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The Car Kiss

Episode 9 of Love in Contract begins in the past, with Ji-Ho moving out from his parents’ place and living on his own. It’s hot as hell though, and he ends up sweating profusely in his room. His roommate happens to be a girl from a grade below, and with pervy guys in the dorm, he protects her by calling her his sister. This is Ji-Eun, but she doesn’t stick around though, soon leaving the apartment complex for bigger and better things. However, we now understand her connection to Ji-Ho.

In the present, Jung Ji-Eun introduces herself as Ji-Ho’s ex-wife, which certainly shocks Sang-Eun. Ji-Ho ignores the woman though and instead grabs Sang-Eun’s arm and takes her outside. He explains that Ji-Eun is like family, and they got married but ended up divorcing seven years back.

Sang-Eun decides to walk the rest of the way home, but points out she doesn’t care about Ji-Ho’s ex-wife, she wanted to know exactly why he showed up at the hotel and why he drove her home, both of which he’s failed to tell her.

That night, Hae-Jin shows up to see Sang-Eun after his shoot. He’s there to try and cheer her up. Oh, and also to return her purse too. However, a drunk Ji-Ho notices him helping her out and believes it’s the attacker back. He pounces on Hae-Jin and begins slapping him, until Sang-Eun jumps in and stops him. As she pulls him off, Ji-Ho ends up passed out and asleep, just like that!

Hae-Jin brings his uncle into the fray to help out. With Ji-Ho still passed out and asleep, Hae-Jin spends time with Sang-Eun and decides to get some food cooked. While sitting together, Hae-Jin asks her why she lashed out at the big party in the past, to which she replies she was living in the moment. She’s always been good at seducing men and flirting, but never experienced true love in all of that.

While Hae-Jin heads off to get more food, Ji-Ho awakens and speaks to Sang-Eun. He’s worried that everything they’ve experienced together was all part of the contract and not her true emotions. When Ji-Ho groggily says he wants to kiss, and Sang-Eun says the same, Hae-Jin jumps in and kisses Sang-Eun instead.

Everything is awkward in the morning, with Ji-Ho lashing out and telling Hae-Jin not to cross the line. Hae-Jin bites back and tells him to stop seeing Sang-Eun from now on, given the pair have now confirmed their feelings for one another. The thing is, that’s not true and in fact, Sang-Eun is flustered and struggling to tell Hae-Jin that she made a mistake. She does eventually say it, and it crushes Hae-Jin, who struggles to take the news well.

Meanwhile, Miss Yoo learns that Sang-Eun is the mystery woman dating Hae-Jin. She tells Sang-Eun she’s done well, likening what she’s done to grabbing a diamond rope and clinging to her riches. Sang-Eun leans into this, taunting Yoo.. but the latter has a scheme of her own. She rings Mr Choi and confirms that Sang-Eun is dating Hae-Jin and decides they need to paint a picture of the pair together.

Sang-Eun shows up to see Ji-Ho next, pointing out that she could easily terminate their contract after hearing him slander her to his ex-wife. Ji-Ho points out that the earlier chat was actually to persuade himself and see where her true feelings lie; the party, her confession, and kissing Hae-Jin that night, what is her true intentions?

Ji-Ho admits he came to confess his true feelings to her at the hotel, and just like that Ji-Ho leans forward and kisses her.

The Episode Review

Ji-Ho finally plucks up the courage to tell Sang-Eun his true feelings, and the ending is a great moment for him and the others. There’s an air of confidence to Ji-Ho’s actions now, although you just know that Miss Yoo and the meddling corporate bigwigs are going to cause havoc for these two in the future.

The Hae-Jin love-triangle is given a bit of extra attention this episode and we do see a softer side to Hae-Jin, which is good to see. It’s a pity that this has taken so long and come off the back of some questionable development previously, namely that of him paying someone to snap pictures of Sang-Eun in private.

Either way though, the ending leaves things wide open for the rest of the series, with plenty more drama to come I’m sure!

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