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Episode 15 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) begins with Ga-Bin singing to Hae-Ryun outside. Instead of going to her house, she gives him a special performance. Ending the song, she sings the words “I love you,” which Hae-Ryun clings to as he heads home that evening.

Meanwhile, Yu-Shin goes horse riding with A-Mi. They crack jokes before running into one of Yu-shin’s work colleagues. Yu-shin quickly lies, telling him that A-Mi is his cousin, before the pair head out for lunch together. After (or before, the editing doesn’t make it clear) Yu-shin goes swimming with Dong-Mi, creepily flirting with her outside. Just as a reminder, he’s flirting with his Step Mother.

Anyway, Sa-Hyun surprises Song-Won with some wine, claiming it’s from a client. In reality, it’s actually from the pantry back home. He heads over and the two drink, discussing Sa-Hyun’s marriage woes. Song-Won eventually suggests that Sa-Hyun head home and patch things up with Hye-Ryung.

Hye-Ryung is still not happy about the panda eyes comment last episode, and continues to angrily comment on what Sa-Hyun’s done. Spineless Sa-Hyun can’t say what he really feels though, as he stays silent when Hye-Ryung suggests angrily that they get a divorce. In his head he agrees with her. As he leaves the room, silently, Sa-Hyun crawls back to Song Won.

The next day, Seo Ban drops off a box of caviar for the ladies at the radio station. It’s a gift he was given but he’d rather share it with the ladies. This leads our characters off to celebrate this with their respective families. Sa-Hyun however, meets Song Won with big news. He doesn’t want a relationship but instead decides they should just continue on with what they currently have, continuing their cutesy Chinese names. Song-Won agrees.

Things for Sa-Hyun take a turn for the worse when he meets Hye-Ryung again. She makes a big scene at the spar, mentioning his ingrowing toenails and cancelling plans to see his Father on his birthday. She’s forgotten, as it turns out, and refuses to cancel her plans for a golf meet because of it. The client she has doesn’t want to reschedule. Sa-Hyun is inevitably left to break the news to his Mum, who isn’t exactly pleased.

Meanwhile, Hae-Ryun grills a student at the university for dropping honorifics with Ga-Bin. He talks to her in his office and reminds the girl of the current class system between seniors and juniors. Or, in this instance, between student and teacher.

When she leaves, Ga-Bin arrives and instantly receives a call from back home. It turns out her speakers are broken. With repairmen costing a lot, Hae-Ryun suggests he head over and fix it for her.

Well, that evening he does just that, taking a slight break to eat dinner with her. When Jin-A shows up too, the trio spend time together and drink wine, being sure to pour glasses for each other. A call from her son sends Jin-A away though, as it turns out her son has been taken to hospital with a nose bleed.

This leaves Hae-Ryun and Ga-Bin together. The wine obviously goes to her head and she thinks back over painful memories with her ex. On the back of this, she asks Hae-Ryun to hold her as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) has been one of the worst shows of 2021 and this episode perfectly exemplifies why. Nothing happens! There’s barely any drama and the bizarre changed focus from the married women across to the cheating partners and their mistresses has dragged on and on and on.

I can’t actually remember when this began but the early season drama – for all of its problems – at least had some melodramatic moments and light bites of humour. Here, everything feels so flat and lifeless. After Hyang-Ki’s impassioned, scathing speech toward her Father, everything has just sort of petered out and flatlined.

The various dories just aren’t that interesting and none of these men have redeeming features to make us care about their “plights” which drove them all to cheat. I get that this is supposed to show the true nature of what it’s like to juggle marriage with a mistress, but it just doesn’t work as well as it should.

As the finale looms on the horizon, it looks like we’re gearing up for second season. Given how outrageously high the ratings are for this one, it’ll almost certainly be a hit too.

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12 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review”

  1. Big thanks to all writers( referring to comments) posted here/fast forward so much / it was here were comments was very well worth reading( instead of watching the drama). One of the writers of the show- does have a shocking real life background ( much younger husband-get the picture). I think her personal life comes out in this drama-it’s makes you wonder. Thanks everybody for their comments( the comments were better then the drama).

  2. I think it is the real life story of the writer. And her character is one of the three mistresses. That’s why she forced us to watch this series. And try to show the justification of these cheaters. Wasted my time . The worst kdrama of century. What is the moral of the story? You can cheat to your family and enjoy a good life with mistress?? Teaching the young generation to enjoy life and cheat? Saddest scene for me was ,when the father came back from business trip(banging his mistress) When the daughter expected some gift .he gave a long lecture of saving money.whereas he just came back spending lots on his mistress.😡😡#*#*#&Shitty drama.with no moral and ethics.

