Lost Romance (2020) – Episode 10 Recap & Review

Chapter 10

Lucky us, episode 10 of Lost Romance begins with a replay of Qingfeng pushing the hair off Xiao’En’s face and Aoran putting his hand between them to break the connection. He grabs Xiao’En’s arm and sees a flash of something. Then drags her out behind him.

Outside Aoran scolds Xiao’En for leading on Qingfeng. Xiao’En gives it back about behaviour, from bribing her to stay away from Chuchu to impolitely pulling her away from the table. She drops the hammer on their bickering by saying if he’s afraid of the dark he should go. Low blow.

As she stomps off in the opposite direction there’s a shimmery circle where she steps – like the one that used to glow around Chuchu – the GPS that always connects the leads.

Aoran recalls the vision he had when he grabbed Xiao’En’s arm. And her calling him Tianxing, just like the first time they met.

Aoran arrives home to an annoyed Qingfeng who keeps dubbing him overbearing. Qingfeng asks what will happen if he stops being patient and accommodating with Aoran. He looks pretty heart-broken.

Aoran defends himself saying he thought Xiao’En was toying with him. Qingfeng claims he was happily being toyed with and Aoran shouldn’t worry. When Aoran questions him he confesses he likes Xiao’En and asks Aoran to respect her for his sake. Aoran is floored.

Xiao’En is annoyed thinking about the argument with Aoran. Of course, she also wants to replay his overbearing arm-grabbing move 87 times. She wonders what the author is thinking, as typically female leads are the ones that are dragged away.

Shanna tries to visit Tianxing but Qiaozhi bars her from entering. Meanwhile, Tianxing dreams of being pushed from the building.

But it’s Aoran who wakes up in a sweat. He looks up the significance of dreaming of being pushed from a building and finds it means a huge difficulty is coming his way. ‘Difficulty’ brings up his dilemma and he recalls moments with Xiao’En – disasters of epic proportions. He wonders if Qingfeng actually likes her.

The next morning all the ladies are waiting for the elevator, including Chuchu when the CEO and Qingfeng walk in, still not a good terms. Aoran beelines for Xiao’En to say good morning, passing right by Chuchu, so of course, everyone speculates.

Qingfeng is humming as he works and Aoran calls him on it. He asks if seeing him be nice to Xiao’En has made him this happy. Qingfeng says it has. They talk briefly about Moran and Qingfeng warns him to be careful. Aoran thinks he’s becoming more Xiao’En all the time.

The ladies congratulate Xiao’En for making it through the day without a scolding. Chuchu is acting pouty and weird but they decide to ignore it.

Chuchu gets in the elevator with Qingfeng and asks him to meet her the following evening. She mentions the wax tablet she’d made for him but he thinks to himself that he’d forgotten it a long time ago.

Uncle He meets with board directors and persuades them that Mingli is no longer the best choice for CEO. He advising leaving the battle to the young ones.

After everyone leaves, Tianjian worries he hasn’t won them over but Uncle He reminds him that he’s the only choice. Uncle He has all the answers, including a recording of Tianjian blaming Mingli for the company’s current state. Mingli just happens to find the recording on her desk.

She enters Tianjian’s office and angrily argues with him. He goads her and she beats him up, trashing the office. He’s bleeding from the head in several spots and Uncle He has recorded the whole thing.

Qingfeng tries to cancel his plans with Chuchu but she gives him the puppy eyes so he relents.

Moran approaches Qiutian and Xiao’En – Xiao’En screams when she sees him. He asks about her relationship with Aoran but she says there isn’t one. He discloses that Aoran rushed out upon hearing she was hospitalised. She’s pleased but insists there’s no connection.

Moran tests it with Aoran too but they both deny it. Moran believes he’s onto something.

Susan and Qiutian tackle Xiao’En and want to know what’s happening with her and the CEO. She continues to deny everything but they don’t buy it. Qingfeng rescues her, pretending he needs her help.

