Love, Divided (2024) Movie Review – A classic run-of-the-mill feel-good romantic comedy

A classic run-of-the-mill feel-good romantic comedy

Love, Divided is a recent Spanish rom-com on Netflix that tells the story of Valentina, a budding pianist played by Atiana, and her new neighbour, David, portrayed by Fernando Guallar. Valentina’s love life is a bit of a mess after breaking up with her boyfriend, Oscar, who also happens to be her piano coach. Despite her talent, she feels obligated to Oscar for his support, even though her true passion lies in singing and composing.

David on the other hand, is quite the character. He’s introverted and anxious and prefers the comfort of his home, where his only companion is his cat, Murphy. His best friend, Nacho, occasionally drops by for a visit. David’s work-from-home setup is disrupted by noise, especially from his neighbours. He’s so particular about his peace and quiet that he goes to great lengths to get rid of any noisy neighbours. However, when Valentina enters the picture, David finds himself in a clash where neither is willing to back down.

The movie is like a revamped version of the French film Blind Date. It’s a romantic comedy where the main idea is two complete strangers connecting through a wall. This special wall lets them chat every day. At first, they clash, then they become friends, and eventually, they fall in love. Their relationship helps them overcome their fears and become better people.

In “Love, Divided,” Aitana Ocaña, a Spanish singer, takes up acting for the first time and nails it as the adorable Valentina. With her charming ‘girl-next-door’ attitude and cute bangs, you can’t help but cheer for her character. Fernando Guallar, on the other hand, walks in the shoes of David, a man who’s been holed up at home for years and isn’t a big fan of people. Guallar’s portrayal skilfully captures the emotional rollercoaster of David’s character. From his geeky charm to his heartfelt moments, Guallar delivers a performance that feels genuine and relatable.

Aitana and Fernando’s chemistryis off the charts, even though they mostly interact through a solid wall. They bring the love-hate dynamic to life, showing how enemies can become friends when faced with a unique situation. Their dialogues feel natural and spontaneous, making their growing bond seem quick but exciting. Valentina is what you call a classic rom-com lead.

Freshly single and in a new place, she’s all over the map emotionally. She’s got talent but is unsure about her path, thanks to her ex who pushed her towards piano instead of her true passion, singing and composing. Valentina feels indebted to her ex for everything she has, but David helps her see things in a new light. David is a shy toymaker who prefers not to go out much. He’s a bit of a stickler, which causes some friction.

The film also features an antagonist, Oscar, who manipulates Valentina, pushing her away from her true passion. Supporting them are Carmen, Valentina’s cousin, and Nacho, David’s business partner and best friend, who stand by their sides through thick and thin.

Love, Divided is a classic run-of-the-mill Netflix romantic movie, fitting right in with all those cringe-worthy yet totally lovable films you find on the platform. In layman’s terms, it is a warm hug of a movie, just like you’d expect from a rom-com, and of course, it ticks all the boxes for a happy ending, just like any rom-com fan would hope for. 

The best part of the film is its climax, which is also super heartwarming. Both characters push past their doubts and finally embrace each other, flaws and all. It’s the kind of ending that leaves you feeling all fuzzy inside.

The movie runs for 1 hour and 38 minutes. It starts off well-paced, but when the love story begins, things speed up. The characters are great, but the romance feels rushed. Two strangers fall in love through a wall in just a few days. They start depending on each other emotionally very quickly, which seems a bit unrealistic, speedy, and annoying.

Love Divided may not have that “wow” factor, but it sure knows how to charm its way into your heart with its sweet romance and heartfelt emotions. Sure, it might get a bit too mushy at times, and you can probably guess how it’ll end, but we can all agree that it’s all part of the fun. Love Divided is perfect for a cosy movie night with your special someone.



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  • Verdict - 6/10

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