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Love After Love

Episode 8 of Love After Music begins after Fito’s horrific few years. With his family gone and the depressing spiral of events leading to Fito’s album lagging in sale numbers, the small glimmer of hope comes from the police catching the murderer.

“Bring Joy To My Heart” serves as the shining light in a sea of darkness. The track makes it big on the radio and as a result, we pick up this final episode at Tercer Mundo in Concert, 1990. Figo takes to the stage, for another sold-out show.

Does Fito slip back into old habits? What happens with Ceci?

It seems Fito is back in the big time, and on a South American tour, the next we see is a jump forward to Punta Del Este, in Uruguay 1991. Alekandro and Fito head off to see Fena. In the morning, Andres is excited to see him in the country, given he’s been managing Fito’s career for a while, but before their meeting Fito is encouraged to head off to another manic party. We’ve seen over the course of the season exactly what happens to Fito at these parties.

The pounding electronica is too much for our protagonist though, who finds solace down by the beach instead, necking a bottle of whisky while thinking back to time with his father. This has been a constant motif in this season, as segments from 1972 see Fito taught how to play the piano by his father. We know that Rodolfo has been a huge influence on Fito’s life and since his passing, this hole in Fito’s heart has been hard to plug.

In the morning, Fito is given the opportunity to patch things up with Andres, but there are rules to this game. Fito wants everything done his way. Fito is more wise to these games, and this time he wants to think the offer he’s given – of heading off on tour this very year – over before coming to a decision.

Another character who returns here is Cecilia, whom Fito spends more time with, wasting little time picking up where he left off. He clearly has feelings for her, and down on the beach that night, he tells Ceci that he likes her. She leans forward and kisses him. And naturally, the pair end up in bed together the following morning.

What happens in 1992?

In 1992, we catch up with Charly who’s still playing the keyboard and now he and Fito are both on the same page…ish. The person who’s not into this though is Ceci, who isn’t happy that Fito is still off on his rocker lifestyle and not keeping her in the loop over what he’s up to. She tells him to stop messing about and record his album, which has been in the pipeline for a while now. Thankfully he wins her over by serenading her with a song and it’s enough to crack that tough exterior.

Chaco meets with Fito and hands over a ticket into Andres’ world. Specifically a contract to confirm Fito can make a record right now and with an unlimited budget too. Everything from the rehearsals, mixing and even the studio space will be sorted. Not only that, but he’ll have his own recording producer in Carlos Narea and they’ll be joined by recording engineer Nigel Walker.

This serves as the springboard for Fito’s massive album, while the group are still selling out clubs. Andres questions whether there may be another show added to the fold, and Ceci suggests they try and get a large arena. Andres chuckles nervously, but of course it’s up to Fito. Regardless of the fact Andres has managed his career for the last 10 years, the deal here is for Fito to call the shots. Andres concedes, and Fito gets what he wants.

Does Fito perform his biggest show yet?

We then jump to 1993. Fito is nervous the night before his big show, and he thinks back over his beloved grandmother and what happened in the past. All his life has been leading up to this big moment, a chance to prove that he’s in the bigtime. The memories are painful though, and that aforementioned hole isn’t likely to be plugged anytime soon.

Still, Fito’s big moment arrives and he steps up to do his show. This catches us up to the moments at the start of episode 1, as Fito Paez absolutely kills it in front of screaming, adoring fans. El Amor Despues Del Amor becomes the best-selling album in Argentine history, with the songs themselves becoming truly iconic.

So what of Fito Paez? Well, following this series wrapping up, he’s recorded more than 20 internationally acclaimed albums and is regarded as one of the most influential artists in Spanish-speaking popular music. His family is always part of his songs and he has two children, while Fabi and Cecilia are still a big part of his life.

The Episode Review

So Love After Music comes to a triumphant ending after 8 episodes of music, drama and romance. Seeing Fito Paez’s rise, fall and even higher rise has certainly been eye-opening and there’s been some good material in here that makes it well worth a watch.

Some of the drama has felt a little too fast-paced, especially those early years which we see interspersed across the season in flashbacks. It would have been nice to dive a little deeper into that, especially given the paternal motif running through these episodes.

However, as a compelling music biopic, Love After Music has been very enjoyable and Ivan Hochman has undeniably given it all to become Fito Paez himself. The final episode bows everything out with a triumphant, uplifting chapter, with the highlight coming from the (albeit brief) segment just before the big show as Fito thinks back over everything that’s led up to this moment. Whether you’re aware of Fito Paez or not, Love After Music bows out with a triumphant swansong.


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