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Baiting For Season 2

Episode 16 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) begins with Hae-Ryun and Ga-Bin discussing who they find attractive and their ideal partner. Hae-Ryun tells her that it’s simply someone he finds kind and happy. This brings Ga-Bin to the idea of happiness coming naturally.

Hae-Ryun is conflicted, thinking over Shi-Eun’s injured wrists and how hard she works for him. Just like that though, Ga-Bin comes out and asks if he can stay the night and hold her. She then goes on to mention how there are only 2 reasons why people laugh – to hide something or finding something funny.

There’s also a third reason too, and that comes from wasting hours watching this train-wreck unfold. Anyway, I digress. After that night, Ga-Bin decides to hand in her resignation and quit at the end of the semester.

Shi-Eun begins to worry about her age, especially after being around the other girls from the radio station. Well, Seo Dan shows up to the group dinner and lavishes praise on the girls. The trio ask him outright if he’s dating, but it turns out he doesn’t see the point.

Yu-Shin meets A-Mi and juggles seeing her with Pi-Young. At the same time, Dong-Mi dreams of killing her husband. When she awakens, Yu-Shin heads over with cosmetics for his Step Mum, savoring a kiss on the cheek that she gives him.

After, he prepares to head off with A-Mi but learns that her Mother is in town, forcing her to cancel. This ultimately leads him to reschedule but spin the hotel reservation as a gift with Pi-Young instead.

Meanwhile, Sa-Hyun rings Song Won and learns that she’s by the sea. Deciding to visit her personally, he heads up to the same hotel and waits for her outside. Sensing that he’s upset, the pair eat before walking up the beach together. There, Sa-Hyun decides he should break things off with Hye-Ryung.

He’s determined to divorce her but Song Won encourages him not to. In fact, she tells him to head upstairs for a cup of tea first. There, Song-Won does her best to argue against him leaving Hye-Ryung. Sa-Hyun is adamant that this is the right thing to do though.

However, in order to dissuade him she wants him to see the real her. That includes *check notes* undressing and sleeping with Sa-Hyun. Anyway, as romantic music kicks in, this suddenly cuts to Hye-Ryung on the drums, deciding too that she’s going to end the marriage. However, she receives a call from her Father. He’s been diagnosed with cancer.

Well, that comes to a crushing blow in the morning when Sa-Hyun learns this news. However, he’s too preoccupied with Song Won, who’s decided to blank him completely and not message anymore.

Hae-Ryun meets Ga-Bin again where she admits that she’s done with bad boys. She wants someone kind – and that someone is Hae-Ryun. He heads over to hers and sleeps with her – right on Hyang-Ki’s birthday.

As the episode closes out, we cut to Jo Woong, a character we’ve spent very little time with, spooked by his ex returning. It turns out he has a daughter he never knew about… and that daughter is A-Mi! As the season closes, we cut to a montage followed by the words: “Please look forward to season 2, it will exceed your expectations.” I don’t know about you guys but that remains to be seen.

The Episode Review

Well that was a monumental waste of time. Having spent 16 hours+ on this draggy, underwhelming slice of life slog, Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) bows out with a promise that the next season will exceed expectations.

Given how this has played out, that bar has been set so low that if it was any lower the Earth’s core would melt it. There’s just no storyline here at all. Everything has been dragged out to unbelievable lengths; the flashbacks have completely killed any momentum and the entire time you find yourself desperate to get back to the present timeline to see if anything is going to improve.

The editing throughout has been terrible and this has now been accompanied by half the actors looking as fed up as we are at having to wait for something exciting to happen. Having said that though, this show has broken records for TVChosun in Korea so it’s definitely doing something right.

From this evidence though, it seems like that’s more to do with sunk cost fallacy than anything else. Hopefully season 2 actually does something a bit more unique and interesting because this has easily been one of the worst K-dramas in recent memory. In fact, this may well go down as one of the worst TV shows this year.

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28 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Episode 16 (Finale) Recap & Review”

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  2. Disappointed with last episode , For me as if I was a passenger enjoying the bus ride but the driver did not feel like continuing the trip so myself as a viewer was dropped off & was left 😞🤔.Just wondering if those good 👍 actors & actresses were aware or were informed that they will be dropped off in Lala land as ending…Felt bad for you.

