Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Finally, Some Drama!

Episode 10 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 2 begins with Sa-Hyun believing he and Song Won should go to a fortune teller to try and sort their relationship out. Song Won is not so sure and implores him to stop. She retorts back that seeing a teller could actually lead to bad luck. For now, she wants them to stay separate.

Meanwhile, Pi-Young is still voiceless while Hye-Ryung is speechless after watching Dong-Mi getting handy with Yu-Shin. Anyway, the funeral eventually comes to an end after everyone pays their respects. Pi-Young finds herself imagining Yu-Shin packing his bags and leaving – a nice bit of foreshadowing for later on.

Pi-Young continues to act coldly toward Yu-Shin though, refusing to speak to her husband. She continues to ignore him, even when he asks her to message as they part ways. She blanks him completely and bids the rest of the family goodnight.

That evening, Seo-Hyang comes back as a ghost. Pi-Young can see her too but it’s only a temporary thing. Pi-Young can also talk too now, although the ghost just disappears when she stands up. Unable to stick around at the house, Pi-Young decides to leave.

In the morning, Dong-Mi reads a letter from Pi-Young, admitting that she’s leaving for the time being. Dong-Mi can cook for Ji-A.

Pi-Young, as it turns out, is intent on visiting A-Mi. After a failed visit to the hospital, she eventually mopes around at home. An unaware Dong-Mi encourages her, admitting that things get easier over time. Well, she heads out and pick up some forms for filing a divorce.

Sa-Hyun continues to pedal the idea of a fortune teller, convinced that he and Song Won are meant to be together. He speaks to his parents about this and contemplates getting a divorce with Hye-Ryung again. Instead, his parents meet with Song-Won and hand her some allowance.

When Yu-Shin heads home later than day, he tries to hug Pi-Young but she pushes him away. She immediately tells him she’s going to send Ji-A away to study. She’s going to quit her job and take her too, away from Yu-Shin.

Finally they get out to the car, where Pi-Young tells him to drive over to A-Mi’s address. Yu-Shin is shocked and refuses to do so, leading her to show the divorce papers. Yu-Shin claims this is just “something minor” as Pi-Young is outraged that he’s reacting to cheating like this. Instead, she wants to see just how strong Yu-Shin and A-Mi’s bond is. Yu-Shin however, continues to pedal the fact they “only went on a few dates.”

Pi-Young messages A-Mi from his phone and realizes her husband is deleting messages as they come in from her. As they show up, A-Mi is wearing a towel and obviously shocked when she sees Pi-Young and Yu-Shin standing there.

A-Mi outright admits that she’s in love with Yu-Shin, which inevitably prompts Pi-Young to realize her husband is too. Only, he’s too much of a coward to actually say it out loud. She also learns there’s a 16 year difference between the homewrecker and Yu-Shin. After learning how many gifts he’s got her, Pi-Young has heard enough. She’s going to divorce him for good.

Yu-Shin tries to follow his wife out but she curses him out. Speaking of curses though, in the middle of all this creepy Ki-Rim ghosts his way into a swimming pool and starts ogling over some young woman lying on a sunbed. Ugh, what a perv.

At home, Pi-Young breaks the news about Yu-Shin’s mistress and the divorce to Dong-Mi. Pi-Young is going to raise Ji-A from now on, although she reveals part of A-Mi’s address to Dong-Mi. She’s obviously torn up because she want a piece of Yu-Shin too.

Well, they don’t have to wait for long as A-Mi and Yu-Shin both show up together. Dong-Mi immediately throws herself at A-Mi before slapping Yu-Shin in the face. Yu-Shin claims this is a “misunderstanding” and asks her to hear them out.

A-Mi lies and claims she doesn’t love him and that their relationship is more brother/sister. I mean, if we’re talking incestuous siblings like Jaime and Cersei Lannister then yes, they are. Well, Pi-Young decides to call out what she’s saved his number as but she refuses to do so. Dong-Mi has heard enough and splashes a drink in A-Mi’s face. Personally, I would have gone for golden syrup but there we go. Anyway, Dong-Mi next grabs the bottle and looks set to smash it over her head… as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Finally, some drama! Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) rocks out one of its best episodes, although I must admit I thought it was all going to be a vision multiple times. This is what happens when you have a show that fake-outs these confrontations so much, you tend to doubt whether what you’re watching is even real.

Well, it seems like it is and boy does Pi-Young go in hard on her slimy husband. A-Mi gets the full brunt of this too, although personally I think Hae-Ryun has got off lightly. The fact that he’s playing happy families right now annoys me more than I care to admit in this recap.

At the same time, the series continues to pedal these useless subplots alongside this storyline. There’s now two ghosts too, although Pi-Young can see hers but no one can see Ki-Rim. Is there a different level of ghostiness do you think? Who knows, I doubt this show will have the panache to actually tell us.

Thankfully Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)  leans into the drama this time around and that’s at least made the long wait this season worth it for this. Hopefully we’ll get extra drama next week – or we’ll find out it’s all been one big vision. We shall see!

