Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Who Is She?!

Episode 3 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) begins with Hye-Ryeong searching through her newlywed’s secret phone, ringing the number he’s been frequently dialing.

When he snatches the phone back, she asks whether Sa-Hyun’s cheating but his silence speaks volumes. Eventually they head back inside and he reveals that he is. Hye-Ryeong is beside herself with anger, demanding to know who she is. Hye-Ryeong beats him down with a pillow until he winds up with a bloodied nose. Trying to cover his tracks, Sa-Hyun destroys his sim card and throws the phone in a sink full of water.

Hye-Ryeong heads back to see Sa-Hyun’s parents, sitting with them and breaking the news that their son is having an affair. After hiding his golf clubs, they prepare for his arrival. While they do, Moon-Ho and Ye-Jung contemplate who Sa-Hyun’s lover could be. Here, the music is so tonally disjointed as the scene makes a comedic situation out of Hye-Ryeong’s woes.

Anyway, it’s a brief instance and Sa-Hyun eventually shows up to face the music. While he sits, answering questions with a simple yes and no, he eventually agrees to a divorce if Hye-Ryeong asks him.

With tears streaming down her face, Hye-Ryeong learns that Sa-Hyun is in love with this woman. As Hye-Ryeong gets up to leave, Sa-Hyun hurries after her and the pair head home.

Meanwhile, Pi-Young agrees to meet her two new friends, Ga-Bin and A-Min, for lunch. Before that though, Dong-Mi phones through and asks her and Yu-Shin to head over for a bit. They’re living the high life, at least for now, as the pair discuss their future together and what will happen when little Ji-A gets older.

Well the next day they receive a call from Sa-Hyun who asks where Hye-Ryeong is. She hasn’t heard from her but that doesn’t stop them from arriving to play golf. Only, Moon-Ho and Ye-Jung happen to be there too.

The former spots Dong-Mi on the table across from them and approaches her. It turns out they were friends back at their hometown. Pleasantries ensue, as he introduces her to Ye-Jung, but these soon turn sour when Ye-Jung begins doubting her husband’s integrity and whether he likes Dong-Mi romantically.

Well, another couple that most certainly don’t have a future is Si-Eun and Hae-Ryun. The latter heads in to see a doctor who happens to know who his twin is. Unfortunately he’s dismayed to learn he died some time ago.

When Hae-Ryun returns home, Hyang-Ki stops him and talks to her Father  about their family unit. Specifically, she mentions how heartbroken she feels over the situation and promises that she’s not going to turn her back on him. Regardless of how bad things get, she and U-Ram will be there.

While Hae-Ryun takes leave and cries in his room, the kids hand over a present for their Mother. Si-Eun tries her clothes on as they tell her to wear it often.

Hye-Ryeong eventually sits with Sa-Hyun and confirms that she’ll allow him to have a divorce… if he lets her see the woman for himself. She promises not to hurt her but wants to know exactly who this woman is. Well, her Mother-in-law heads over before that to try and talk her out of this but Hye-Ryeong is adamant this is what she wants to do.

Meanwhile, we find out the real reason why Mo Seo-Hyang has been so desperate to see Ji-A and the others. It turns out she’s terminally ill but she hasn’t told anyone else this; it’s a simple scene we cut to while she sits at home in contemplative thought, making Pi-Young’s actions look even worse than they did originally.

As our three couples prepare for bed, Hae-Ryun calls Si-Eun a great woman as she suggests they try to at least live in a harmonious house. Hye-Ryeong meanwhile is in no mood for harmony as she fills a bowl of water and looks set to throw it on Sa-Hyun.

The Episode Review

Tonally, this episode feels all over the place. The comedic, mischievous tones under some of the more serious dialogue feels completely disjointed while every storyline seems to be following the same thread of husbands cheating and divorcing which makes things feel… bland.

I’m loathe to use that word though as I know the production crew and team are doing a great job – the costume design in particular is excellent – but the stories just feel way too similar.

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) isn’t necessarily a bad show but it also feels like a series in desperate need of a kick from somewhere. At the moment it feels like watered down soju; it loses that initial kick a more potent shot gives.

Unless the purpose here is to show how ladies of different ages deal with divorce in a sort of slice-of-life fashion, I’m not quite sure where this show’s unique hook is coming from.

This show is also not helped by the editing either which makes it needlessly confusing over whether we’re in the present or past timelines.

With all that in mind, there’s just enough here to stick with for the time being though, and the punchier 65 minute run-time is definitely an improvement. Let’s hope this show kicks it up a gear in the weeks to come!

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