Love Alarm – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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¬†Episode 2 of Love Alarm begins in the aftermath of Kim Jojo’s kiss, with Sun-Oh telling her he used to be a model before they hurry off together, attempting to escape from the pouring rain. Taking refuge under a bus shelter, Jojo makes it back to work when the rain subsides, confronted by her boss who berates her for her lateness. It’s here we learn that she’s been in debt for 11 years and only paid off half of what she owes.

We then cut back to Hye-Yeong who can’t quite pluck up the courage to tell Jojo how he feels and loses his opportunity, instead reduced to drinking a coke outside. As Sun-Oh heads home, he talks to his friend about their meeting and reveals to him that he kissed Jojo. Hye-Yeong says nothing, visibly heartbroken, before eventually choking out a request for his friend to get changed out of his wet clothes.

Still thinking over the kiss and consumed by guilt, Jojo struggles to fall asleep, instead re-reading messages from Il-Sik as he tries to win back her affection. The next day at school, Il-Sik’s phone goes off, prompting him to thank Jojo for her notification, despite it not being her that set this off in the first place.

Meanwhile, Jojo’s cousin Gul-Mi spies Sun-Oh and immediately believes he’s the one who rang her alarm at school, disgusted when she learns it’s actually Duk-Gu, the boy who everyone dislikes. Despite visibly seeing she doesn’t like him, Duk-Go is persistent, sending her a message and telling her he’ll wait at a park nearby to express how he feels.

Ironically, it’s the same park where Jojo asks Il-Sik to meet him. With Duk-Gu and Jojo sat on adjacent benches, he admits to Jojo how he feels about her cousin and eventually breaks down crying. After comforting him, we cut back to the school where Il-Sik confronts Sun-Oh over pictures of him kissing Jojo. As a fight break out, Hye-Yeong hurries upstairs and breaks it up. Unfortunately, our karate fighter is too strong and as the two nurse their wounds in the aftermath of the fight, they discuss their feelings for Jojo.

As the screen splits in half, both Kim Jojo and Hye-Yeong download Love Alarm and have their hearts synced up to the app. After watching a video of the classroom fight, she heads back to Il-Sik who asks her to ring his love alarm again, a sign to show she still loves him. She shakes her head, admitting it wasn’t her who rung the alarm earlier and is unable to carry out that request.

Angry at her son’s classroom brawl, Sun-Oh’s Mum tells him to clean himself up before an upcoming photo shoot, while Hye-Yeong covers for Jojo at the restaurant, subsequently causing her love alarm to ring. Back home, Gul-Mi finds the phone Duk-Gu gave her and immediately comments on Jojo’s audacity of bringing something from him in the house. It’s a brutal assessment of her character and one that truly shows Gul-Mi’s colours while Jojo contemplates her feelings for Sun-Oh.

Back at school, Gul-Mi snaps after finding out about Jojo’s kiss, lamenting her cousin for taking everything from her, before telling Jojo to admit to everyone what happened at Jeju Island. She tells her cousin she’s a monster if she brings it up, before they grab one another and fight in the hallway. In the aftermath of their brawl, Sun-Oh appears and offers his hand to her. Silently, they walk off together down the hallway with multiple relationships left hanging in the balance.

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