Love After Music Season 1 Review – A well-written, fast-paced music drama

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When I Leave This Place
A Light in the Heart
Song After Song
A Heaven and a Coma
Part of the Air
In This Damn City
The Shadows Left Behind
Love After Love


Fito Paez is a legend in every sense of the word. The Argentinian has recorded more than 20 internationally acclaimed albums, and is regarded as one of the most influential artists in Spanish-speaking popular music. And his songs are super catchy too!

Incredibly talented on the keyboard, and with a rich upbringing steeped in music (and paternal issues, but more on that shortly!) Love After Music plays out as a love letter to Paez, charting his rise, fall and subsequent higher rise in the music scene, between the years of 1978 and 1993.

The story itself is told through a mix of musical montages and straightforward drama, with the first couple of chapters racing through Fito’s childhood while charting his meteoric rise to the forefront of Argentinian rock. The reason for this is soon made apparent as the episodes progress, as the show intersperses key moments from Fito’s life across the recording sessions, rock concerts and recording studio jamming sessions. The result is a rather stylish and well produced show, but it also causes the pacing to feel a little too quick-paced for what’s here.

The crux of the drama is essentially held together through the tenuous and deep-rooted relationship that Fito and his father, Rodolfo have for one another. Rodolfo is the reason Fito has such a passion for music, but his father equally stresses that this isn’t a real career, all the while battling health issues of his own.

From episode 4 onwards, the show takes a darker turn and while I’m not about to spoil what happens, it’s likely that viewers that have stuck around until this point will really find something to sink their teeth into. The opening few chapters by contrast present Fito Paez as something of a”Gary Stu”; a perfect musician with absolutely no flaws whatsoever. That’s not the case though, as we later find out, but the issues are worth pointing out.

The supporting characters come and go, and given how many time jumps this show operates with, it’s perhaps hardly surprising. The spotlight is almost exclusively on Fito Paez, which makes sense given the show is about him! The production design, costuming and general aesthetic is great to compensate for this, and there’s absolutely no denying that Ivan Hochman gives a fantastic performance as Fito Paez. He definitely looks and sounds the part, and it’s credit to the team for bringing such an authentic portrayal to the small-screen.

Pacing issues aside, Love After Music is certainly an enjoyable and well-written music drama. The show pays homage to Fito Paez in the best way possible, and it does so by respecting the man’s legacy and showcasing some of the darkest moments of his life too.


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  • Verdict - 7/10

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