Lovely Runner Episode 11 Spoilers, Leaks & Predictions

Lovely Runner

Straight off Strong Girl Namsoon, we reunite with our beloved heartthrob, Byeon Woo Seok, in My Lovely Runner. This latest fantasy rom-com also stars the gorgeous and talented Kim Hye-hoon, who plays the role of Im Sol. Im Sol time travels back 15 years to save her favourite celebrity, Ryu Sung Jae.

Ryu Sung Jae is one of the most popular celebrities on top of the game. However, it is not all glitz and glamour; he is exhausted. Can Im Sol save his fate by travelling to the past in time to change the trajectories of their lives?

Lovely Runner Episode 11 [Spoilers]  – What to expect?

This week we followed Im Sol as she travelled back to the year 2009 to save Sun-jae for the last time. This is her third and only chance to save him, or we will all be weeping by the time the credits roll. This time, they are in college, and she plans to avoid Sun-jae and chase him away. She thinks it will be the best way to protect him from her stalker, Young-soo. She finally realises that Sun-jae didn’t commit suicide but was killed. This meant that she didn’t need to save Sun-jae from himself but from Young-soo. 

In episode 10, she finally comes clean about coming from the future, and Sun-jae prepares to leave. At the same time, Im Sol tries to help the police catch Young-soo and bring him to justice. By the end of the episode, Sun-jae chooses to stay and unearths the time capsule, which helps him put the pieces together. He confronts Im Sol, confesses his love and kisses her.

In episode 11, we expect the young couple to be in their most blissful era. Based on the trailer, Sun-jae is all smiles and happier than he has ever been. Im Sol finally agreed to be his girl and he might as well be floating in space. Fingers crossed that Young-soo gives us at least one episode where these two can bask in their love without any worries. Don’t they deserve this? We can’t wait to see how their parents react to the dating news, but at least we know Grandma is on team Sun-jae. We are also curious about our girl, Hyun-joo. Will she manage to win ImGeum’ss heart?

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