her previous works but this drama did not seem to hit the mark. It’s makjang yet tried to make the storyline and relationships appear “sensitive” and “deep”, and failed terribly. Everything is so superficial. At least if it is full makjang, it would have been more acceptable. As it is, the drama is confused on what genre it is. Totally unwatchable (for me).

  2. I love this show I want to know what’s going to happen with the baby I want to know if they’re going to get caught in their cheating but I don’t like is the fact that they put a ghost in here now I can’t look at it what’s up with the dog gone ghost? Let me know what episode The Ghost is going to be gone.

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