Love Life Season 2 Episode 8 “Yogi & Kian” Recap & Review

Yogi & Kian

Episode 8 of Love Life Season 2 begins with Marcus heartbroken after being dumped by Mia. His spiraling behavior sees him forced into taking voluntary leave at work. So naturally, the guys head out into the woods for a detox session. Hey, remember in season 1 when Darby also head out for a relaxing weekend with the girls at the cabin? Yeah, me too. What a strange case of deja vu!

Marcus gets settled in with Yogi and Kian but a big bit of news sees him crashing back down to earth. It turns out Kian is dating Emily, Marcus’s ex-wife. They want to make a go of things and from the sounds of it, it’s pretty serious. However, he’s worried about what Marcus will say. Marcus is seething inside but he holds it together, even keeping silent when he hears Kian telling Emily he loves her on the phone.

The next day, things do blow up when Marcus confronts Kian about his choice. Kian more than holds his own, telling him that Emily suffered badly after their break-up, and even moved back into her parents’ place.

Now, in the wake of all this Marcus ends up ingesting a whole load of hallucinogens and heads out into the woods for a bike ride.

Eventually this turns into a lite version of The Beach, as Marcus wanders through the woods and finds himself tripping out. Out of everyone, he leaves a voicemail for Mia telling her he’s worried and afraid, unsure where he is and what’s happening to him. He is absolutely going to regret that when he’s sober!

As day turns to night, Kian and Yogi head out and find Marcus. He’s down in the dumps and apologizes to Kian for blaming him. In order to snap him out of this, Marcus implores his friends to hit him in the face. Yogi is eventually the one who does this, as the guys finally talk through their problems.

It turns out Kian had a crush on Emily their whole marriage. Wow, classy dude. Anyway, Marcus apologizes for overreacting and the guys bury the hatchet and move on.

The rest of the weekend progresses on like normal, with Kian deciding eventually to invite Emily along. A lot of Marcus’s issues have stemmed from what happened with her. In private, Emily and Marcus patch up their differences. It’s a positive step forward for Marcus who comes out of this a lot stronger.

The Episode Review

Love Life returns with another case of deja vu as the gang head out to the remote cabin in the woods. If you’ll remember, Darby did exactly this in the previous season, needing to get a break from everything and ending up getting into all sorts of issues with her friends.

However, this chapter does confirm that Kian is literally the worst friend. The age old adage of “bros before hoes” is well known but so too is the unwritten rule of not dating your friend’s ex. I mean, Kian openly admitting that he’s fancied Emily through the entirety of Marcus’s marriage is pretty shady. To be honest, it’s also a little creepy too.

Still, the guys do manage to patch up their differences at the end which is at least something, along with Marcus and Emily managing to gain some closure on their rocky break-up. With this in mind, hopefully things will start to move across to Marcus rekindling his relationship with Mia. I mean, if he doesn’t then her chapter is going to be rendered pretty pointless in the grand scheme of things!

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