Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Sky After Rain

Episode 7 of Love In The Air opens with Payu at work. After he checks his phone he is worried that he has not text messages from Rain. He calls Rain multiple times but after the latter does not respond, Payu leaves work immediately to rush back home.

Outside his house, he meets Saifah who wonders why there was a bag of takeout food right across their main gate. Payu is further worried and frantically looks around the entire house only to find Rain nowhere.

Payu is fuming with rage and Saifah tries to calm him down when he gets a call from Rain’s phone. He answers the call only to hear pleas for help from Rain’s end. The boy from the night before – Stop has kidnapped Rain and he warns Payu about hurting Rain.

Stop orders Payu to come crawling to him if he wants to see Rain alive. Rain stops Payu from coming but Stop threatens Payu by sending him a photo of Rain tied up with a geolocation tag. Payu is rushing out when Saifah tries to stop him.

Saifah says that Stop is trying to trap Payu but the latter is aware and wants to have Rain safe before. Payu blames himself for what has happened to Rain and rushes to save him. Stop’s friends are mad at him because things are getting out of hand. They leave him alone in fear of Payu.

Stop says that the man embarrassed him and he wanted to make Payu suffer. When Rain stares Stop down, he strikes him across the face. He frees Rain’s mouth and the latter spits on Stop stating that Payu would never fall into the traps of a loser like him.

Stop warns that once he is done killing Payu, it is Rain that he will get to. Rain thinks of distracting Stop before Payu arrives so that he is not in danger but Payu shows up soon after. Once Payu arrives, Stop wants to humiliate Payu and asks the latter to kneel before him.

Rain stops him from doing so but Payu complies. Stop humiliates Payu further by making him face the floor right in front of his feet. Payu crawls to Stop’s feet and unwillingly puts his face on the floor. Stop puts his feet up on Payu’s shoulder as his friends take pictures of Payu.

Stop kicks Payu and further threatens to harm Rain in order to make him comply with his requests. He starts punching Payu as Rain watches restlessly from the chair he is tied to. P’Chai makes it to the location with his men while Payu is still being beaten up by Stop.

When Stop tries to get to Rain, Payu grabs his ankle to stop him. Stop steps on Payu’s hand and the latter screams in pain. Just then, P’Chai and his men arrive at the scene, rescuing Rain and Payu. Once Rain is free, he apologises to Payu for causing trouble. He is upset that Payu had to be humiliated in front of Stop. P’Chai apologises to Payu for showing up later than expected.

As it turns out, Payu had secretly given Saifah the address to Rain’s location because one of Stop’s friends was watching Payu. Before being taken away, Stop warns P’Chai by saying he would have his father talk to Mr Pakin and have them all fired.

P’Chai is angry and starts beating Stop up narrating how important Payu is to Mr Pakin. Rain takes his chance and kicks down Stop for beating Payu up before the couple leaves to go back home. The next day, Payu wakes up in bed with bruises all over his face and body as well as a tiny fractured pinky finger as Rain sits by him.

Saifah is on a call with Chai who apologises for not taking care of Stop before due to his busy schedule. Saifah leaves Payu and Rain. Rain is afraid of hurting Payu but the biker asks him to sit closer to him. Payu and Rain confess their respective feelings and end up making out in bed after saying that they love each other.

The college break ends after a few weeks and Rain has taken his friends to the hotel Payu recommended. His friends wonder who Rain is dating but he does not make any revelations. He gets a call from Payu and he moves aside to answer the call.

Rain keeps his chat curt and notices Ple leave alone. He offers to join her when the call is still on and Payu seems upset. Payu states that he will be arriving at the hotel soon and Rain is worried. As soon as Payu makes an appearance, Som (Ple’s brother) starts swooning over him.

Rain is worried about confronting Payu. Sky tells Rain that he should be worried about how both siblings, Ple and Som were ogling Payu. After Payu joins Rain at their table, he states that he was at the restaurant to pick up his partner.

Rain immediately states that he was going to leave to go home and Payu stands up too. Payu states that Rain was his partner which embarrasses Rain. He eventually states that Payu is his boyfriend and the couple leaves. While in the car, Payu and Rain bicker about who has their eyes on Payu. Payu mentions that he has eyes only for Rain.

Rain promises to beat Payu up if he ever ends up cheating on him. The episode then moves on to Prapai and Sky. The two live in totally different worlds where Prapai is the heir of a large business and Sky is a common man’s son. Prapai drops by Payu’s house on a day off and asks Rain for Sky’s number.

He shares that he had helped Sky get out of the race track when Rain and Sky had shown up unannounced the first time. Rain unwillingly gives Sky’s number to Prapai. Prapai calls Sky a couple of times but the latter does not answer. Sky is having breakfast with his father and he claims that the call could be a spammer.

The episode ends with an epilogue with Rain and Payu in bed. Rain is shocked to learn that Payu messed with his car to get Rain to talk to him. Payu says that he was attracted to Rain from the minute he held the umbrella open for him the first night they met.

The Episode Review

The conflict in Thai BLs is so mediocre that one day, fans will stop paying attention to them in the future. There was no way Stop as a villain was introduced in the fifth episode for him to go out and kidnap Rain two episodes later.

I wish the writers invested some time in fleshing out his revenge on Payu better and that there was a bigger reason behind his annoyance with Payu. Maybe he used to have a crush on Payu or better Payu’s father had wronged Stop’s father in the past.

The romantic angle between Payu and Rain is what saves the day. They are so chaotic but cute at the same time that all foul is forgotten. I am really looking forward to what Sky and Prapai have in store in the episodes to come.

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