Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 11 Recap & Review

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Episode 11 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 2 begins with Dong-Mi seething, desperate to see A-Mi get her comeuppance. In order to resolve this, Pi-Young demands to see her phone. Dong-Mi however, still can’t get past Yu-Shin cheating. She counteractively compliments Pi-Young, calling her the perfect wife. Well, his perfect wife decides to take Yu-Shin to court when A-Mi refuses to show her phone. She gives up until 10am the following day.

Meanwhile, a woman named Su-Hui arrives in town. She rings Dr Cho and they agree to meet. She’s intent on seeing her daughter – A-Mi! Her English name is Caroline too.

Well, Su-Hui shows up to see A-Mi and encourages her to meet him. When he finally lays eyes on her, he immediately recognizes her as the one having an affair with Yu-Shin. He presses her on this too and finds out the pair are lovers.

Su-Hui is furious and even more so when she finds out there’s a family broken up in all this. Eventually the heat becomes too much for A-Mi and she bolts out.

Meanwhile, Yu-Shin rings Hae-Ryun and asks to meet. If anyone knows what it’s like to cheat and break up a happy family it’s him. In fact, Yu-Shin has the audacity to call him out as the one trying to wreck his home. He has no intentions of divorcing and asks him to use Si-Eun to dissuade Pi-Young from going through with this.

Back at the house Pi-Young admits to Ji-A that Yu-Shin is staying away for a bit. Well, he’s off with Si-Eun and asks her for help. It doesn’t last long though, as A-Mi’s parents show up and demand an audience.

It turns out Yu-Shin isn’t going to break up with A-Mi yet as she’s psychologically unstable and has been hurting herself. Basically, A-Mi is manipulating him. When he sees Dong-Mi later on though, her words are enough to encourage Yu-Shin to break up with A-Mi in the near future. That’s easier said than done though given she sees all of this as fate.

Elsewhere, Ki-Rim goes for a ghost swim. He notices that same girl from before and watches her from under the water. It’s incredibly creepy. There’s also a subplot here involving Moon-Ho buying new rings too but it’s pushed aside for the big finale. Within this, Pi-Young waits for Yu-Shin at the morning buffet.

The Episode Review

After last week’s dramatic episode, f Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) keeps that momentum going for an episode that sees A-Mi receive the brunt of abuse on all sides. And why shouldn’t she? She has no remorse for her actions and worse, she actively resents Ji-A in all this after her comments about divorce. She’s desperate for Yu-Shin to break up with Pi-Young and worse, is essentially using suicide and physical harm as a crux to keep him tied to her.

Elsewhere, Yu-Shin lashes out and tries to find someone else to blame while Si-Eun and Hae-Ryun at least get something to do this week.

Speaking of which, this show has had a real problem balancing out all the different stories, while the ghost antics with Ki-Rim is beyond stupid now. What is the point in this? Anyway, the episode ends with a promising sign of things to come as this second season finally looks like it’s up and running again.

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4 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 11 Recap & Review”

  1. Yu Shin is a certified psychopath. I think he’d kill to prove he’s right. I can’t stand his face now.

    And A-Mi should change her name to “A-Duh”. Who’s that goofy and stupid over a man? I bet he wouldn’t get a drink thrown in his face, his hair pulled, and humiliated on your behalf. Gross.t

  2. A-Mi did say she would go at all cost to get him. Hi-Shin kept changing the timeline when they could be together. First he said 2 years in another episode tben 3 years then 2 years then 5 years. I think he’s just placating her so she doesn’t go off the deep end. Who would hang on for 5 years? It sounds like he’s hoping within that time she will have moved on to find someone. He’s good with excuses all around and it’s hard to tell who’s he’s genuine with his feelings to.

  3. Concordo pienamente con il pensiero del signore Jeanne Watson 👍😊…non riesco a capire perché non vuole divorziare e stare con A-mi dato che gli piace tanto ? Non credo perché ami sua moglie anche se in tutta la puntata lo ha detto praticamente a tutti 🤔 perché divorziando perderebbe troppi soldi , danneggia il suo lavoro ? Non capisco ….

  4. I just wanted to say that A-Mi did not use suicide tactics to keep Yu Shin tied to her. This is why Yu Shin is scary….when she was admitted, the doctor that presented the case said that the wound on her hand did not seem like a wound from a suicide attempt (Yu Shin asked if the wound was not on her wrist, and the doctor said no, it was her hand). Yu Shin lies to A-Mi to keep her by his side, and lies to everyone else to make it like he has nothing to do with it. But the lie to her parents gave me chills. He didn’t want to be forced to end it with her, so he twisted the truth to dissuade them from pushing her to break up with him. He doesn’t care that the relationship is toxic to A-Mi and wants her to continue to cling to him.

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