Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 13 Recap & Review

Ghost Cake!

Episode 13 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 2 begins with Pi-Young at the golf course with Dong-Mi. Together, they run into Seo-Ban and his brother. It’s a flying visit in truth, one that eventually sees Pi-Young admit outright that she’s divorced now.

Next up, they run into Moon-Ho whom Dong-Mi believes will come running to her. However, he intentionally blanks the woman. In fact, he’s outright cold toward her as a way of showing Ye-Jung that he’s really changed.

Their day goes well until they head home and are faced with Hye-Ryung and Sa-Hyun. The former decides that she’s going to go ahead and divorce her husband. Given Song Won is due in a month or so, Hye-Ryung decides he should be with his child when she gives birth.

Well, Hye-Ryung wants to move out and suggests a villa in an upmarket location to smooth the deal. Sa-Hyun heads over to see Song Won, hugging the girl and admitting that he misses her. He admits that he’s going to get divorced and because of this, they can get together properly.

However, the trio of newly divorced ladies all meet up together for dinner. There, Pi-Young drops the bombshell that she’s now getting divorced. Si-Eun believes she should just sweep it under the rug but Pi-Young is not so sure.

Hye-Ryung helps persuade her as she admits that she’s filing for a divorce. As they sit together, Pi-Young wonders whether they should blame themselves or the men (definitely the men Pi-Young, you’re not to blame for this!)

The girls continue to drink, downing glasses of wine while talking about their unfaithful husbands. Of course, because of this they end up heading home drunk.

In the morning, Pi-Young awakens to find her daughter has gone swimming with Yu-Shin. At the same time, she receives a message from A-Mi telling her they need to talk.

A-Mi and Pi-Young sit together where the former admits that she loves her husband. Pi-Young is livid that this mistress is being so informal with her and calls the girl irresponsible and brazen.

A-Mi then drops the bombshell that Yu-Shin has the hots for Dong-Mi and how she was his first love. Eventually A-Mi does apologize and with tears streaming down her face, admits that she’ll be living in repentance for the rest of her life. She even offers to make her porridge if she’s ill.

When A-Mi eventually does head over to Yu-Shin’s with suitcases full of clothes, Dong-Mi heads in and sees. She’s outraged, especially when A-Mi reveals that she’s going to stay. She even puts on a big show and starts crying hysterically.

Eventually she rings Pi-Young, but she wipes her hands of this and tells them to deal with it themselves. this eventually leads to awkwardness ensuing as Dong-Mi takes great offence to the liberties A-Mi is taking at home. She eventually heads out to the café where she seems to notice ghost Ki-Rim just hanging about eating ghost cake with two girls. a-Mi picks up some cake and heads home herself.

The next morning, Sa-Hyun and Hye-Ryung end up eating breakfast together. As they eat, Hye-Ryung asks Sa-Hyun to invite her over when the baby is born. Hye-Ryung admits she likes the new her and that it’s her fault he got a personal trainer in the first place. Hye-Ryung doesn’t outright admit it’s her fault but you can tell that’s the route she’s going.

As the episode closes, Ga-Bin receives a bouquet of flowers but she’s pretty torn up about it.

The Episode Review

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) returns for another good episode, one that has some unintentionally hilarious moments and a shift in family dynamics across the board. Yu-Shin is quite clearly regretting his actions (check out his expression while hugging A-Mi in the bath!) But he’s made his bed and now has to sleep in it.

There’s been little of Si-Eun but her suggesting Pi-Young get back with her husband and forgive him feels like the wrong move for her character. Thankfully Hye-Ryung comes to the rescue and breaks the news about her own divorce.

Ki-Rim’s inclusion is still utterly pointless while the random horse ride – whether intentional or not – felt like something out a comedy sketch. Especially as the fall occurred off-screen.

However, the drama and pacing is much better now and this second season is definitely stepping it up a gear. After last week’s excellent two-person showcase, this Korean soap continues to deliver the goods, albeit easing up on the quality slightly.

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6 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 13 Recap & Review”

  1. This episode just shows how anyone can just cheat on you even without any reason in my opinion apart from Hye Ryung the other two women didn’t give a reason for their husbands to cheat on them just gave them excuses. In the first episode they were talking about how they should’t give their husbands an excuse to cheat on them i mean Si eun couldn’t keep up looking after herself loosing her youth into caring for her family and job with no complaints and, Hye Ryung even though is still relatively young maintained her beauty but lacked the actual caring of her husband and household duties (yes i know Hye Ryung is career driven woman which i respect and maybe her husband should not expect her to do the household duites all the time but cooking cleaning giving affection in the home is how you show you care for your partner this is pretty normal in Asian culture as well and in all honesty Sa Hyun has shown alot of love for her ) and Pi young did everything she worked hard always dressed up did all the household duties so her husband wouldn’t “lose interest” she made sure she was the the Perfect wife, mother and daughter in law and she deserves that tittle. These women did everything they thought men would appreciate and yet they all cheated just shows you dont need a reason you just do it. Sa Hyun and Hye Ryung situation is slightly different compared to other two i mean i can see why Sa Hyun fell for another woman as he wasn’t being treated well and wanted a more soft hearted kind woman as Hye Ryung honestly does just think of herself and what benefits her.

  2. I have finished watching episode 16 the Finale and I cannot but express my vehement reaction tio the ending – bad scriptwriting! Bad Production!!! a betrayal of an audience that faithfully followed each episode!!! You call THAT an ending!!! Come on!!!! Like you ran out of episodes and just paired off the characters without a by your leave!!! What a waste of audience’s time!!! You just lost me and I will tell all my friends to whom I happily recommended your series to ignore your next production!!! I am sorely pissed off to say the least!!! Love Marriage and Divorce sucks because of the ending!!!


  3. I would love for Si-Eun to be the one for Seo-Ban. I think she deserves a man who can treat her good and show that just because a woman is older it does not make her unlovable. This show really makes your blood boil in alot of situations. I have never seen people so selfish.

  4. Thanks for the recap! A lot happened! Wow! It really like how certain things are wrapping up for instance, Sa Pi Young’s insistence on separating from Yu Shin and Hye-ryeong understanding that it’s better for her to leave Sa-hyun be … But the writer Si-Eun really has my plaudits for still being a compassionate being. I know everyone and a slice of bread wanted Sa Pi Young to dump Yu shin but in situations like these you do sometimes have to think of the kids of marriage. She mentioned Ji-A and also found Hye-ryeong’s now divorce decision okay because Sa-Hyun is expecting a kid. That said, divorces are always good for self-care reasons and if that trumps everything… to each his own.

    I can’t wait for the Dong Mi and Ami dynamic to be revealed more and a possible Seo Ban Love interest!

  5. What a mess this series is still,how could that doctor be seen outside with this nutcase as for the singer guess she will end up with the younger brother WHY glad when this finishes but why only 1 episode now

  6. Well, if we weren’t sure that Ami is emotionally unstable after her hospitalization, then we know now that she’s mentally unhinged! Yes, she’s from America and I guess that’s supposed to explain away some of her behavior but even here in America nobody in their right mind would say the things to a wife (outside Hollywood) that they’ve been cheating with her husband! Not to mention everything she’s saying could possibly make the wife believe that her husband truly is regretful and possibly take him back! (We know he only regrets getting caught which is why he never supported either women during the confrontation because to declare love for Ami means losing his wife and to declare his love for his wife might mean losing his plaything Ami (if she were normal, that is).

    And even if we believed Ami’s behavior with Cougar Mom-in-law is her strategy to eventually win her over, that doesn’t account for her wandering around in a daze before buying that cake.

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