  3. What’s it with the neuropsychiatric doctor and his first love step mother? Any sexual attractions? I don’t seem to get it.. someone please help

  4. I do not know other what feel but all 3 wife have theirs part of guilt. The doctors wife want to proof her mother made a wrong decision and her desire to be a good wife is a compromise do it for selfish reason, to be awarded, in a way is similar with her mother in law, exception is her goal is a perfect marriage. The writer, neglect her husband reasonable desire, took all responsibility from early days of marriage to her shoulder but forget to be a women. And the lawyer wife is just a spoiled bitch. Maybe he seems a child but his values are much mature. He respect his elders, and have a kind heart.
    I will like very much to end with the other women and be happy. And what I like about this drama is the mistress are all kind and heartfelt souls, aren’t cold looking for money or marriage. They are just want love.

  5. Ho riscontrato il desiderio di stroncare la Serie, a un certo punto mi veniva da scrivere: ma non sei obbligato a guardarla!
    E ho riscontrato tantissimo moralismo nei commenti.
    Moralismo a palate, da parte dei commentatori. Perché uno sceneggiato dovrebbe ispirare il “come dovrebbero essere le cose”?
    Il vero cinema è quello che riflette sulla realtà.
    Un film, uno sceneggiato, non deve necessariamente essere una predica o una filosofia su morale e famiglia.
    Un film, uno sceneggiato, non hanno necessariamente una storia lineare… Anzi!
    Questa serie è la storia di 3 coppie, di 3 famiglie, di 3 amanti, di una città, di uno spettacolo radiofonico, di una società con i suoi costumi e abitudini e cicina.
    Di come si intrecciano desideri e casualità sino a creare dubbi, risentimenti, riflessioni sulla propria vita e le scelte fatte.
    La banalità dalla quale è nato il matrimonio fra due giovani e la rabbia che manifestano.
    La realistica descrizione della coppia che si è conosciuta 31 anni prima.
    La destrezza con cui spesso uomini e donne manipolano la propria famiglia mettendola al centro, senza però sacrificare gli istinti, alla scoperta di altre storie e relazioni.
    Persiso Kim Dong-mi… Quanto rancore brucia nelle storie di coppie che portano poi alla morte di uno o dell’altra? Non solo con il coltello. La conoscete la storia dell’acqua tofana nel XVII secolo europeo?
    Si, aspetto la seconda serie con la stessa abilità di attori, regia, sceneggiatura.

  6. @Halina Gluchow “Un grande numero Non sono d’accordo con gli ultimi 2 commenti. Questa serie per me è stata episodi di apprendimento della vita sull’amore e il matrimonio e le diverse situazioni che accadono lungo questo viaggio. Il fatto che ci fossero diversi gruppi di età presentati mi ha dato pensieri su cui riflettere. Quando sei giovane e innamorato non è la stessa cosa che essere più vecchio. Mi è piaciuto il fatto che mostrassero una donna anziana con un uomo più giovane e che l’età non fosse un problema per loro. Lo status di Mr. Seo è un’altra opzione per la vita, e suo fratello che non vuole stabilirsi ma vuole giocare in campo. Non è il mondo così ?? So che una differenza di età in Corea del Sud è disapprovata, ma questa serie ha presentato la coppia in una luce realistica. Yu-sin l’ipocrita tra 2 donne, è certamente un altro tipo che esiste: il ragazzo di bell’aspetto che riesce a farla franca con tutto.
    Non vedo l’ora che arrivi la seconda stagione per vedere come finiranno queste relazioni. E c’era abbastanza azione per questo tipo di serie !!!”

    Completamente d’accordo con te.

  7. Season 2? Well, that’s SOMETHING , at least! The finale, episode 16, was mislabeled. Should have been “To be continued”. In the beginning I was quite drawn by the storyline, but 3 women soon evolved to biggest unsupported cast of characters who didn’t lend much to the story, a confusing tangle of flashbacks, no redeeming qualities for the professor and the psychiatrist, and a desperate wish the young lawyer would grow up and take charge of his life. No situations were resolved at the end of episode 16, and no indication this was not the end of the story. Kind of like falling off a cliff.
    just tighten it up!