  3. This Kdrama is trash! I gave it a try after watching the ep1, but ended up fast forwarded the entire episodes. I have just watched the ep16, and don’t waste your time watching it. There was nothing in there. NADA!

  4. I only watched the last 2 minutes if episode 15 just to see the trailer for the finale episode. They should have made the flashbacks in the first six episodes.

    Instead of having a second season, which I believe will be poorly written also, they should have opted to makw this season into 20 episodes like Sky Castle and When the Camellia Blooms.

    Unfortunately, the writers and producers are deaf to the viewers.

  5. Yu-sin is the worst of the 3 husbands. The other 2 are just plain cheaters but Yu-sin is on a totally different level. Did you notice how easily he lied about his mistress being his cousin? How he purposely bought the same perfume his wife uses to give to the mistress so the odor on his clothing wouldn’t give him away? How he without a shred of a guilty conscience comes home to embrace his wife? This guy is a serial cheater. I want his wife to really kick him to the curb.

    I agree Seo-Ban is the most intriguing man in the series. I get the vibe from him that he wouldn’t condone cheating. Also agree that so much emphasis on cheating husbands with their mistresses is FF material for me. I realize they mean to make a 2nd series but are they trying to alienate the fans before the series ends? By the time the 2nd series comes out I’ll be too frustrated and irritated to even care.

  6. There is only one episode left. I have gone this far to stick with the drama, even if it is boring because i want those flandering men redeem themselves and think not only of themselves but the wives who have been faithful and the children who will be at the losing end of this marital conflict. Maintain the sanctity of marriage please.

  7. Hey Detazz,

    “1 hour episode was fast forwarded into 10 minutes.” Wow, that’s crazy fast! To be fair you didn’t miss much even if you spent an hour of your time watching it. In fact, I’d argue this show has been 10 episodes too long!

    Thanks for commenting though, it’s very much appreciated!

    -Greg W

  8. Hey Halina,

    Yeah I do agree that it helps see more of people but the execution is really skewed. Credit to the show though, the changes with Hye-Ryung, showing her controlling and bossy etc. is different to what we saw early on, but it also doesn’t help the show that they’ve changed the focus so drastically over to the men instead of the men. They’re the least interesting – and Shi-Eun has barely been in this!

    As a “slice of life” and seeing how different ages deal with break-ups etc. it’s definitely been an interesting series but one can’t help but feel other Korean dramas have showcased this a lot more effective.

    I agree though, Seo-Ban is easily the most interesting character here. Thanks for commenting!

    -Greg W

  9. You’re welcome Jemmie! Yeah honestly the first few episodes were a bit shaky but it’s pure makjang territory…and then it started to slip. Now it’s just meandered on and I’m not quite sure if the writers had too much soju before putting this together but it’s really not good. Maybe if the show had been edited to show everything in a linear fashion it may have been better but it really is getting tiring now.

    Thanks for commenting – and reading – I’m glad we helped save you some time with this one!

    -Greg W

  10. Thanks for the recap Greg….I’m really disappointed with this drama. It had a lot of potential and I was hoping that for the last 2 episodes, it would end this flashback madness and move the story forward. I don’t understand its high rating either. I haven’t been watching the episodes, just reading recaps, so thanks again. Because they saved me hours.

  11. I agree that the background stories with their mistresses are getting tedious, however it does help to see the true nature of the person. Sa-hyeon lies all the time, even about a bottle of wine, in order to make himself look good! Yu-sin is a mystery to me and because he is good looking he thinks he can away with everything- which he does.The lecture on how to speak to your elders in south Korea was supposed to be a lesson for the young people because too much is changing in the world???? I am curious to see Mr. Seo-ban’s background story. I hope we get some clues in episode 16. He is a strange character! I have had trouble following at times, but all in all , this series presents some thought provoking ideas about relationships no matter what age. I have stopped to reflect on the complexities. I find that helped keep my interest! And I have watched every episode.

  12. OMG episode 15 is another total waste if time. Still flashback, still legitimation of the guys action, still..mocking the ladies, still the mistresses with no self restrain, no boundaries. .. 1 hour episode was fast forwarded into 10 minutes. Honestly.

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