Love, Death & Robots Episode 17: “Alternate Histories” Recap & Review



Kill Hitler

Moving back into comedy territory, Alternate Histories poses an interesting and amusing question to us – If you could go back and kill Hitler, how would you do it?

Armed with a quirky art style and an amusing undercurrent of dark comedy, Alternate Histories is essentially one long, violent trip down memory lane. Clocking in at 5 minutes, this episode poses interesting scenarios around what would happen to the world if Hitler died at different stages of his life. From different people landing on the moon to the entire future of the world changing, Alternate Histories is an amusing little episode that’s just about the right length to prevent it feeling stagnated.

The art style is suitably unique too, using a combination of basic cartoon animation with bites of CGI to bring the episode to life. On top of this, there’s a distinct robotic feel here thanks to the passive voice of the AI talking us through each different scenario that takes place. This ultimately works really well, combining the dark comedy and amusing scenarios with an emotionless cyborg voice to really sell the concept.

For the most part, the episode works well and acts as an interlude between some of the more serious and adrenaline soaked episodes in the series. Much like When The Yogurt Took Over, Alternate Histories is a short episode and at 5 minutes, there isn’t much content to digest through here.

Still, the scenario is a good one and the future ideas are certainly original enough to help it stand on its own. Having said all of that, it’s not an episode you’ll likely return to in a hurry but it is long enough to make for an amusing moment’s rest in Love, Death & Robots.


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