  8. I have no comments and never watched the show…the screenwriters plots have always been nonsensical gibberish yet somehow popular due to her overabundant use of makjang. I wouldnt trust it to get better.
    Also as a person… whether she murdered her husband or not, she is shady. She at least rewrote her dead husbands will and hid all the evidence. She literally hid her husbands death from their work and his own damn family for nearly a month. And performed the funeral in secret. Heck she even told his parents it was a heart attack but it turned out to be suicide. His family, his workplace found this all out 3 weeks after the fact.
    Secret funerals. Lying about his mode of death. That screenwriter has something to hide and i wouldnt watch a drama she wrote… like hell nah.

    Give me sugar fairy over there any day even if her stuff in entertaining.

  9. Train wreck de ems a little harsh! But then again, I’m only here to watch Lee Tae Gon! He is extremely handsome. ❤️

  10. I am not sure why I am so impacted by this drama but have to say I have done a lot of thinking during the last few episodes. On reflection, I do not put much after-thought to those dramas that give me a comfortable feeling once the ending credits finish. This generally will be with the MLs ending up together, a satisfying revenge scene or the one main lead moves on with self growth etc. These are the storylines I am drawn to and hence avoid a number of dramas Jdrama and Cdrama where the ending is sad.
    I skimmed the last seven episodes as had a hard time watching the roll out of the three cheat storylines. I have no personal experience with cheating but have found this show very hard to watch. I originally waited each week for the episodes to drop right up to when the flashbacks kicked in. I have now spent more hours on this and other forums than actually watching the drama!

    I grew very attached, warts and all, to the three main characters; the three wives who have yet to be really fleshed out. I am thinking it may be just hard to watch, in slow motion, the upcoming train wrecks and can not fathom how these three husbands, regardless of their individual wants and needs, can sit every day for 10 months with their false faces eating, sleeping, giving moral speeches, day in day out, with their wives and families. There does not seem to be any guilt at all.

    I have really tried to reframe my approach, to take it lightly and find comedy in some scenes such as the “apple”, horses-riding, dress-up at the amusement park and the random “in her head” moments by the two-faced step mom; just really really hard on the heart.

    At the end of it, given the horrible editing, random dialogue and WTH nonsense ongoing references to oriental medicine, dogs, food and bathing, I come to the conclusion we are just watching some really fine acting….cause the script is really lacking at times. Regardless, for not one moment did it not seem real to me. Therefore, kudos to all the actors in the show both young and old.

    In conclusion, I am uncomfortable with how Season One played out in the second half. I do have to say that it has make me think about trust, the need for authentic communication, individual happiness, our right to love and be loved as well as responsibilities, both morally and legally, within the structure of a marriage.

    So will be back for second season and, hopefully, some fierceness from the three wives. I hope they also find love again.

    Hope to read your thoughts on next season!

    PS: thinking this writer is hoping for multiple seasons; not just two.

  11. Thank you critic Greg Wheeler! Spot on. Episode 16 was indeed a hot mess. This drama lost its way midway and never got back on track. So sad as up to that point it was engaging. Before embarking on season two, those responsible need to do a drama autopsy to determine what went wrong…and fix it. We the audience faithfully give of our time over 16 episodes so listen to our comments. We want you to succeed but we are embarrassed for these fine actors who need to push on being subjected to this trashy script & story line. Too many characters, incoherent unconnected subplots that don’t support the main story lines. What’s your point?!

  12. This is a drama that could have been great but was terrible because of the way it ended. If season 2 was part of season one with a total of say 32 episodes and all the questions are answered Id give it 5 instead of one stars. The angle on narcissism was really interesting to me as so many bad lovers are actually charming narcissists that lie without guilt. The psychiatrist, his mistress, AND his first love are all Cluster B personalities. Fascinating trio there with the handsome doctor bringing in masculine energy with every scene. The rest, too many characters and bridges to nowhere. And I am a Black American but I dont agree with AA above that this should be given credit for teaching Korean culture. There are plenty of excellent kdramas for that this was just bad.

