Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review


The Three Meetings

Episode 10 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) begins with that incident surrounding Seo-Ban. We’re still 10 months back and it turns out Seo-Ban is not actually in a relationship with Ga-Bin after all. Anyway, he steps outside where Hye-Ryung happens to be. She approaches Seo-Ban but Sa-Hyun once again takes her away, apologizing.

Meanwhile, Yu-Shin continues to play the husband despite his growing affection toward A-Mi. He tries to get physical with his wife but she holds off his advances, instead lying about his friend on the flight and telling Pi-Young that he wasn’t seated next to anyone interesting.

And just like that, A-Mi messages and reveals that she got home okay. He hurriedly changes her number to Manager Kim and messages back, telling her to talk if she need anything.

At the same time, Dong-Mi struggles to sleep and starts looking through pictures of Yu-Shin on her phone. After, she begins cooking food and awaits Yu-Shin showing up at her place. Ki-Rim gives his son his inheritance when he shows and they talk together. While they do, Pi-Young rings and asks about his jacket, which of course is with A-Mi. He doesn’t tell her that though, obviously.

When Sa-Hyun leaves, Ki-Rim is mistaken for Dong-Mi’s Father, which only adds to the level of disdain she has toward him. If anyone was wondering about Ki-Rim’s hair, well it’s revealed here. Dong-Mi suggests he get a custom wig to make himself look younger.

Moon-Ho and Ye-Jung continue to bicker. Even worse, Ye-Jung realizes that he cares more about the dog than her and decides to leave.

Yu-Shin next heads off to visit A-Mi for a drink. She reveals she has no relatives in Korea but does have a meeting with an agency soon. We then skip ahead to her giving his jacket back, showing up at his work to do so. As she does, Yu-Shin rings Pi-Young and cancels plans with Ji-A and his wife.

Instead, he goes for dinner with A-Mi where they talk about the beautiful hot spots in Italy. Both of them agree that Amalfi Coast is one of the must-see spots. Fun fact that absolutely no one asked for, I visited this area last year and it really is stunningly beautiful. If you get a chance, it’s well worth seeing first-hand.

Anyway, they continue to drink after dinner and decide to get drunk. While they continue to flirt a little, A-Mi asks about her wife. She seems pretty adamant on lowering his inhibitions, as he tells her that Pi-Young is good in every way.

Elsewhere, Hae-Ryun thanks his wife for buying the car and takes over mashing potatoes to try and help her wrists. After, Shi-Eun heads outside to say goodbye as he drives to work.

At his office, Ga-Bin happens to be there to see him. This happens to be the woman we caught a glimpse of at the start of this episode and the tail-end of yesterday’s. Hae-Ryun invites her into his office where she’s apparently quite famous. While they talk, she offers to buy him lunch. However, he already has lunch and offers to share it with her.

It turns out she’s the only one in Korea as her family aren’t there anymore. Anyway, the pair finish their food as she promises to return the favour and treat him to a meal at some point. He tells her to call if she has any questions and watches her leave his office.

Sa-Hyun heads back to River Park Fitness and gets talking to Song Won as they head upstairs. There, Sa-Hyun pervs over the girl and watches her using the different machines. Honestly, it’s pretty gross but he eventually catches up with her while using the lounge to eat. She suggest he head down to the diner and order himself some food. Hye-Ryung rings though and continues to hound him about losing weight.

At work Sa-Hyun brings the subject up with one of his work colleagues, mentioning how good looking the girls at the gym are when they’re working out in leggings. While he continues to act like a creep, Sa-Hyun’s Mother arrives to see Hye-Ryung. Apparently she’s staying with them for a few days but Hye-Ryung is hardly happy with this.

When Sa-Hyun finds out, he rings his Father and lets him know where she is. He, in turn, rings Hye-Ryung who puts him on the phone. Only, she hangs up. The food she makes is pretty fatty, which Hye-Ryung eats conservatively. Sa-Hyun meanwhile, scoffs his face and eats a lot, which doesn’t really please his wife.

As the episode closes out, we cut back to Yu-Shin and A-Mi in the taxi together asleep, clearly intoxicated from the amount of alcohol they’ve been drinking.

