Love In Contract – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

Hae-Jin’s Redemption

Episode 13 of Love in Contract starts with Ji-Ho saving Yoo on the road. The pair are both okay but Ji-Ho ends up with a broken arm as a result. Sang-Eun arrives, worried about Ji-Ho, and decides to be his caregiver while Yoo tentatively thanks him for saving her. She’s filed this as a hit and run case, but Ji-Ho retorts with “for now”, prompting Yoo to scoff. She knows exactly who’s responsible, knowing it’s a warning from the Chairman for botching the whole Sang-Eun/Hae-Jin ties.

Meanwhile, Hae-Jin decides to do the right thing and publicly announce that he and Sang-Eun are not a couple anymore and breaking up. He rings Sang-Eun to let her know and apologizes for messing everything up with his attitude. Sang-Eun encourages him to do what he can to find happiness and promises to cheer him on from the sidelines.

When Ji-Ho’s boss and colleagues show up at hospital to check on Ji-Ho, they have nothing but nice things to say about him. In fact, his boss immediately comments how the gossip around the office has died down and he knows that Ji-Ho clearly cares deeply about Sang-Eun. After the group hand over their gifts, they leave Sang-Eun to take care of Ji-Ho. He’s got a smile on his face and he’s super grateful for her helping to turn his work friends around.

Hae-Jin gives his public address and tells everyone not to bother Sang-Eun anymore. Ji-Ho and Sang-Eun end up watching it together at the hospital, with Ji-Ho commenting what a good guy he is. However, Ji-Ho has a hospital phobia and decides to pack his things and get ready to leave for home treatment.

When they do, Gwang-Nam drives them back but decides to stay at Ji-Jo’s while Ji-Ho stays with Sang-Eun at their place, deciding she should look after him.

Whilst this is going on, Ji-Ho learns more about Madame Yoo and why she’s always lurking in the shadows around Sang-Eun. She clearly has a strange maternal love for Sang-Eun, which is confirmed later n when we learn she is, in fact, her mother. She’s not exactly had Sang-Eun’s best interests but wanted her to be elevated to the position of royalty.

With Ji-Ho living with them for the time being, Yoo can sense that Sang-Eun genuinely likes Ji-Ho. Ji-Ho confronts Yoo and explains that he knows she’s Sang-Eun’s biological mum but wants them both to get along, just like old times. He knows Eena Group are threatening her and, by extension, Sang-Eun.

Sang-Eun is propositioned by Kang Seon Jin while this is going on, who suggests they should get married and believing he can leapfrog Hae-Jin and dangle her paying off Yoo’s debts as a way of spinning things to his liking. He lets Sang-Eun think about it, and that night she riffs to Gwang-Nam and Ji-Ho about what happened. However, they’re interrupted by Hae-Jin giving a big speech and finally coming to terms with his own insecurities and issues live on-air.

The Episode Review

Love in Contract returns this week with a redemptive chapter for Hae-Jin. He finally gets a compelling series of scenes, typified by both of those appearances on TV and helping Sang-Eun out. It’s a good way of rounding out his character, but again another indication that he’s been really wasted through this season and his actions have been questionable on occasion.

Meanwhile, Ji-Ho and Sang-Eun continue their ties together and it’s great to see them sharing banter and really leaning into the comedy. The pair have crackling chemistry and that much is especially evident here. However, it would appear that more drama involving Eena Group could come through, leaving the door wide open for the remaining 3 episodes.

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