Lovely Runner – K-drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Happily Ever After

Alas! Everything must end, and sadly, it is time to say goodbye to SolJae. The finale episode of Lovely Runner picks up where we left off, with Sun-jae nearly getting hit and fainting by the roadside. On the other hand, Tae-sung is slightly hurt from the impact of the accident but is lucid enough to get out of the car and arrest Young-soo. Fortunately, Young-soo tries to flee on foot and is hit by a truck. He dies instantly, and it is good riddance to him.

What Happens To Im Sol & Sun-jae?

Sun-jae is rushed to the hospital, and Im Sol hears the news of Young-soo’s death over the radio when taking a taxi home. Her first thought is Sun-jae, and she looks him up online. She is scared after seeing reports of his accident. She immediately thinks of rushing towards him, but there is heavy traffic. She alights the taxi and starts running towards the hospital.

At the same time, Sun-jae regains consciousness and runs out of the hospital. His only thought is to get to Im Sol. They run into each other in the streets and have a tearful reunion. Sun-jae apologises for everything, and Im Sol is also remorseful for deleting all his memories. She is shocked to learn that his memories are back. 

They head to Sun-jae’s house and catch up while enjoying each other’s company. For the next few days, they spend time together at every chance they get. Sun-jae goes above and beyond to get some quality time with his girlfriend, even when she is busy with a school project. 

They have blissful days filled with just hanging out and appreciating the time they have. Sun-jae admits he is scared to lose her, and she assures him that it won’t happen again. Soon, the media gets a whiff of their relationship, but Sun-jae is too happy to care. He is already planning to propose to Im Sol and wants the world to know she is his girl. In-yuk is surprised but still supports his friend by giving him advice on how to propose. He is indeed our beloved cupid!

Tae-sung also finds out about their relationship and congratulates them. They have dinner and a few drinks. Sun-jae is pleased to know that Tae-sung and Im Sol never dated in this timeline. He is also touched to hear that Im Sol would call his name desperately when drunk. He promises to take good care of Im Sol and thanks Tae-sung for dealing with Young-soo. If it were not for Tae-sung, fate would have repeated itself. 

How does the proposal go?

Before the proposal, Sun-jae takes In-hyuk’s advice and formally introduces himself to Im Sol’s family during a family gathering to celebrate Im-geum’s son turning one. Initially, Gyeon-deok is against Im Sol as she is Bok-soon’s daughter, but after seeing how happy she makes his son, he silently welcomes her. On the other hand, Im Sol’s family quickly falls for Sun-jae’s charms.

As we know, Grandma has always been on Team Sun-jae. She has been the keeper of the timeline and this is why she remembers each timeline. After Sun-jae and Im Sol get together, she throws the watch away and assures Sun-jae that he can finally be happy with Im Sol. Im Geum is also quick to accept Sun-jae as a brother-in-law after he promises they can act together in the next project. Im Geum still has hopes of being a famous actor even though he is only booking minor roles. As for Hyun-joo, she can’t help but be happy for her best friend.

Sun-jae plans a big proposal on a private ferry with fireworks and everything. However, he is forced to call it off at the last minute after Im Sol mentions she wants to pursue her dream of becoming a movie director before settling down.

How does Lovely Runner end?

The second proposal comes a few months after Im Sol finally achieves her dreams. He romantically proposes to her under the cherry blossom tree, and she says yes. They kiss and warmly embrace each other. This time, while kissing, they take a peek into the future and see a glimpse of their beautiful wedding. The show ends with them happily hugging under the shedding cherry blossom trees.

The Episode Review

Let’s take a moment to thank the cast and team behind this amazing show, which has managed to win our hearts for the past eight weeks. After everything this show went through to reach us, its success is even sweeter. 

Im Sol and Sun-jae finally got their happy ending. It was a good call for the writers to make the last episode solely about their happiness. There were no eleventh-hour villain stories. They allowed us to see SolJae thrive in their couple era and gave us a glimpse of their wedding. It was the perfect way to end this iconic show.

Everyone got their happy ending and our never-ending theories can finally be put to rest. Let us know what are some of your favorite moments from the show. We now officially bid a bittersweet farewell to our beloved characters as Lovely Runner takes its final bow, receiving a well-deserved standing ovation.

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4 thoughts on “Lovely Runner – K-drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. I am rewatching it because right now there isn’t anything streaming that can live up to this drama. It’s definitely on my all time favorite list and dare I say I like it better than Twinkling Watermelon another time slip. Both ML & FL were fantastic and I loved that the love triangle was not toxic.

  2. I am rewatching it because right now there isn’t anything streaming that can live up to this drama. It’s definitely on my all time favorite list and dare I say I like it better than Twinkling Watermelon another time slip. Both ML & FL were fantastic and I lived that the love triangle was not toxic.

  3. I agree especially since that scene was not scripted. I am glad he is getting his flowers through this show.

  4. Sun Jae‘s emotional scene with the grandmother in episode 16 took his acting to a next level. So many great aspects of this drama, but that one really got to me, his ability to portray the plethora of emotions is so impressive.

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