Love Alarm – Season 2 Episode 6 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

The Final Alarm

Episode 6 of Love Alarm Season 2 begins in the past at school, as we see Jojo doing laps while Duk-Goo works out the algorithm to Love Alarm on the floor in chalk. As the familiar love alarm cloud formation shows in the sky, we cut back to the present.

Sun-O’s audition has gone pretty well, in fact he’s actually been invited to show up the following day too. At the same time, both Jojo and Hye-Yeong find themselves depressed after their apparent break-up last episode. However, the latter is snapped out of his mood as police rush to the scene and start collecting up stuff from the tables.

Jojo finds herself crying at the bus stop. However, that creepy guy from episode 1 appears and asks how she feels. He holds her wrist but she pulls away. As the truth is revealed, it turns out this is the Love Alarm killer and he’s done all this on the back of being inspired by The Ringing World graphic novels.

He heads out into the road and is immediately grabbed by police officers. They arrest him but this entire scene is really poorly edited. Lackluster elevator music fills the background, accompanied by slow motion edits and some shaky camera work. Eventually this culminates in the police taking him away and the murder subplot finishing.

In the wake of this, Jojo looks over her work for The Ringing World and gives her statement at the police station. She tells them her drawings weren’t an instruction manual and is shocked that someone would use them in that way. On the back of the suicides that occurred last season, Jojo blames herself for continuing to post art.

She eventually writes online why she drew what she did. It turns out she was the sole survivor of a mass suicide back when she was a child and her artwork was an outlet to express her thoughts surrounding this.

With her truths revealed, Jojo messages Sun-O and asks to meet. Here, they gain some closure as Jojo apologizes and says goodbye to Sun-O properly. She’s going to run her marathon and use it as an outlet to clear up everything that’s been bothering her all this time.

She messages Hye-Yeong next, promising to come back when she’s finished. With no preparation and no prior training, Jojo obviously struggles but uses this marathon as a chance to face her past. She then comes to terms with the fact that what happened wasn’t her fault.

Jojo miraculously makes it to the finish line though, where Hye-Yeong happens to be there waiting. Well, I say the finish line. She actually doesn’t finish the race before they start hugging. That’s definitely going to mess up her time!

Meanwhile, Brian Chon leaves the police station to a barrage of reporters around him. It turns out he was questioned by the police all evening regarding the security of Love Alarm. This eventually sees him return to the office where Duk-Goo is situation, still alive but seemingly kept to the shadows for now. He tells his brother to stick to being a developer and give up on releasing 2.0 for now.

We then jump forward in time by a month. Gul-Mi is part of the elite club and meets Duk-Goo. He rings her love alarm and confirms that he’s actually the founding developer she’s wanted to meet all this time.

Five years have passed but now that Duk-Goo is successful, she starts to change her mind about him. In fact, he’s even developing another app that channels whether someone tells the truth or not. Eventually she walks away, heading home where she notices that her online shop has been promoted online.

Sun-o and Hye-Yeong eventually meet up again and reconcile their differences. Sun-o admits that he’s looking after himself a lot more now and gained a lot by moving on. In fact, that includes starring in a brand new movie too.

Yuk-Jo sees this announcement online while she’s out and thinks twice about skipping town. As she arrives back at her apartment and plays the recorded messages from her door, she notices Sun-O. In fact, he repeatedly rang her doorbell ofer time, hoping to see her again.

Realizing that he does care about her, Yuk-Jo heads out into the hallway just in time for her to come face to face with Sun-o. He promises to come back every day to try and ring her alarm.

Hye-Yeong meets Duk-Goo and they talk about Love Alarm and its inception. Duk-Goo admits he doesn’t regret anything that’s happened and hands over something to help her find closure in her life. It’s a mixtape; a collection of all the times Jojo rang Hye-Yeong’s alarm. Only, the tape player doesn’t work so Jojo and Hye-Yeong chuckle, deciding to abandon it and head out for food instead.

While they walk away, hand in hand, the tape player actually starts as we receive a really touching montage of all the moments this pair rang each other’s love alarm. This goes all the way back to the opening episode of season 2 as well, where we see Jojo ringing his love alarm while they were at Hye-Yeong’s apartment.

The Episode Review

Love Alarm’s finale bows out with a pretty tepid conclusion, finishing up all our big plot points but doing so in an obvious and ham-fisted way. Hye-Yeong and Jojo being together has been painfully clear since the first 10 minutes of the opening episode and it’s disappointing to see the show take such a cookie cutter approach to their romance.