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8 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Review”

  1. This show is so binge-worthy, I really can’t get enough of it. I’ve rewatched certain scenes multiple times. I’M SOLD! I think you might need to be in a particular demographic and in a love relationship to appreciate all of the emotions and nuances in this. As a MARRIED mid-thirties family lawyer and writer myself, I’ve done a couple of divorce cases and this show is far more realistic about the complications of male-female love than most k-dramas have ever been. I am surrounded with real-life situations like this drama more than I would like to admit… It’s almost a forgone conclusion for the wealthy, married, high-octane professional men (professors, lawyers & doctors exactly, haha) in my part of the world, to have a wife… AND a mistress to boot… It is such a grimy open secret here that I’m impressed a ‘’K-Drama’’ actually decided to go there… the temptations, the emotional affairs, the attempted affairs, the actual affairs, the illegitimate children and the divorces… I really love the soap-opera-y feel… And of course, the typical culture of the people is not a thing to be trifled with.

    All those ‘Fake outs’ are realistic to me tbh cos many times I’ve wanted to go all ‘dramatic’ with my true feelings (and even played it all out in my head in the moment…) but the next minute, I feel myself acting more subdued because this is ‘real’ mundane life! The slow burn pace of the drama is fine by me. All the confrontations by the wives and mistresses have been well-played to me too with all the women’s personalities being fully brought to bear in their reactions.

    Where I’m from, ‘Married men’ are actually seen as the most ‘attractive’ of the male species because they were sensitive, thoughtful and responsible enough to want a long-term commitment and ‘Married Women’ are the least desirable because someone has put them on ‘lock’ with a ring, a house and babies.

    I never expected to find a show so relatable and yet here we are. I find it hard to judge anyone. As a lawyer first, but also because…. All the characters have likable qualities. Personally I appreciate the writing. It’s nuanced and layered and drumming home the innumerable failings of humanity when it comes to the pursuit of love and happiness; We can be selfish.

    Look at all the questions and the possibilities…
    Are all the scheming men gonna receive their comeuppance? Could any of the wives have done anything at all to prevent their men going astray? Could the mistresses have reigned their selfish emotions in a bit more?

    It takes two to tango… which of the three main couples sounded the death knell to their own marriage? I could go on and on and even chip in some of my own experiences since i have seen every single thing happening in this drama (except the ghost-y stuff) with my own two eyes before… In real life.

    I hope it all ends as a good cautionary tale like Unfaithful starring Diane Lane, Richard Gere and Oliver Martinez did a couple of decades ago…

  2. At the end of the day…after watching 16 episodes of Season2…majority of the viewers would love to see the homewreckers suffer and the cheating husbands pay for their betrayals…so we hope the screenwriter will not dissapoint us….

  3. I would love to see some revenge for the wives. Why should these cheaters & homewreckers blissfully dance off to rebuild their lives ? If it was me I would send information about the affair to a well known gossip tabloid & sit back to watch how that whiny, trampy little homewrecker sees her career get derailed…this would also affect Yusin’s poasition at the hospital. I don’t think hospital boards look kindly or accept a prominent doctor carrying on an illicite relationship with a patient. Information about an extra marital affair would also damage the professor’s positioon & possibly his little young love toy.The lawyer & parents should wind up being scammed by his love interest. We want to see the cheaters & mistresses experience the kind of pain & devastation that the wives experienced. I hope karma comes down on them in full force….their arrogance & ignorance so far has been appalling. They should have their own club called Cheaters Anonymous.

  4. Each episode is so predicable..but I am happy Pi Young confronted her soon to be ex husband with his unfaithfulness.The mother in law is hilarious with her anger…

  5. Thanks, Greg, for being so prompt at recapping. Having watched this episode just before reading your recap, I found that I had missed a couple of points raised in your recap; this confirms your recaps’ usefulness for people who have missed the episode as well as for those who have watched it.

    In this episode, I particularly like the fact that the proud and confident 30-something Hye-Ryung has been clearly interested in two men: Engineer Seo Ban, and his younger half-brother (the good-looking lady-killer), but neither of them seems interested in her.

    There is also a hint that Hae-Ryun, the cheating professor, may soon meet with disappointment, as his musical actress fiancee admits to A Mi that she is having second thoughts about something (could it be their coming marriage? 🙂

  6. Finalmente Yu-shin è stato scoperto , non ne potevo più di vederlo sereno con la sua amante !! Lo schiaffo dato da Dong-mi a Yu-shin è stato grandioso 😂😂 ( anche se per la sua gelosia non per Pi-young 🙁 ) comunque tra lo schiaffo e tirare i capelli ad Ami è l’ unica momento in cui Dong-mi mi è piaciuta tantissimo 🎉 !!! Lui è proprio un bastardo , vuole prendere tempo prima di divorziare per sistemare le cose a suo favore 🤮 e poi andare dal amante ….che stronzo !!!! Speriamo che Pi-young gli renda la vita davvero , davvero difficile !!! E ora aspetto con ansia la rovina della coppia Hae-ryung e Gae-bin !!! Lui lo detesto , mi fa proprio incazzare quando lo vedo ….ormai mancano solo 6 puntate x portare un po’ di giustizia in questo drama ….sperando che non gli venga in mente di fare un altra stagione 😅 .
    Grazie mille per il lavoro che fai 👍☺️

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