  13. I’m obsessed with the movie can’t wait for season two I want to see how the movie will end ….the dj is fuckkkkkking selfish het husband have every right to cheat no one can tolerate her nonchalant attitude….to those of you saying you can’t invest in this drama I don’t have words for you the only advice I have to you is to focus on the message that the drama is passing

  14. The DJ deserves to lose her husband, she’s totally selfish and demanding. I’d imagine she’d like the station manager but he seems too decent to be stuck with her. The other two men are scum and will should end up alone. The professors wife is already feeling bad about herself, can you imagine how she’ll feel when she learns her cold sore-nosed husband is bedding a celebrity? And won’t the psychiatrist be proud when he learns the woman his friend is cheating with is his daughter. There’s enough drama to keep me somewhat interested but as a whole it’s one of the poorer dramas I’ve seen. I might not remember to watch season two.

  15. E non ci dimentichiamo della signora che fa fuori i mariti perché vecchi 😂😂 ma mettiti con uno più giovane , invece di cercare di farli fuori !! Lei è veramente inquietante e anche il rapporto che ha con il figliastro è inquietante 😱😂 !! Comunque anche le ragazze che sanno benissimo che questi uomini sono sposati non è che sono meglio di loro !!! ..spesso nei drama l uomo nasconde il fatto di essere sposato …qui lo sanno benissimo !!! Spero soltanto che nella seconda serie ci sia un po’ più di equilibrio .( E qualche bella mazzata per i mariti 😂😂 ) troppo cattiva ? queste 16 puntate i mariti hanno fatto i porci comodi loro e le mogli accusano il colpo ….spero vivamente che ci sia un po’ più di speranza per queste mogli di avere accanto una persona che le ama davvero …sennò meglio sole che prese in giro in questa maniera !!! Comunque i drama coreani sono veramente belli 👏👏😊😊 io li seguo dal Italia e mi piacciono tantissimo 😍
    Anche se questo in particolare non mi è spiaciuto …ne ho visti di bellissimi !! Complimenti 👏👏😊👍👍

  16. Are you kidding me -Dr falls in love – because his beloved can eat an apple quietly – the lawyer fell in love at first sight because of her butt. Lawyer not once did he go to his wife and say- I am not happy. The age alone would cause problems for the couple-age is big factor in Asian. ( she pregnant-which puts her at higher risk for a disable baby). The other one is in love with a much younger girl-it’s pathetic Bet you the lawyer will dump this girl when her butt drops- when her grey hair start showing. The professor- him using his wife to further his career- then dumps her quicker than a hot potato. As for the wives – let them go on let them find their happiness- as strong women-it’s not about revenge-it’s women going forward- not looking back at those loser husbands. Interesting one of writer- had a marriage with a much younger man- I think about ten years( writer Im Phoebe – what kind of life experiences-are you projecting in this drama?)

  17. There are many negative truths to this drama. It is disgusting to make it seem that it’s ok to ‘step-out’ on your splice just there is another younger skirt enticing you.
    Seeing the radioDJ’s behavior towards her husband was disgusting as well. She wants perfection but gives in return nothing to keep him wanting to stay. How much can one take with such treatment. I’m not justifying his actions but I understand it more than the others. Times and values have changed and unfortunately we viewed a disgusting reality across all cultures. Some worse than others. I hope they show some hope between a couple or two. I wonder if the writer has experienced something similar…

  18. Mi dispiace molto dirlo questo drama è veramente triste e deludente !! Gli attori sono tutti bravissimi e mi piacciono molto ma la trama e i motivi e come si svolgono i tradimenti sono bruttissimi …specialmente quello del professore che va a letto con la amante invece di andare al compleanno della figlia 🤮🤮🤮 un comportamento che fa vomitare !!!! Davvero !! Non fanno una gran bella figura questi mariti !!! Apparte la moglie della fascia 30 anni che , diciamolo non è proprio amorevole e dolce con lui ….poi le altre due moglie si dedicano alla famiglia e lavoro …. veramente non se lo meritano un trattamento così dai mariti !!! C’era un potenziale in questo drama …ma il regista non ha saputo trasmettere i disagi o i motivi che può indurre un marito a farsi un amante !! Questo mariti hanno delle mogli splendide e loro ci hanno sputato sopra cercanfo una relazione !! Fanno proprio pena …se non peggio 👎😊
    Grazie per il lavoro di riassunto delle puntate 👏👏

