Love At First Kiss (2023) Movie Review – A fascinating concept that fails to leave its mark

A fascinating concept that fails to leave its mark

Alauda Ruiz de Aza’s romantic drama “Love at First Kiss,” recognized as “Eres T” in Spanish, is the latest romcom on Netflix. It centers on Javier, a publisher who possesses the ability to predict every detail of his future love life after just one first kiss. Javier foresees a strong future with a woman named Lucia, and interestingly the woman is his best friend’s girlfriend. This causes circumstances to drastically change.

As Javier begins to look for the love that he is destined to end with, the hunt for “the one” serves as the movie’s central theme. He is forced to choose between sticking to the routine or going through something unexpected. His ability to predict his fate with the girl he kisses, therefore, serves as both a blessing and a torment. As a consequence, the movie offers an analysis of contemporary relationships through a special device that injects new life into the romantic comedy subgenre.

The movie subtly analyses contemporary romantic relationships while challenging the conventions of a typical love story. It explores the complexities of a modern love story where people fall both in and out of love instantly using its psychic twist. The narrative is realistically grounded through the main character’s emotional struggles, even though Javier’s abilities give it a hint of fantasy.

The conundrum of finding love with his best friend’s partner serves as the initial challenge Javier faces. The parallel between routine and excitement that partners in almost all relationships experience is also explored in the tale. As couples frequently struggle to strike the right balance among various factors, it also examines the contrast between routine and unexpectedness.

Owing to Javier’s blessing, Love at First Kiss is fun to watch, but it drags on a little too much for a movie that lasts an hour and a half. In addition, this, the film downplays friendship because it assumes that it doesn’t hold the same value as romantic relationships, which is a little off-putting.

Although it seems like the movie is thinking more deeply than the typical rom-com, the big ideas that arise from its central premise are never fully expressed and explored. Its lighthearted tone doesn’t blend synonymously with grand ideas about passion and fate, so the balance is a little skewed.

Furthermore, the screenplay is also timid as if it is hesitant to take any significant comedic risks. Since there is no space for humor in this movie, it would’ve been more appropriate if Love At First Kiss had strictly been a romantic drama. However, it’s hard not to appreciate the work Ruiz de Azua puts forth in order to produce something which is not simply another dimwit comedy.

It’s challenging to watch a movie with a lead actor who is so uncharismatic and bizarre to watch. In some cases, a complicated central protagonist adds depth, however in this movie there isn’t anything that makes the audience care about Javier’s errors throughout his life.

In every facet of his work and personal life, Javier is a bullheaded guy who thinks he knows everything. Additionally, the connection between Javier and Lucia Silvia Alonso is initially strong before gradually fading away because Javier just isn’t reliable. The only character in this movie that viewers can empathize with is Ariana, played by Susana Abaitua.

The spontaneity that this sci-fi rom-com, centered around learning to embrace the present-moment desires of its characters, is absent in the movie itself. Love At First Kiss underutilizes its plot device, leaving viewers with the impression that this is tolerable though not nearly as rewarding as its possibility leaves us hoping. Unfortunately, this one’s a bit of a misfire.


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  • Verdict - 4/10

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