Lost Romance (2020) – Episode 11 Recap & Review

Chapter 11

Episode 11 of Lost Romance begins with Xiao’En reminiscing about the kiss and Aoran following it with an apology. She thinks of the 100 excuses he could make from ‘I’m sorry.’, ‘Every month there’s a day when I can’t control my mouth’ and ‘Today was that day.’ Eventually it all comes tumbling out into ‘I’m sorry. I actually like men.’

Aoran can’t stop thinking about it either, saying he couldn’t possibly like Xiao’En. Everything that touches his lips – from the brush of a cup to a toothbrush – reminds him of kissing her. He settles on the idea that a ghost must have hit the back of his head.

Xiao’En ponders the amazing notion that maybe he likes her just a little bit.

An annoyed Aoran can’t sleep. He sits up, deciding he must simply like her. He blindly pages through a book listing to himself all the other things he likes – travelling, investing, steak…he’s someone who likes a variety of things.

At 1am he tries to sleep again, but recalls Xiao’En shouting that she likes him. He lands that he kissed her not because he likes her but because she likes him, which puts him at ease.

Xiao’En sits up suddenly, realizing that Aoran started dreaming of Tianxing when Moran appeared. She vows she’ll protect Aoran from Moran. Then wonders how Tianxing is doing, even if she can’t help him.

In his hospital bed, Tianxing suddenly wakes – but its Aoran who was dreaming of himself as Tianxing.

Qiaozhi reports Tianjian has been making his injury known with plenty of news speculation but Mingli ignores the fuss. She plans to meet the board members who are supporting him.

Tianjian knows exactly what his sister is thinking. Uncle He praises him for positioning himself well and they discuss the last obstacle that needs to be removed – Tianxing.

Qiaozhi finds out that Tianjian is making a move and they rush to the hospital to check on Tianxing. Uncle He brings along an injection for Tianjian to use on Tianxing.

As everyone arrives at the hospital they find out that Tianxing has already been moved. Mingli cackles, as it’s to her advantage if someone else protects Tianxing. She realises there’s only one person who could’ve taken him. Shanna and Jason have Tianxing secured.

Qingfeng gives the team final instructions before the event begins. Aoran makes an unscheduled appearance and he and Xiao’En are embarrassed to see each other. Chuchu notices the discomfiture.

Qingfeng calls Aoran out for showing up but he makes an excuse. He runs into Xiao’En and they jointly drop a box on their feet. Xiao’En manages to get it together first.

She limps to the side with a swollen foot and Qingfeng questions her reaction to Aoran. She finds the wax tablet from Chuchu in his pocket and jokes with him. Chuchu walks up and notes the tablet, pleased he has it on him. Xiao’En resumes teasing him after Chuchu leaves.

In the silliness, she loses balance and Qingfeng catches her to sparkly music. Xiao’En tells him this is exactly how he should seize an opportunity with Chuchu. Qingfeng helps her put her shoe back on and Aoran notices, starting to prickle.

Chuchu shows up to chat with Aoran and he asks her to meet later as he has something to tell her. She happily agrees. Xiao’En notices the exchange.

She thinks maybe someone is watching her but soon gets back to work. Later she overhears co-workers talking about her flirting with the CEO. Susan and Qiutian step in to defend her saying everyone flirts with the CEO if given the chance.

They then tell her off for not confronting the women herself. She reminds them that they were bad-mouthing her the previous day, but they apologize and she promises to keep them updated if anything happens.

In the ladies’ room, someone locks Xiao’En in a stall and throws water on her. Stomping in anger, she notices the shimmery ring around her feet.

Chief Editor tells Chuntian that the boss wants him to hire someone in Xiao’En’s place. He says he’ll hold her job but Chuntian will have to do twice the work.

After the chat she runs to the ladies’ and opens a stall door – she sees Xiao’En and drops the door in shock. When she opens it again there’s nothing.

Aoran gets a call from security with his normal update on what Xiao’En is up to. He says he doesn’t need that anymore, but security notes she’s been in the restroom for over thirty minutes. Aoran runs to the rescue.

He removes the door block and she falls out of the stall into his arms. He admits that security alerted him and that he knew it was she in trouble. She’s pleased and he’s still in denial.

She tells him her dream has come true and he calls her a weirdo. But when she asks why he kissed her he says he doesn’t know but he’s looking for the answer. They exit and an upset Chuchu appears from another cube.

