Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Could You Be the Sky That Becomes my Destination?

Episode 10 of Love in the Air starts with Prapai talking to his father over the phone. The businessman confesses that he was taking time off from work because his partner was unwell. He promises his father that he wasn’t fooling around this time and is serious about his relationship. Sky wakes up and is shocked to see Prapai in his apartment.

He tries to push Prapai away but the latter claims that Sky had been clinging to him all night. A flashback shows Sky having his usual nightmare and how Prapai helped him recover by holding him close. Present-day Prapai teases him about how Sky hugged him and Sky wants to get away from him altogether.

Prapai puts Sky back to sleep and starts tending to him. Prapai brings his work to bed with Sky and continues to tend to him while he sleeps. The businessman also brings him food and helps him throughout the day. Sky clings on to Prapai over another night after his subsequent nightmare. Once Sky has fully recovered, he unwillingly asks Prapai to leave him alone and the biker jokes how Sky has no mercy.

Prapai asks what he gets in return for taking care of him and Sky says that if sex is all that he wants, he won’t be getting it. The businessman explains that actually wants a relationship with him but asks him to refrain from blocking his number. Prapai asks to be allowed to pursue Sky and leaves to go to work.

Sky starts smiling to himself once Prapai leaves but the biker opens the door again to tell him that there was food in the refrigerator for him to eat. Sky rushes and kisses Prapai on his cheek before bidding him farewell and locking the door behind him. The student is blushing after Prapai has left. Meanwhile, Prapai is invited to another race where he meets and chats up with Payu.

The race ends up getting cancelled due to bad weather and Payu states that he was going to the fresher’s ceremony at the Rain and Sky’s university. The final event of the fresher’s orientation is the Last Cheer and Prapai joins Payu at the event. Rain and his friends are keeping Sky from working because he just recovered from being sick.

Sky is having a hard time as his fever seems to be returning and he is shocked to see Prapai at the university. He checks up on Sky and brings him his medicine. Sky takes the medicine and tries to nap on Prapai’s shoulders. Prapai offers to take Sky home as he is unwell but Sky wants to stay for the final ceremony.

The biker tells Sky that he may seem like a player but his intentions with Sky are honest and that he really wants to pursue a serious relationship with him. The next morning, the seniors are welcoming all juniors by tying threads on their wrists and Prapai is happy as he watches Sky enjoying himself.

Sky is at the gate bidding the juniors farewell when Prapai joins him. He is back to his normal bickering self with Prapai but the latter asks for his reward for taking care of Sky the night before. Sky is worried about what Prapai will ask him to do but the biker asks the student to reward him by flashing his smile.

Sky is shocked but the couple is interrupted by a set of freshers. The freshers thank Sky for working so hard despite his poor health in order to give them a celebration. Once they have left, Prapai asks Sky to show his true feelings and smile if he was really happy about the compliment. Sky begins smiling from ear to ear and Prapai is elated watching him smile.

They go back to Sky’s apartment complex and Prapai watches Sky in bed the morning after. Prapai is losing his mind over not being able to make out with Sky but he tries to calm himself down. Sky wonders why he isn’t feeling angry at Prapai’s advances and wonders if he has started liking him. Prapai takes Sky to the Korean restaurant that he had visited with Rain and Payu in the past.

Since Prapai is a businessman associated with the restaurant’s owner, she greets him and Sky is left astounded after learning about Prapai’s influence. Prapai promises to take Sky out to much better restaurants in the future. Sky jokes that Prapai is the type of person who can hook up with anyone and Prapai reveals that he has not been with anyone since he met Sky.

At the apartment complex, P’Joy is gossiping about Sky and Prapai when the couple makes it to the building. Sky reveals that he was not dating Prapai and that the businessman was only here to help Sky recover from his fever. P’Joy and the others are still convinced that Sky and Prapai were hooking up. Sky does not like people assuming the nature of his relationship with Prapai.

The two make it to Sky’s house and Prapai hangs around Sky as the student focuses on his work. Prapai clings to Sky and the latter seems to be warming up to the idea of Prapai. He begins writing a journal as Prapai changes into comfortable clothes. As the two sit beside each other, Prapai draws the symbol of wind over Sky’s palm and Sky returns the gesture by drawing a much neater symbol over Prapai’s palm.

After Sky is done with his work, Prapai ass him to sit to have dinner. The two starts talking about their respective personal lives and Sky seems to be okay with sharing more information about his life with Prapai. After they share a romantic moment, Prapai leans in to kiss Sky who had been expecting it but stops before doing so. Prapai states that he will be holding himself back until Sky is fully ready.

Prapai stays the night in Sky’s room but the student does not let him share the bed and asks Prapai to sleep on the floor. Seeing that he would have to leave and go to his own house, Prapai agrees to sleep on the floor. Both Sky and Prapai look at the drawings on their palms as they go off to sleep.

A prologue shows how Prapai looked up online how to tend to a sick person as he helped Sky recover when he was ill by changing his sheets, giving him a sponge bath as well as calling his mother to ask for remedies to get Sky to heal. Sky’s journal entry is revealed as well where he notes down the things Prapai likes doing including bike racing. 

The Episode Review

Doesn’t everyone want someone like Prapai in their lives? It is so endearing to see how Sky is slowly falling in love with Prapai. The two are so much fun together but I cannot focus on the fact that how rushed their romance seems. Since the makers decided to split both stories, it is seeming too hasty how Rain and Payu as well as Sky and Prapai fell in love so soon.

I know that the next couple of episodes are going to be about how Prapai and Sky start dating and are a lovey-dovey couple and it is what Sky really deserves. I wish that the show would have more episodes but we will have to deal with the fact that there are only two more episodes of the show before the special finale.

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