Love In Contract – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Lingering Feelings

Episode 8 of Love in Contract begins with Sang-Eun predictably making a mess in the flat. Gwang-Nam isn’t exactly best pleased about cleaning up after her but seeing the finished product – her delicious cake – changes his mind. It doesn’t change Ms Yoo’s mind though, who immediately gets into a verbal duel with Sang-Eun about her career and what it means to be loved. Sang-Eun is not happy.

That night, Sang-Eun and Ji-Ho have their usual dinner but it’s awkward in silence. Ji-Ho eventually points out that he remembers everything that happened between them that night and even smiles too. He’s definitely lightened up a little in her presence and his smiling allows her to soften… until Ji-Ho brings up her compliment about his eyebrows and how crazy she is, which makes her a bit embarrased.

Gwang-Nam is brought in to see Hae-Jin and decides to hire him as a bodyguard. Gwang-Nam isn’t sure but soon changes his tune when he Sees the monthly salary. This new role would mean he needs to stay close to Hae-Jin at all times, but it’s a big commitment. Gwang-Nam confesses that he’s gay, but Hae-Jin shrugs it off like it’s nothing, pointing out his friend is gay too and it’s only being misunderstood for a homosexual that bothers him. This seals the dealand Gwang-Nam decides to work for him after all.

However, Hae-Jin’s real issues stem from his family, and between the estranged relationship with his brother and his father’s cold demeanour, Hae-Jin is stuck in a tough position. As we know, he’s hired Sang-Eun to play the role of his fake wife but its not flying with his family. They want to set him up with a woman that will benefit the family and increase their stature.

The next day, Ji-ho and Sang-Eun head out together for another work trip. This time though Ji-Ho is much more attentive, helping Sang-Eun out by collecting her golf ball and helping her. This all comes about after heading on the forums the previous night and asking random people online about Sang-Eun.

Unfortunately, Sang-Eun’s situation is made all the more difficult when she learns that Eena Group want her to leave the country. Given the nature of her work and what’s happening with Ms Yoo, she instead turns to Ji-Ho, deciding they should head out for some food and talk.

Before that happens, she runs into Hae-Jin’s mum, who suggests they go out and have a drink. That’s certainly an awkward encounter, given she catches her right as she’s moving books and wearing comfort clothes – hardly the model of sophistication she may be expecting.

Sang-Eun manages to hold the cards close to her chest, and makes an impression with Hae-Jin’s mother’s assistant, who comments how he found class radiating from her given she understood a conversation on an adjacent table in French and knew about the tea too. As for Hae-Jin’s mum, she’s less sure and comments how she recognizes Sang-Eun from somewhere.

As a result, she contemplates whether to investigate Sang-Eun, leading Hae-Jin to try and take action against his own family, threatening his mother that she’ll lose her only son if she continues down this path.

During dinner with Ji-Ho, Sang-Eun sees more of Ji-Ho’s sensitive side, including him asking her not to lave the country. After a really nice meal, Sang-Eun heads back to her car but there’s a problem.

Hae-Jin is an absolute state, stumbling about and struggling following him drinking and popping pills in his apartment. Sang-Eun can’t just leave him like that so she drives him to the Hotel and helps him into his room. Pictures are inevitably snapped and sent to the media, with headlines run about her being easy-going. Of course, this comes right off the back of Ji-Ho saying goodnight to her and Sang-Eun admitting she’ll sleep well.

Ji-Ho ends up seeing the news and while sitting with the other staff members, learns they’re the ones who have been replying to him on the anonymous forum. They don’t realize it’s him though and their replies, calling the online questioner a loser, prompt him to leave.

Ji-Ho rings Sang-Eun and asks her to explain why she was with Hae-Jin. She tells the truth, pointing out what happened, but Ji-Ho catches her off-guard by suggesting they meet right now.

Everything goes awry when Sang-Eun shows up at the hotel. It turns out his ex-wife is actually there and she’s working as a lawyer for Haejin’s family.

The Episode Review

Another good episode of Love In Contract deepens the ties between the characters, although I just cannot see a future between Hae-Jin and Sang-Eun. The pair are not compatible together and they don’t really have any chemistry. While his story is tragic and more empathetic now than before, it’s not really romance-material.

Meanwhile, Sang-Eun and Ji-Ho are certainly growing closer together and it’s great to see Ji-Ho start to understand his own emotions after keeping them repressed for so long. Unfortunately, that ending looks like everything is about to be turned upside down. Roll on next week!

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