Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Motherly Love

Episode 6 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) begins with Yu-Shin checking in on Dong-Mi who’s still in the bath after her restless evening. She claims not to be able to move and frets about the time she spent listening to music with Ki-Rim. Yu-Shin talks to her about his past and how he has always seen Dong-Mi as a sister rather than a Mother.

The Chairman of Signal Company sends over some oriental medicine. He suggests they head out and play golf together, as Dong-Mi reads between the lines and realizes that he still has feelings for her. Well, for now Yu-Shin rings through to the clinic and asks for the medicine to be tested. Moon-Ho meanwhile, awaits a text from Dong-Mi. Ye-Jung warns that there’s something shifty about her but Moon-Ho refuses to listen.

Anyway, Yu-Shin eventually drives off with Dong-Mi, deciding to go somewhere far away. Well, they go out for a walk together, Yu-Shin tells her she was the only girl in his dreams in the past. I don’t know about you guys but this pairing does seem a bit creepy. Anyway, they eventually walk off together and eat ice-cream, snapping photos and having a good time.

The three leading ladies of this drama head out for drinks. They discuss first loves and the sudden death in the family. As the attention turns to Shi-Eun and her husband, we suddenly – and abruptly – cut across to Hae-Ryun heading out somewhere with a package. And then we’re back with the ladies. Hye-Ryung outright states that Shi-Eun and Pi-Young’s husbands are both cheating. Shi-Eun fights back and sticks up for her partner, but still, lingering thoughts continue.

Shi-Eun heads home and cooks dinner for all the hungry kids that have arrived for Woo-Ram’s party. Hae-Ryun shows up drunk later that evening though as Shi-Eun fusses over him. He mentions how it’s not right to be with the same person your entire life and eventually admits that he’s seeing someone. And now we get a real taste of deja vu.

Just like Hye-Ryung’s questioning last episode, Shi-Eun does the exact same thing as she demands details on his mistress. She wants to see the other woman and demands to know who she is. Hae-Ryun refuses to talk though, instead excusing these similar story lines across this k-drama by claiming many married couples go through this exact same thing.

Well, Shi-Eun does her best to smile through the pain, cooking for Woo-Ram and his friends before starting round 2 with Hae-Ryun. She asks him not to say her name any more and to keep the affair a secret. For the sake of their children, they decide to lie and keep everything as it is, on the surface anyway.

Meanwhile, Hye-Ryung heads up to visit Moon-Ho and tells them she’s made her decision. She going to accept everything and even try to have a baby with Sa-Hyun too. She doesn’t want to sign the divorce papers, turning both Moon-Ho and Ye-Jung against their son. They tell him to clean up this mess and break up with his mistress. This, it turns out, is the long game that Hye-Ryung has planned, deciding to exact her revenge over a long stretch of time.

After their conversation, Sa-Hyun charges out and invites his parents out to a cafe. It’s no good though, despite him trying to play the grandson card, they continue to tell him to break up with his mistress. They claim fate brought him and Hye-Ryung together and tell him to keep the marriage going.

Pi-Young makes a big choice and drops off little Ji-A at Seo-Hyang’s place. Back home, Yu-Shin returns and mentions how he made a promise to Ki-Rim that he’d look after Dong-Mi if he passed away. That’s why he’s been so attentive with his Mother all this time. While they talk, Sa-Hyun tells Hye-Ryung that she needs some time to think.

In the morning, Hyang-Ki starts to suspect something is going on with her parents. She phones her Father and asks to meet at Banpo Park. As she does, we cut back slightly to show a flashback. Hyang-Ki saw her father in his car with another woman. Quite who though, remains to be seen.

The Episode Review

Aside from Shi-Eun, are there any redeeming characters in this Korean drama? Between Hye-Ryung who’s having a child to spite her husband and keep him trapped in this loveless marriage, to Pi-Young’s hostile resentment toward her Mother, the leading ladies are a bit of a mixed bag of toxicity. The males however, are given far worse treatment.

All the men seem to be cheaters with Yu-Shin’s relationship toward Dong-Mi bordering on creepy at times. Maybe it’s something lost in translation but telling his Mother she’s the only girl in his dreams feels a bit off, especially her reaction to this as well.

Of course, I’ve mentioned the editing before so I won’t go into that again but the actual story really isn’t doing a lot to bring in anyone on the fence over this one. The conversation between Shi-Eun and Hae-Ryun felt like a serious case of deja vu, especially on the back of Hye-Ryung’s chat with her husband last episode.

Still, we’ll have to wait and see where this one goes over the weeks but so far Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) isn’t exactly an inspiring watch.

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  1. All the while i thought Yu-Shin was the ideal husband among the three.. if it turns out the way that Yu-Shin falls for his step mom? It’s the worst there could ever be. Telling her step mom, she’s the only girl of his dreams? That’s not only weird, it’s gross!

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