Love Life Season 2 Episode 3 “Destiny Mathis” Recap & Review

Destiny Mathis

Episode 3 of Love Life Season 2 begins one month after the Paloma incident. Marcus is in a rough way but after his divorce, he’s moved into a brand new place.

Marcus is eventually encouraged to join Ida in Michigan , given it’s their parents’ anniversary. He begrudgingly decides to tag along with Keiko and Ida as they drive in their pretend prop car. En-route, Marcus messages a young woman named Destiny Mathis, someone whom he knows well from his time at high school all those years ago.

Heading home after seven years, Marcus braces himself for the “I told you so”s from his folks. Apparently they never really liked Emily to begin with and he’s resented them for this. Keiko makes a good first impression with the in-laws though, which only seems to exemplify Marcus’s issues.

Over dinner, his folks bring up the divorce and it’s enough for Marcus to skip out for the evening, meeting Destiny for a late night booty-call. She’s still calling him by his pet name “smart guy” and wants him to keep in touch. Marcus though, intends to skip out and slink back to Brooklyn. Well, not if his mother has anything to say about it he won’t.

With the anniversary party coming up, she invites Destiny along to meet Marcus, playing matchmaker in the wake of Emily’s absence. However, Marcus doesn’t even bother to make an effort with Destiny, barely saying two words to her the whole time. Eventually she’s had enough and decides to go home. Marcus drives her though, where he’s suddenly stopped by Destiny’s over-protective fella Darnell. He begins smashing up the car with a baseball bat before Destiny calms him down… and kisses Darnell in front of Marcus.

Things aren’t great between Keiko and Ida either, especially as the former is more interested in selling soap and flirting with her male friends and family members. However, the focus here is on Marcus, and despite missing his father’s speech, receives a really touching and rousing assessment of Marcus’s life.

Things are patched up in the family and Marcus manages to reconcile with his parents. Ida however, ends up breaking things off with Keiko. As the pair sit and smoke weed together, they contemplate just what their life holds in store for them next.

The Episode Review

Love Life bows out its third and final chapter with another fling in Marcus’s long line of failed romances. It also turns the attention back to his family life too.

This is quite reminiscent of the first season when Darby was a wreck meeting her partner’s parents for the first time, especially when she ended up drunk and trashed the place.

Of course, this episode isn’t anywhere near that dramatic but it does have some nice elements to work with, namely that of Marcus’s estranged relationship with his parents. Having said that though, they do all manage to patch up their differences by the time the episode ends, leaving things open for the rest of the season.

Love Life has been a decent watch so far and although it doesn’t quite hold the same appeal season 1 did, there’s enough here to enjoy nonetheless.

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