In fact, this season has had every cliché in the book, including the obvious longing stares, the “betrayal”, the sidewalk glances across the road and the ensuing montage at the end.

Now, to be fair the montage is actually quite good although it would have been nice to see this go all the way back to season 1 and for both Hye-Yeong and Sun-O too.

Speaking of which, Sun-O has a pretty underwhelming arc here, with his story pushed aside and thrown into this contrived love triangle with only one solution.

It’s quite reminiscent of Start-Up in some ways, where we all knew Dal-Mi and Do-San would get together but narratively it feels like the wrong choice. Well, the same is true here although Sun-o does eventually end up with Yuk-Jo.

Still, one can’t help but feel these two could have benefited from having extra screen-time to develop their relationship a bit more. As it stands, it’s pretty clear that Sun-o doesn’t really love her and would drop Yuk-Jo at the first sign of interest from Jojo. Still, it’s at least something to tape over that wound which I guess is better than nothing!

Elsewhere, Duk-Goo makes an appearance and the only surprise here is that it’s not actually Brian. In fact, Duk-Goo has been alive all this time, kept in solitude and then eventually showing up 5 years later like nothing’s happened. Still, it’s good to see he didn’t actually die last season and the show does a good job giving him some important exposition to deliver on to the audience.

Overall though, Love Alarm season 2 is a pretty lackluster follow up. It’s a season that had one question to answer – Hye-Yeong or Sun-O? and does so in the most obvious and cookie cutter way possible.

It’s not a bad season per-se but it’s certainly not as intriguing as season 1. Instead, what we’re left with then are 6 episodes of formulaic romantic drama, ending with a really nice montage to a really average season.

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27 thoughts on “Love Alarm – Season 2 Episode 6 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review”

  1. I didn’t watch the season 2 knowing that Sun oh and Jojo will not be together and the end. Very disappointing. I wish i never started to watch it. Such waste of time and heartbreaking. I love that Sun-oh and Jojo will have it together at the end. No matter how many challenges they face in all episodes. 😭😭😭😭😭🥱🥱

  2. Let there be season 3 to remedy the mess in season 2…the fans aren’t happy with the ending

  3. This storyline is totally disappointing especially season 2..
    I regret wasting my time watching it joja should have ended up with sun oh…
    Poor plot

  4. I really don’t like JoJo’s choice I mean seriously tomorrow is my paper and because of that drama I overnight to see What was the end and what I got this stupid ending 😑
    I am going to fail in my test ,also my lost for wasting my full day and night for that second season and by the way I really like sun oh 😢♥️

  5. The tech and everything used in this drama is highly welcoming but I’m disappointed 😔 at the ending of this ….it makes me feel I wasted time watching this …..

    There’s no way Jojo and Hyeong are compatible this scene makes our protagonist look like a totally cheap girl ……your ex’s best friend ????

  6. I agree with so many that this drama was a big disappointment. Sun oh and jojo should have ended up together. I don’t get it. Did she not like him from the start? Horrible story line. Waste of time.

  7. Totally hated this drama,Why did they choose Sun Oh to be hurt by that stupid Jojo and that damn friend of his I hate them together with the drama. So they are so happy and beautiful couple! What a nuisance

  8. Season 2 is totally not welcoming.There is no chemistry between Hye yeong and jojo,I don’t really understand why they have to be together.

  9. This season was very emotional and left me disappointed. I thought that it would just take Jojo to be with Hye-Yeong to realize that Sun-Oh was her real choice. To be honest I don’t really see the chemistry between her and Hye-Yeong. Maybe it’s just me but they don’t fit right. Her and Sun-Oh fit like a puzzle piece. She made him feel better when he felt like he had nothing. Honestly, why did they even break up. If she broke up with him so nobody would get hurt, why did she turn around and get with Hye-Yeong then? At some points, I found myself wishing that Sun-Oh and Hye-Yeong would just go their separate ways and forget about Jojo. I just can’t believe she did him like that. I’ve watched many many drama/love story whatever you want to call it, and this ending just doesn’t sit right with me. I’ve tried to understand her choice and why she chose Hye-Yeong but it just doesn’t make any sense. I thought about not watching this whole season but for some reason I still had hope that something would happen and she would come to her senses. It never happened.

  10. I liked the message that the app didn’t know everything and there were possibilities outside it that people could choose but I think if that was going to be the main message they could have still done it without sacrificing character growth and romance. It feels like she didn’t fully face why she broke up with Sun Oh and that she went for someone she was less passionate about out of fear. I liked the message that love could be fostered slowly and that intent was a part of it, but really couldn’t Sun Oh have stayed single till he found someone he really liked rather than trying to love his ex?

