Love, Death + Robots: Season 3 Episode 5 “Kill Team Kill” Recap & Review

Kill Team Kill

Episode 5 of Love, Death & Robots Season 3 starts with a platoon 500 meters away from their objective. The trouble is, they haven’t had radio contact with anyone for 50 minutes. It soon becomes clear why – Team Two has been wiped out in a bloody massacre.

The culprit soon appears through the trees – a monstrous half cyborg/half bear. The group call it a honey badger, as it viciously kills several of the group while they try to fight back. Thankfully, Sergeant Morris shows up – one of the soldiers stationed at Camp Eisenhower – and manages to stop the creature. At least temporarily anyway.

As we soon learn, this mechanically grafted cyborg bear was actually part of the taskforce but it turned on them. As the group use another robot – named MAARS Bot – to help them out, the creature attacks again. This time though, the group unload as many bullets as they can on the mechanical monster.

After playing possum, the bear rises up once more and looks set to kill the remaining members of the group. A bazooka to the chest, followed by the Sergeant pummeling this bear in the head seems to do the trick, ending its rampage.

Folen passes away and with two members of the group left, they breathe a sigh of relief… until an explosive pops out the bear and blows the place to kingdom come.

The Episode Review

Kill Team Kill changes the tone and feel of this season, leaning into more crude and shocking humour than before. Fans of shows like Rick and Morty will probably have a blast with this chapter, given the amount of action and explicit gore this one plays with.

The premise is pretty straightforward in truth, and the story does a decent job of continuing this common thread of robots turning on their human masters to cause havoc across the world.

The ending eventually rounds out with everyone dying, which I guess is a pretty fitting way to close things off. It would also seem very unlikely that there would be a follow-up to this one. Either way, this is going to be one of the more divisive chapters on the roster this year.

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  1. Great review. So far this was the best episode I’ve seen in the series

    @Anon: Looks like you don’t even know what “racist” even means because anyone who heard the end credits will disagree. Its more common to see liars like you than racist animators.

  2. Not to mention that the song in the end credits is RACIST!!! This is not the first time an animation group has gotten away with blatant racism in these series of shorts.

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