Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

10 Months Ago

Episode 9 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) begins on the plane as our trio of mistresses are all sat behind Yu-Shin. He locks eyes with the girl behind, A-Mi, who claims to be his old patient.

We then jump back 10 months prior as we see him on a similar flight with her, this time sat next to the girl. She tries to step over his legs to head to the toilet while he’s asleep but she slips, in a hilariously over the top segment that sees her fall to the floor with a cut elbow and knee.

After helping to patch her up, the two begin talking on the flight. A-Mi mentions how she’s visited several different countries in the past.

The pair talk about eating etiquette, and both eat an apple as Yu-Shin thinks about kissing the girl. He doesn’t, but the thought definitely crosses his mind.

While they sit together, he helps massage her hands as they talk about their ages. It’s here we learn that their age difference is 16 years. Yu-Shin tells her he’s married and talks about the ring, how he’s not allowed to wear it when he leaves as it went missing in the past.

Their talk is an innocent one, at least to begin with, as Yu-Shin hands her his business card and realizes they’re both heading in the same direction when their flight lands.

Yu-Shin offers to drive her home and lets A-Mi nap, eventually making it to a wine bar where he sits with the girl and has a drink.

In the bathroom he rings Pi-Young and tells her he’s run into a friend from middle school and will be home late. As they sit together, he orders another glass of wine as they both decide to drop honorifics.

In a taxi on the way home, Yu-Shin puts his phone on flight mode as A-Mi rests her head on his shoulder.

Yu-Shin offers to pay for A-Mi’s cab fare too, and even takes out her suitcases. They head back to her apartment where he exhibits concerns and wants to make sure she’s okay.

After setting her thermostat, he gives her some rules to remember and hugs him goodbye. He thinks about what to do next and eventually settles on a cool “text me” instead.

Yu-Shin eventually heads home but his daughter is disappointed when he doesn’t bring a gift back for her. Ji-A is not best pleased with him but Yu-Shin gives her an important life lesson about happiness and the nature of using money responsibility. Ji-A forces a smile as she then holds her hands out and asks for money instead.

Meanwhile, still in our 10-month-back timeline (although we’re not told so it is quite confusing), Dong-Mi watches TV and believes that her husband may have heart disease, which is a complication of diabetes.

Elsewhere, Hye-Ryung and Sa-Hyun continue to experience fractures in their marriage as Hye-Ryung nags her husband, telling him he needs to lose weight and he should take care of himself.

She tells him matter-of-factly that he needs to have “good software and hardware” while Sa-Hyun continues to tickle and wind up his wife.

In fact, she’s deadly serious with this statement. In the morning, Sa-Hyun finds all the rice gone from the cooker.

At the restaurant he visits, Sa-Hyun eats a pretty fatty meal, as a muscly man watches him eat disapprovingly. Sa-Hyun asks him where he works out, gaining the reply “River Park Fitness.” The man advises Sa-Hyun that he needs a good trainer.

At the gym, he gawks at a woman working on a machine, staring at her backside as she squats. Sa-Hyun finds himself constantly thinking about her when he gets home too.

Hye-Ryung and Pi-Young had out and talk to Shi-Eun, still in the past remember, giving her words of encouragement for the radio broadcast.

When Shi-Eun heads home, it happens to be Hye-Ryung’s birthday and he forces a smile in the wake of the celebrations. She buys him a car though, which certainly surprises him, as Shi-Eun tells him he deserves a good car.

Out at the bar, Hye-Ryung drinks heavily with the other girls. She spies Seo Ban across the bar and eventually stumbles over to talk to him in her drunken state.

Given he’s the executive manager, she’s pretty forward until Sa-Hyun shows up to take her home. With the bill already paid, Seo-Ban looks to leave but runs into Ga-Bin at the stairwell. As they stare one another down, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Love (ft Marriage and Divorce) bows out this week’s Saturday episode with another poorly edited episode, sending us back through time to fill in the blanks over what’s been happening with our different mistresses.

It’s now clear that Seo-Ban is – or was – romantically linked with Ga-Bin while the encounters with A-Mi and Song-Won still seem to be by chance at this time.

The biggest problem with this episode though comes from the editing, which continues to hold this show back. Scenes are cut in a really sporadic and haphazard way, with background music abruptly cut off or scenes cut too soon or too late, ruining the pacing of what’s otherwise pretty .

With the changed focus to that of the three new women, there are also some scenes in here that really don’t need to be shown, like the incidents involving Dong-Mi, whom we already know was unhappy with husband.

Still, we march on and given the high ratings for this series, it’s undoubtedly finding an audience.

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2 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review”

  1. Ben’s review is spot on. The stereotypes of the different, yet all horrible men and the different, yet forsaken women made me so uncomfortable that I really disliked watching. And what is the purpose of Sei Ban’s role? Just another mail who is a creep, but at least keeps it to himself? The script writers were all over the place and what was with that ending? What is it meant that a Season 2 was to be expected? I personally watch a lot of Korean and Asian shows which I totally enjoy due to their originality. I no longer can stomach increased violence and overt sexuality of most US shows so these offer a great alternative. However much this might reflect the nature of a strongly dominant Korean male structure, it was still terrible to watch.

  2. Not worth watching, any of it, typical Korean drama, women victims men scum, I mean these men make me feel bad that I am a man, but these stupid women make it even more distasteful. They are weak, managed, and play the victim roles that are burdensome. I love the psychiatrist, this guy is a real sociopath, I mean he the poster boy for scum, but butter would not Melt in his mouth. And that poor June Cleaver of a wife of his, she’s just pathetic. This guy must believe in psychoanalysis, because he has real mommy issues. As a shrink myself I’m fascinated how the developed this truly vial character! This is ment for the Korean market where women are second class citizens and not worth of happiness, I hope Americans are repelled by such misogynistic programing, I feel like we have gone back in time! This is an awful program.

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