Love Is Like A Cat — K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Love is Like A Cat starts with Uno asking his manager, Seong-joo, what kind of a child he was when he was younger. Seong-joo explains how he was an average kid in everything he did. Uno reveals how he was jealous of Seong-joo for being average and explains how he had to be vulnerable because he was going to be a part of the variety show.

Meanwhile, the producer of the variety show visits Dae-byeol at his pet cafe for the site visit for their show “Dooby Dooby Job”. Dae-byeol is caught off-guard and calls Jun-hyuk. He learns from his nurse that Jun-hyuk had enrolled his pet cafe – Floof to be the site of filming. Dae-byeol is pissed and tries to get in touch with Jun-hyuk but the nurse lies that Jun-hyuk was busy in surgery.

Dae-byeol tries to tell the producer that he was not the one to apply to film the show at their cafe. The producer reveals that she could sue Dae-byeol and Floof for backing out and Dae-byeol takes his words back. He lets the producers inspect the cafe. At the same time, Uno tries to get out of filming for the variety show but the CEO of his agency begs him to participate in it for the sake of his reputation.

Dae-byeol shows up at Jun-hyuk’s clinic and scolds him for applying for his pet cafe to participate in the variety show. Jun-hyuk claims that Dae-byeol was out of money and needed to work on this program to pay his bills. He also adds that as a shareholder of the dog cafe, Jun-hyuk could do as he pleases. Dae-byeol is disappointed but agrees to do as Jun-hyuk says.

On his way out, Dae-byeol spots the dog Uno has found on the street. Jun-hyuk states that he was looking for someone to adopt it as the person who brought the dog in did not want it anymore. Jun-hyuk apologises to Dae-byeol for pulling the shareholder card but prohibits him from trying to adopt the dog left there by Uno’s manager.

Dae-byeol still takes the dog with him and just as he drives away, Uno and Seong-joo show up at the vet’s clinic to take the dog back with them. Uno asks Seong-joo to bring the dog so that he can take care of it but Seong-joo refuses. Uno calls the CEO of his agency and asks him to take care of the dog and in exchange, promises to take part in the variety show.

The episode ends with Seong-joo being shocked by the fact that Uno was willing to do the variety show despite his aversion to animals.

The Episode Review

This show is cute and is no different from most shows in the Korean BL genre. I was hoping for something interesting since this one is Mew Suppasit’s Korean drama debut but the main leads still haven’t met and the plot hasn’t even started to unfold – and we are in Episode 3 now! The show is moving at a snail’s pace.

I am worried the makers will touch upon the concepts of childhood trauma and PTSD only for them to brush past it due to the short runtime of the episodes. With that being said, it is clear that Uno is going to end up working at Floof and he is going to meet Dae-byeol as a part of the variety show. It looks like both Gi-min and Jun-hyuk have feelings for Dae-byeol show we are going to have not one but two second-lead syndromes in this one! Exciting!

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Expect a full-season review once the season ends!

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