  11. This is generally a big waste of time…. This is actually suppose to be one of the best drama but with the crazy ending and all, it just doesn’t make any sense, we really expected more than this.
    Can You please tell us the main reasons for sun-ho and jojo’s breakup? And how possibly can she end up with that senseless Hye young or whatever. The moment it started showing that jojo is having feelings for hye young, the film looks stupid and meaningless to me.
    They should try as much as possible to give us good, better and sound ending that suits this movie better!!!!
    Because this current ending is a big mess

  12. Reasons. Justification. These make for good storylines. The FL may have had her issues and did what she did in highschool but her decision to not date to protect herself should play evenly. You cant use it as justification for Sun oh and then differently on hye Hong and even if there was some attempt for storyline interest why wasnt there an obvious realization that she didnt really love him she was only so lonely through her own stupidity?
    There was never any reason to love Hye Hong over Sun-oh. He never treated her with more affection or more care or did more for her. Its very much like Startup in that in the end the stupidity of the woman will always lead to stupid results, that and the writer is a twisted individual that loves pain and stupidity.

  13. I hate this sooo much mehn how could jojo end up with hye hong i just cannot complete all the season 2 finding out the ending it just sooo horrible
    Hopefully theres a season 3 for all the viewers to be satisfied
    Wasted my time soo much…

  14. I felt bad in episode the way Sun ho looked Jo Jo. He knew very well his friend is following her. I was hoping Jo Jo should like Hye-Yeong not Sun ho but with the story is moving forward I was connected to Sun ho and Jo Jo chemistry. I was hoping them get back in Season 2. I really hated the drama. They should shown strong reason for Sun ho and Jo Jo break up so the track between Hye Yeong and Jo Jo would make sense. The moment I understood that Jo Jo would be picking Hye Yeong, I stopped watching the drama. this might be just a drama but I so liked Jo Jo and sun ho, I can’t get out of them.

  15. Season 2 it just went so bad I was expecting kim jojo with sun Oh ,they made two bad couple Hey yong could be with another girl and there more details that showed in season 1 like the man in the car from final episode , I think it was Jojo’s ex !!
    Can’t they make options like how serious should end?

  16. What the heck…. the story picks the 2nd lead? There is a reason 95% of the dramas don’t make the second lead win. It’s because the audience won’t be happy with it… what the heck.. wasted my time

  17. I was very satisfied to read your review here, and that you had the exact same reaction I did, that the writer’s boxed themselves into making the obvious (and wrong) choice. You even brought up the same other series (Start Up) where I had the same reaction (after that one, it took me awhile to even watch other series with actor Nam Joo-hyuk as his character pissed me off so much). I felt both series ruined a good idea with the direction they went in. For both series, I couldn’t wait until it was over as it was obvious and agonizing to watch, but I needed to watch it to get some closure on characters I had invested in. Sadly though, by the end, I am angry at JoJo as her use of the shield choice shows a lack of love, and what she put Sun-O through leaves me speechless. She stabbed him so harshly so many times, way worse than anything she did, or could do, to Hye-Yeong. Hye-Yeong had a boring story arc that left me uninterested in him. Anyway, it was nice to read your review so I could vent 🙂

  18. I don’t get why there’s only 6 episodes, when they had us waiting until march 2021. Like they should explain why they all had us waiting that long…. for season. stupid.

  19. I honestly don’t like this season 2. I expect jojo to end up with sun oh. I cant see any chemistry between jojo and hye Hong.

    I was so looking forward to season 2 because my expectations was to see jojo and sun nah together.
    I couldn’t finish the last 2 episodes because I wasn’t feeling it.

  20. What do you expect for Sun oh to do anyway? She humiliated him in front of many proving she doesnt ring his alarm anymore but only because of the shield. He had to move on yet he still rings Jojos alarm after 4 yrs.
    Only difference is hye yong was always there for jojo. Sun oh is basically in a relationship and u cant expect him to be chasing jo jo all the time meanwhile hye yong is the available one. Thats why its an upsetting ending because sun oh and jojo were in love until she used the shield

  21. Hey Bernard, thanks for commenting! It hasn’t been renewed just yet but as soon as we find out and get an update from the powers that be at Netflix, we’ll definitely update this recap!

    Did you enjoy the show? How did you find this compared to season 1?

    -Greg W

  22. I’am a fans of this drama from Philippines
    I would like to reccomend season 3 please..there are so many fans of this drama here in Philippines waiting for update about this drama called LOVE ALARM …

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