Love In The Villa (2022) Ending Explained – Is there a fairy-tale ending?

Love In The Villa Plot Synopsis

Rom-com “Love in the Villa”, now streaming on Netflix, centers on Julie, a Shakespeare admirer and a hopeless romantic, who, following a failed relationship, embarks on her ideal holiday to Verona in Italy.

Julie, who works as a kindergarten teacher, is getting ready for her long-awaited trip to Verona too. Julie is fascinated with the Italian town, which just so happens to be the setting for William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet.

Sadly, after her boyfriend Brandon abruptly ends his relationship with her, Julie’s enthusiasm for her vacation is dulled. Julie must therefore travel alone, however she’s eager to explore the local culture all the same.

When she arrives at her reserved villa, Julie discovers that it has been double-booked, forcing her to share both her villa and her holiday with Charlie, a cynical but good-looking British man who is a wine expert in the home of Romeo and Juliet. After an argument akin to that seen between the Montagues and Capulets, the pair are forced to reside in the same villa and spend time together. As they get to know one another better in the picturesque city, they end up falling in love.

Why does Charlie allow Julie to live in the villa with him?

The manager of the villa shows up and admits that it was accidentally double booked due to an error in reservations. Charlie finds out that Julie broke up with her boyfriend and that she has nowhere else to go. Charlie, therefore, agrees to let her stay in the villa with him.

What is Charlie and Julie’s relationship status with their former partners?

Julie’s partner Brandon goes on to tell her that he requires a break from their partnership before she gets to the city, which makes her think of him as nothing more than a former boyfriend. Similarly, when Charlie is in Verona, his relationship with Cassie has been on hold as well.

What causes Charlie and Julie to connect and form a friendship?

Charlie and Julie begin a conflict to keep driving the other out of the villa, both annoyed with each other. Charlie does suggest a peace agreement with Julie, who happily accepts after one practical joke goes overboard and the pair wind up in legal trouble. As they explore Verona’s splendour, Julie and Charlie begin spending time together and get to know one another better.

Charlie expresses how his opinions on romantic relationships and love contrast with Julie’s. He does, however, quickly come to appreciate and comprehend Julie’s fondness for Verona. Soon after, the two begin to experience genuine love for each other.

What prevents Charlie and Julie from admitting their true feelings?

When Charlie and Julie decide to declare their love for one another, the tattered remains of their prior relations follow them to Verona and their romance hits a speed bump. Cassie, Charlie’s on-and-off girlfriend, spontaneously appears in town. Brandon also travels to Verona to get back with Julie. Charlie and Julie are compelled to make critical choices that will have an impact on their futures and their relationship with one another as a consequence.

Throughout the storyline, Julie’s split alters her perspective on her trip. She is taken by surprise when Brandon appears in the city without notifying her. Furthermore, Julie and the audience are completely unprepared for Charlie’s surprising relationship with Cassie. However, her presence makes Julie ponder on her affection for Charlie. Charlie too encounters a hurdle after learning of Brandon’s arrival back into Julie’s life.

Why do Charlie and Julie permanently end their relationship with their former partners?

Cassie and Brandon both end up meeting Charlie and Julie who have undergone changes. When Brandon finds Julie, he tells her that his relatives and co-workers miss her, but remains quiet on the subject when asked if he missed her. In Charlie’s case, despite their relationship’s multiple breaks, Cassie refuses to let go of Charlie.

Brandon ends up taking Julie out for dinner at one of the best-known diners in the city. Nevertheless, the newly reconciled couple is unable to secure a table at the restaurant. Charlie and Cassie arrive and immediately invite Brandon and Julie to accompany them. Julie, on the other hand, takes advantage of the situation to make Charlie jealous.

Brandon proposes to Julie after dinner. However, Julie realizes that she doesn’t really belong with Brandon. Her duration with Charlie has taught her that her oddities and flaws are also worthy of love. As a result, she declines Brandon’s proposal because he isn’t the ideal match for her.

In the meantime, Charlie ends his relationship with Cassie after realizing he is completely in love with Julie. Although Cassie and Brandon attempt to reconcile with Charlie and Julie, they do not succeed.

When it comes to Julie, Brandon is merely a closed book. In Charlie’s situation, he mentally blocks Cassie and their relationship drama. However, Cassie and Brandon have contrary opinions.

Is there a fairy-tale ending to the movie?

Charlie sees Brandon proposing to Julie and jumps to the conclusion that she is committed. As a result, Charlie is oblivious that Julie actually rejected Brandon. After speaking with the villa manager, Charlie realizes that his only chance at love is to communicate his emotions to Julie. He then rushes to the villa in the hopes of catching Julie before she heads home.

Charlie overcomes the challenge and chooses to pursue Julie, making his way to the villa. Charlie re-enacts the famous love scene from “Romeo and Juliet” in the movie’s closing seconds while Julie is standing on the balcony.

Julie is convinced by Charlie’s heartwarming and outrageously romantic gesture that he is the perfect match for her. Julie declares her feelings for Charlie as well, and they get together. As a result, the movie comes to a satisfying conclusion as Charlie and Julie’s journey begins.

Why are Charlie and Julie the perfect match?

Through his interactions with Julie, Charlie comes to the conclusion that his goals and ambitions shouldn’t be measured in terms of money. As opposed to lowering her expectations and settling for Brandon, Julie understands that she is capable of dreaming and waiting for her personal Romeo. Due to these insights, Charlie and Julie ended their relationships with Cassie and Brandon, respectively.

Charlie claims at the beginning of the movie that he doesn’t believe in fate. In the epilogue, Charlie confesses that he finally accepts the concept of destiny, but that it is up to each individual whether they embrace it or not. He goes on to explain that they met because of fate but it was up to them whether they chose to accept each other as their fate.

Do Cassie and Brandon end up together?

Cassie and Brandon demonstrate that they are a great fit in addition to Charlie and Julie.

Brandon is thrilled to learn that he will be dining with a fashion designer who has been featured in Vogue. In contrast to Charlie, Brandon can acknowledge and appreciate her accomplishments. Given that both Cassie and Brandon are unconcerned with the depth of their emotional connections with romantic partners, they make the ideal match.

Cassie is more worried about spinning a story that she dumped Charlie to preserve her reputation when he splits up with her than she concerns herself with the actual breakup. Instead of having feelings for Julie in his heart, Brandon only desires to be reunited with her since his relatives and co-workers care about her.

Seeing as Cassie and Brandon are more concerned with how their relationship appears to others, their ideas regarding love do complement, resulting in a chance that they might get together.

In the very final scene, Brandon requests two glasses of prosecco for Cassie and himself, the same white wine that Cassie refused to even sip when she was with Charlie. Cassie might believe Brandon is subordinate to her in several ways due to his taste in wine. Cassie won’t necessarily reject Brandon as a partner, though, so that’s not to say she won’t.


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