  19. I want to see the wives get their fair share. The 2 older wives did nothing wrong. But the youngest wife i think has some things to fix in their marriage. She focused mostly on herself. She forgot to nurture the relationship, she can find time to play the drum, drink with her friends, play golf etc but never took care the needs of her husband and most of all she doesnt want to get pregnant. That is why her husband is looking for the much needed attention in the company of other woman. I hope next season will redeem the characters of Si Eun and learn how to fight for what is hers and also Sa Pi Yong would caught Yushin’ extra marital affair.

  20. The drama is vague. The story is poor. Too many characters. Dialogues some are irrelevant and boring. No relation or continuity of the story. Acting of the cast is wasted. Ending or ep 16 is a trash ending with a character fr nowhere. Pretty disappointing.

  21. Thanks for the recap. I wanna see a s2 where the husbands, in particular Dr Yusin and the professor gets what they deserve, and that’s no one. As the professor’s daughter said in an earlier episode, u can’t have both your pies and eat it.

  22. Well Greg, thanks for sacrificing the hours to write this. It must’ve been a challenge. I’m sure I wouldn’t have liked the episode but I did enjoy your recap (I gave a little chuckle for some of your remarks). Totally agree, it must be the sunk cost fallacy. After getting investing in a drama, it’s generally hard to let go partway. Which is why I still read the reviews. But the writers don’t seem to care about the quality of the story, just that they get a second season. I won’t be investing in this drama anymore.

  23. I find your critique of the show a bit harsh. Although there are no outstanding actors, as an African American I find the show very interesting in learning about a different culture and how they navigate through life’s struggles and making family and personal decisions on matters that are common everywhere.

    I too wanted the show to get back to the present but I think the screenwriter, Im Sung-Han, is writing this show for the long haul and her unique style of writing (8 shows in the present, then 8 shows in the past) could work in her favor depending on how she ties everything together.

    Finally, I would like to say that i definetely think Im Sung-Han has a real issue with men and that the show has an underlying message. I believe she thinks that men aren’t shyt (lol) – even the ones that appear to be perfect.

  24. n great numberI disagree with the last 2 comments. This series to me was life learning episodes about love and marriage and the varying situations that happen along this journey. The fact that there were different age groups presented gave me thoughts to think about. When you are young and in love it is not the same as being older. I liked the fact that they showed an older woman with a younger man and that age was not a problem for them. Mr. Seo’s status is another option for life, and his brother who does not want to settle down but wants to play the field. Isn’t the world like that?? I know that an age difference in South Korea is frowned upon, but this series presented the couple in a realistic light. Yu-sin the hypocrite between 2 women, is certainly another type that exists — the good-looking guy that gets away with everything.
    I am looking forward to Season 2 to see how these relationships end up. And there was enough action for this kind of series!!!

  25. The psychiatrist and professor cheating on their wives are really pathetic and not deserving of their wives who do so much for their worthless husbands. I really hope the professor’s wife chracter gets a big make over and he gets dumped and hurt by his mistress. I have a feeling her ex that she can’t seem to get over will come to his senses and she will choose him. The psychiatrist’s wife also needs to release the wrath of hell once he gets caught with A-mi. I ended up fast forwarding these two men’s parts because of their despicable, selfish characters. When will Season 2 start?

  26. Agree totally with your episode review. Not very promising ending since the emphasis is still on the mistresses and now birth secret for A-Mi. The wives are secondary characters in this lousy Kdrama and its a shame since the first half was really riveting.

    I admit to FF most of the mistress parts since they and the cheating husbands are truly disgusting. What was the purpose of spending so much time on them? Did the writer think that showing their story would make them more sympathetic to their cause? I’m sorry…it just alienated me even more to them and their situation. Part2? Forget it!

  27. I really love the show it is really good but please fix up Shi Eun character I want to see her get her husband back

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