Love Life Season 2 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained


After 9 episodes of angst, romance and break-ups, Love Life Season 2 bows out with a neat little epilogue, closing all of our big plot points explored across the season.

We begin with Mia and Marcus attending a play called “Little Ass Boy” by Ola Adebayo. Remember her? She was, of course, one of the flings Marcus was messing about with earlier in the season. It’s very clear the play is about him. Mia teases Marcus about this but apparently, according to Ola, it’s not about him at all. She’s currently shacked up with a new boyfriend called Ben and she wishes Mia luck with Marcus. That’s the last we see if Ola, who clearly still resents Marcus for his past actions.

It’s been 10 months since Mia and Marcus have been dating and after this run-in, they head back home. Marcus still doesn’t have a job but Mia encourages him to write and speak from the heart, pressing on with his manuscript about the oppressive publishing house. However, Marcus decides on one better – and asks Mia to marry him. “I think that’s cool,” She says.

Cut forward a year and Mia is heavily pregnant, ready to pop. Marcus is on-course to being a budding writer too, with a half-finished manuscript on his computer. After Mia gives birth though, Marcus finds himself in the position of father, which gives him more in common with Yogi than before. However, unlike Yogi, he and Mia decide to use a nanny to help them out.

While this is going on, it gives Marcus enough time to work on his manuscript. It’s taken him a year but finally Marcus finishes his tale on the dark, oppressive world of publishing. He gets some solid feedback from his first draft from Drea too, but of course given Marcus used to be an editor, now he finds himself on the other side of the criticism.

Marcus doesn’t take well to it though and procrastinates heavily. He decides to worry about it later… and later turns into weeks, which eventually leads to him heading out for a day trip with his son at the museum.¬†Well, as fate would have it, he runs into Darby there.

She helps give him some advice on parenting, convincing Marcus to hang in there. Well, Marcus does just that and three months later he finishes editing his script. A year later and it’s published.

So naturally we jump forward again 15 months to see Marcus in a much better place than he was before. With Mia concerned about her job, she decides to quit outright. Only, after drinking a few too many shots at the bar, Mia ends up throwing up out the side of the taxi.

How does Love Life Season 2 end?

With Becca called to look after their child, Marcus has a big surprise – they’re jetting off to the Bahamas for a well-deserved break. While on the plane, Marcus reveals he showed up at her flat with a bag full of goodies all those years ago. It’s a nice way to sign off what’s otherwise been a pretty pleasant season.

The Episode Review

So Love Life bows out with a pretty uneventful final episode after all the big plot points have been wrapped up. With a title like “epilogue” though, that much was perhaps obvious!

Marcus manages to finish his book while the pair finally rekindle their relationship after it went south earlier in the season. The obligatory COVID episode will undoubtedly be a black mark on this season that’s hard to erase, especially as it’s all but forgotten this episode (see what I mean about being shoehorned in for brownie points?)

However, this season has not really touched the first in terms of quality and fun, which is a shame because there’s definitely some nice ideas here. Sadly, Marcus’s character is just not strong enough to carry this one alone, which may explain why Mia was thrown in for a standalone episode of her own.

Still, Love Life has undoubtedly been an enjoyable watch despite its flaws, while quite clearly nowhere near as good as the first. There’s definitely a fair few flaws with this one but at least the ending bows out with a satisfying conclusion that wraps up all our big plot points.

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