Susan and Qiutian help Xiao’En dry off and wonder why Chuchu isn’t concerned about her colleague. Xiao’En kindly presumes the situation is bringing up bad memories for her. Aoran texts Chuchu to meet after work but she makes an excuse. She instead tells Xiao’En she’ll stop by.

Aoran tells Qingfeng about Xiao’En being bullied. Qingfeng checks that it wasn’t Chuchu, definitely Xiao’En. And Aoran went to save her. He mutters that this kind of thing shouldn’t happen to her; that it isn’t right. He’s not able to explain it to Aoran.

At Xiao’En’s house, Qingfeng checks on her, bringing along a feast. She tells him that she believes she’s now the overbearing CEO’s little rose. She thinks it’s true because the CEO came to rescue her and talks about the blissful feeling of being protected.

They drink a toast to finding happiness but Qingfeng is keen to keep on drinking. Xiao’En drinks with him and walks him out afterwards. They chat before he leaves and someone takes pictures of them together – Chuchu.

Chuchu returns the hospital fee loan to Xiao’En, scolding her for getting the CEO involved. She claims she got the money from a part-time job. Chuchu receives a text and says it’s another one from the CEO. She asks Xiao’En if she’ll support her with him. Afterwards, Xiao’En wonders what’s happening.

The next morning is awkward again. Aoran asks if she got home ok and after a chime to their phones, the girls quickly hustle her away. There’s a post on the company site with photos from the previous night. The headline implies Xiao’En is seducing CSO Qingfeng.

The girls tell her she’s top of the company ‘most hated’ list, beating Chuchu’s highest level.  Chuchu forwards the link to Aoran who shows it to Qingfeng. Qingfeng is unfazed. He suggests Aoran should be more concerned about Xiao’En and her safety and asks if he’s thought about why he suddenly lost interest in Chuchu.

Next day at the event, women try to target Xiao’En by tripping or spilling drinks on her. She’s able to avoid or turn things back on them with quick wits and reflexes. Qingfeng is impressed but Aoran says she’s the one who should be protecting him.

On the last day, everyone takes photos in costume before going out to dinner. They all dump their outfits on Xiao’En to clean up and head out. Aoran suggests a photo and Xiao’En says she’ll take it for him. He drags her into the frame for a selfie together instead.

After Aoran leaves, Chuchu is on the attack and pushes Xiao’En to the ground. When she spots the others, she pulls Xiao’En up and throws herself down spouting that Xiao’En pushed her.

The Episode Review

We’re just past the halfway point and now Xiao’En is the female lead. She’s got the glimmer, the ire of colleagues and the CEO running after her. Who says it’s easy to be at the top? But she is absolutely making the most of it.

Aoran and Xiao’En make me laugh – there’s such great balance between them, creating wonderfully awkward moments. And his expressions of befuddlement are killer. I chuckle to myself the whole time.

Qingfeng is pretty much stuck in the friend zone now, isn’t he? Unless things take a turn what can he do without hurting his friend who views him as her best friend? He’s sadly wedged back into the supporting box, just as he had been with Chuchu. The curse of the second male lead!

Meanwhile in the real world, Tianjian has taken a vicious turn and is now ready to push everyone out of his way. And not at all cognizant that he’s Uncle He’s puppet. It’s the first time he’s been recognised at the company and he desperately wants to believe that he is capable and that his Uncle and the Board genuinely support him. Plus, he doesn’t get to see the nasty looks from Uncle He that we see, so takes him at face value.

With Mingli, her methods and thinking are scary but she has legitimately been pushed into a corner. She seems like a pretty clever woman. If only someone would give her a proper chance. She’s right about one thing though – whoever helps Tianxing is inadvertently helping her. At least for the moment.

And speaking of angry women, Chuchu is now feeling betrayed by Xiao’En as she’s lost the interest of Aoran. Remember we talked about Snowbaby a few episodes back? Well, she’s starting to show her frosty side as Chuchu drops the sweet and innocent act.

She won’t stop at using the dirty tricks that others used on her when she was the golden girl, even though Xiao’En helped her when she most needed it. I guess gratitude only goes so far. It’s actually Aoran who comes out looking a little cold in this, having not yet had proper conversations with either of them. Surely that’s to come as a lot happens in a day in the novel world.

FYI, I didn’t notice any specifically different music in this episode, did you? Was last week a fluke? Still, can’t fault the push-pull in another compelling episode.

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