Love, Death & Robots Episode 15: “Blind Spot” Recap & Review


A Need For Speed

Compared to some of the other episodes in this anthology, Blind Spot doesn’t reinvent the wheel or deliver anything particularly outstanding. What it does do however, is use colour and lighting to great effect to stage a high-speed chase in an action-orientated episode.

The story itself revolves around a dysfunctional gang of cyborg thieves who come together to rob a heavily armoured convoy vehicle. What ensues from here is a high-octane thrill ride where the gang try to seize the vehicle and make off with the goods inside. The suicide mission goes as you’d expect, with a nice little twist at the end to go with the plethora of other twists the series does so well.

The quirky art style feels ripped out of Treasure Planet, complete with an almost Disney-esque feel to it but maintaining the same humour and violence you’d expect in something closer to an anime. The result is something that feels both dated and surprisingly original, making for an aesthetically pleasing episode despite the simplicity of its plot.

The characters themselves are generally likable but for the most part, play as little too close to the archetypal stereotypes they portray. The result makes for a rather simple heist that doesn’t do an awful lot other than act as filler and show off the action which is consistently enjoyable throughout.

Unlike some of the other episodes in Love, Death & Robots, Blind Spot doesn’t really have an underlying theme or much purpose to its action. It’s simply an enjoyable, adrenaline soaked thrill-ride intent on creating as much carnage as possible. There’s nothing wrong with that of course but in comparison to some of the other episodes here, it does feel a little light on content and a bit forgettable next to so many other thematically strong episodes.


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  1. While watching this episode I’m surprised my friends still like me because the whole time I was making fun of its obvious stereotypes and how this is essentially the opening to borderlands 2.

    However the art style was so attractive and I really do love borderlands, so despite the jokes, I’d watch more

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