The Episode Review

Love (ft Marriage and Divorce) keeps us in the 10-month-back timeline as we see more of the conflicting marriages and the affairs these three husbands eventually end up getting involved in. While this does help piece everything together, I’m not quite sure whose idea it was to put romantic music over each of these meetings.

There is absolutely nothing romantic about what these three husbands are doing and even worse, it seems like all of these are based on a physical rather than an intimate connection.

Sa-Hyun’s is by far the most creepy of the three, spending his time gawking at the girl while she’s trying to work out in peace. Moments like this only further cement what a shifty character he is, even if Hye-Ryung is quite nagging at home. That still doesn’t give him an excuse to act like this.

Of course, this is one of those shows that people easily get addicted to and there’s certainly a lot of melodrama in this one to get hooked on. Beyond that though ,there’s really not a lot else going on here.

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3 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review”

  1. Very disappointing. I seldom watch Korean drama with too much disappointment, especially in the middle of the story. Not sure what the stress here. The flashback is the most disappointing thing. The male character seems to want legitimation of their actions. A mistake is a mistake. No need to see why in details like that. Too boring. I was wanting (even desperately) to understand the male characters’ reasoning, (as a woman, want to try to be fair). But after seeing the flashback. No way, its; just simply wrong. The female characters. Well as a woman, honestly instead of me trying to emphatize their situation, it’s a mocking for woman, as they do not have any boundaries at all. They cross the line so many times, despite trying to show reluctancy, as a woman we know when someone is crossing the line. It may sound cliche’, but it’s just wrong. So not sure what is the writer trying to show here, it’s all over. The psychiatrist husband, the worst I guess, eventhough his damage will not be that bad, he is still the worst, and most manipulative. 2 more episode to clear up the damages are not enough I believe. Too much damage to the show by showing 4 episode of flashback. Its’ better to show us mistakes and redemptions. At least it’s not insulting, having us watch all the justification.

  2. The worst of the three main Male lead is Pi Young’s husband. He lies so easily that it must be that he has strayed before. His instructions to his young friend for them to have an affair is practiced. Even buying her the same perfume as his wife’s means that he would never smell of her when he goes home. The young lawyer is like a puppy and very immature. In fact, all the men are immature, although I’m not sure what purpose the sound engineer has in the show.
    My hope is that when the professor leaves his family for the young tutor, she rejects him. He’s too old for her and has nothing to offer her. He should be alone and lonely. The lawyer may find that the older woman doesn’t want someone on her tail all the time nor to be his cheerleader all the time. She might want the child but not the man. As for the dr psychiatrist, his wife should throw him out ( she’ll also understand what her mother went through and why she threw out her dad) Dr psychiatrist should turn up at his ‘mother’s ‘ house. She will be pleased and try to seduce him. She’ll get a shock when she finds out that he’s been putting it about and not with her. She’ll blame Pi-Young. She would tell him to leave. His hospital colleagues and patients will find out that he’s actually a sexual predator and shun him. The young woman should leave for America for good and he can go live on JeJe Island.

  3. I am totally into this show and not bothered by the editing or music. It mainly follows the love/marriage relationship through the lives of three wives with completely different approaches. Hye-ryoung wears the pants in the family. She is a confident, independently minded career woman without housewifely traits and a dismissive, controlling attitude towards her husband. Pi-young is like a working version of a 1950’s surrendered wife who caters to her husband and family’s every need with a well made-up smile. Her self worth in her marriage is closely tied to the image she feels she must present and she totally conforms to fit into the narrative of a good wife and mother. Si-eun is the selfless work-horse who has put saving, caring for her family and running a household before her own needs but in the process she has marginalised her husband’s needs to just enjoy life a little. The creepiest husband is Yoo-shin, who likes being praised by his female patients a bit too much. Narcissistic tendencies there. The lightweight joke is Sa-hyun (hence the music), and the sad, walking middle-aged crisis is Hae-ryoon. It is interesting observing how the characters change (or not) when their marriages implode. How far was their own behaviour complicit in the cheating by their husbands? Will their view on what it takes to have a strong marriage change?
    Btw, I think Dong-mi had been deliberately setting up her diabetic husband for his heart failure death by feeding him too much carbs!

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