Lost In Trance Compilation Album Review


Track List

Disk 1

9PM (Till I Come) [Radio Edit] – ATB
Silence [DJ Tiesto’s In Search For Sunrise Remix Edit] – Delerium ft. Sarah Mclachlan
Castles In The Sky [Original Radio Edit] – Ian Van Dahl ft. Marsha
In and Out of Love (feat. Sharon Del Adel) – Armin Van Buuren
Café Del Mar [Three N One Radio Mix] – Energy 52
Adagio For Strings – Tiesto
Seven Days and One Week – BBE
Cry – System F
Better Off Alone – Alice Deejay
Loneliness – Tomcraft
Gouryella – Gouryella
For An Angel [PVD Angel In Heaven Radio Edit] – Paul Van Dyk
Ecuador – Sash!
Greece 2000 – Three Drives on a Vinyl
Komodo [Radio Edit] – Mauro Picotto
1999 [Paul van Dyk Remix] – Binary Finary
Something [Mirco De Govia Remix] – Lasgo
Drifting Away – Lange ft. Skye
ResuRection – PPK

Disk 2

The Launch – DJ Jean
The Theme – Jurgen Vries
Sandstorm – Darude
Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400
Synaesthesia [Paul Van Dyk Dub Mix] – The Thrillseekers
One – Swedish House Mafia
Warrior – The Warrior
Fire Wire – Cosmic Gate 
Lizard – Mauro Picotto
Be Cool – Paffendorf
Out of the Blue – System F
Insomnia – Pete Tong ft. The Heritage Orchestra & Jules Buckley 
On The Move – Barthezz
Operation Blade (Bass in the Place) [7″ Radio Edit] – Public Domain
Meet Her At The Love Parade [Radio Edit] – Da Hool
Carte Blanche – Veracoch
Everyday [Radio Edit] – Agnelli & Nelson
Dance – Apollo
Set You Free – N-Trance

Disk 3

On The Beach [CRW Radio Edit] – York
Saltwater – Chicane
Toca Me – Fragma
Take Me Away (Into The Night) – 4 Strings
American Dream – Jakatta
I Remember – Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade
I Need Your Lovin’ Like The Sunshine [Dark Moon Remix] – Marc Et Claude
As The Rush Comes – Motorcycle
Madagascar [Ferry Corsten Remix] – Art Of Trance
Man With The Red Face [Radio Edit] – Mark Knight & Funkagenda
Fiji [Lange Remix] – Atlantis vs Avatar
Beautiful [Matt Darey Original 1999] – Matt Darey feat. Marcella Woods
Played Alive (The Bongo Song) – Safri Duo
Follow Me – Lange feat. The Morrighan
Need to feel loved [Adam K & Soha Vocal Mix] – Reflekt ft. Delline Bass
Lana Del Rey Vs Cedric Gervais – Summertime Sadness
Touch Me [Spencer Hill Radio Edit] – Cass Fox
Seven Cities [Solar Stone Atlantis Mix] – Solarstone
Eple – Royksopp



In what seems to be an annual tradition in the world of dance music, Lost In Trance is another cobbled together compilation of trance, house and EDM songs thrown thoughtlessly into a three disk set. With no beat-matching between songs, all the usual big-hitting anthems included and some questionable inclusions on a trance compilation, Lost In Trance is an overly familiar, lazy and formulaic three disk CD that’s difficult to recommend to anyone whose owned or heard these songs before.

The first disk is by far the strongest, featuring all the usual suspects including Adagio For Strings, Cafe Del Mar and For An Angel. With no beat-matching between songs there’s a profound lack of creativity here and with many of these songs reduced to their 3 minute radio edits, the album fails to capture the real essence of what makes trance music so appealing – big breakdowns and euphoric pay-offs. Still, the first disk showcases some of the biggest tracks from the 90s, paying homage to an era where trance music was at its peak even if the track selection feels thoughtless, jumping between various tempos between tracks.

The final two disks are where Lost In Trance struggles the most, impressively stumbling from one questionable inclusion to the next, jumping between dark, hard, euphoric and everything in between with chart hit One – Swedish House Mafia and house classic American Dream – Jakatta the most jarring inclusions on a trance compilation. These two disks feel void of ideas, relying heavily on the old classics and failing to showcase any modern classics that have been a mainstay on the trance scene for many years.

While there’s no denying Lost In Trance features a great selection of individual tracks that have stood the test of time since the 90s and are decent enough to showcase the genre, there just isn’t enough originality or modern tracks here to justify buying this compilation. The artwork, CD sleeve and disks themselves aren’t aesthetically original either making Lost In Trance another generic compilation likely to be lost in the annual shuffle of classic trance anthem compilations.

  • Verdict - 2.5/10