Love, Death + Robots: Season 3 Episode 4 “The Very Pulse of the Machine” Recap & Review

Night of the Mini Dead

Episode 4 of Love, Death & Robots Season 3 is the shortest chapter of the whole season, an amusing jab at the often overused zombie apocalypse trope. However, the beginning is rather unconventional, showing two little figures having sex and unintentionally starting the apocalypse to follow. A spire falls from the top of a church, fires begin and zombies rise up from the ground.

Cities are quickly overwhelmed, and a beautiful montage shows all of this in its glorious, violent delight. Flamethrowers and rockets do well to hold off the horde for a while, but eventually it’s all too much. With a nuclear explosion causing the zombies to mutate and become far more ferocious, all the nations across the planet decide to turn nukes against Earth, ending everything with a massive explosion. Or, well, it would be if we were close. The camera zooms right out to the Milky Way, where our existence is wiped out with far less aplomb.

The Episode Review

Night of the Mini Dead uses some excellent stop motion and a great use of comedy to really ramp up the zombie invasion. Seeing the different countries and how they’ve all become overwhelmed is a nice change of pace too, especially as we mostly only see this from the US side and not a more globally encompassing viewpoint.

The art works beautifully against the story of the invasion and the surreal comedy works in tandem with the music and the plot, which are all suitably crazy and end with humanity biting the dust.

Despite being the shortest chapter, this one packs one heck of a punch nonetheless!

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