Lovely Runner Episode 15 Spoilers – Are we in store for some tears galore?

Lovely Runner

Straight off Strong Girl Namsoon, we reunite with our beloved heartthrob, Byeon Woo Seok, in My Lovely Runner. This latest fantasy rom-com also stars the gorgeous and talented Kim Hye-hoon, who plays the role of Im Sol. Im Sol time travels back 15 years to save her favourite celebrity, Ryu Sung Jae.

Ryu Sung Jae is one of the most popular celebrities on top of the game. However, it is not all glitz and glamour; he is exhausted. Can Im Sol save his fate by travelling to the past in time to change the trajectories of their lives?

Lovely Runner Episode 15 [Spoilers] – What to expect?

Episodes 13 and 14 broke our hearts, and we are still recovering from the pain of watching Sun-jae lose all his memories of Im Sol. Since Im Sol time-traveled again and made sure they never met, Sun-jae didn’t become a musician. He became an actor and had a chance encounter with Im Sol. 

Fate continues to play a cruel game by bringing them together but not allowing them to be together. This time, Sun-jae insists on working with Im Sol on an upcoming movie based on her script. The script is their love story, but our handsome lover boy doesn’t know this. However, his heart still beats for Im Sol, and it is sad to see him have visions of his past lives without realising what he lost. It is also hard to watch Im Sol break down in tears as she misses him but can’t risk getting close to him.

Based on the trailer for the new episode, it seems that Sun-jae is still trying to get close to Im Sol, but she keeps pushing him away. On the other hand, Sun-jae is jealous of Tae-sung because he is closer to Im Sol. It looks like some things never change, regardless of the timeline. However, what’s concerning is that Young-soo and Sun-jae meet again in this life.

It seems that Sun-jae is about to get into an accident as he is distracted by constant memory flashes. It’s possible that Im Sol intervenes, as we see her lying on a hospital bed with Sun-jae by her side. Either way, get your tissues ready because there will be tears, and who knows how many times Sun-jae will die before the gods of fate smile down on him and say, “That’s enough”!


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