Aoran and Moran have lunch and talk about their father and the past. He reminds Aoran that he used to love to scaring him by turning off the lights when they were kids. He asks Aoran to invest 20M and he agrees. Aoran looks uncomfortable at every topic they discuss.

Xiao’En gets to the office and a group of women are talking about her. Her steps are again lit with a golden ring. When she enters, Chuchu exits so she’s the last one in the office. When the phone rings, she picks up then panics.

Aoran asks Qingfeng to dinner but he says he has plans. He presumes Qingfeng is meeting with Xiao’En and thinks: I’m not a stalker, I’m just hungry too… But then his phone rings.

Xiao’En races to the event venue to find that their backdrop has been vandalised.

Qingfeng has dinner with Chuchu and they talk about Aoran. She mentions her worries that she’s doing something to scare off the CEO. He tells her she’s doing fine and repeats the list of attributes Aoran has used to describe her.

As Xiao’En repaints the backdrop it starts to fall toward her but Aoran catches it before it hits her. She wipes the paint from his hand and he looks happy to have her attention. They paint over the graffiti together.

He notes he thought she had plans with Qingfeng and confirms that Qingfeng likes her. Xiao’En says it’s not true because she knows who Qingfeng does like. Aoran observes that she and Qingfeng have secrets together.

She asks about his lunch with Moran but he says it’s a secret too. He checks why she called him Tianxing the first time they met and she explains Tianxing is important to her and they look very much alike.

Qingfeng drops Chuchu home. Moran is outside and implies that he’d tell Aoran that she was out alone with Qingfeng.

Xiao’En finishes the painting as Aoran falls asleep sitting up. She covers him with his jacket but he has a nightmare and jolts awake.

He’s surprised to have slept with her there and mentions that lately he dreams of being called Tianxing and pushed off a building.

She urges him to describe the dream in detail. It’s sounding quite familiar. He can’t remember who pushed him and asks if she knows. She tells him Situ Moran, making him angry.

Meanwhile, is she dreaming or is he? And why is Tianxing in Aoran’s dream? He says he likes her better when she’s not upset and asks if she wants to be liked. Shocking them both, he kisses her – then apologises and runs away.

The Episode Review

Whoomp, there it is! If you’d been waiting for Aoran to figure himself out and make a move – well, he’s almost there. And oh, that little glimmer at Xiao’En’s feet – must be the protagonist GPS, no? It used to sparkle around Chuchu but now we see it bringing attention to and maybe bestowing a little luck on our Xiao’En. If Xiao’En hasn’t noticed yet it looks like Chuchu is about to discover it. She is assuredly feeling the effects of things no longer going her way with Aoran.

So, how is it that women in TV shows (and beyond) believe that someone can steal their man? Surely it’s not stealing but that he makes himself available to leave and hitches onto the nearest opportunity, no?

Maybe I’m overstretching this, but I question whether someone who doesn’t want to leave can be stolen. And I think that’s what we’re seeing with Aoran. He’s already halfway out the door. Aoran kissed Xiao’En – are we surprised? Actually, I am a little after the conversation where Qingfeng said he liked her. But anyway, here we are, finally at Xiao’En’s beginning.

I do feel a little sad for Qingfeng. He’s been such a great friend. And what about the burning? I wait to see what that relates to next so we can try to bridge the information gap. I wasn’t a huge fan of Qingfeng in the beginning, say the first several episodes or more. But lately, he’s earned his way to proper second lead status.

Getting back on topic, how about Aoran’s dreams of Tianxing? I love the way this story is tying together so far, but that has got to be one terrifying dream. And now we see its not just Xiao’En that’s linking Aoran and Tianxing ,but that there’s a legitimate connection between the two. Or does Xiao’En’s presence create that?

Earning notable mention, what spectacular music this episode has, with riffs borrowed from well-known ballets, or at least that’s how it sounded. Have I been so wrapped up in the action that I’ve missed the music to date? (Other than a handful of songs we typically hear.) Or have things stepped up since we’ve reached the halfway mark at chapter 10? Let’s test this theory next time.

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