Lost In Space – Season 3 Episode 8: Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 8 of Lost in Space Season 3 begins with alarms wailing overhead. The Robots have attacked and Will awakens with a start. Robot is there to reassure him everything will be okay, while Penny and Judy hold his hands and do the same thing.

Meanwhile, Maureen enacts a plan to bring all the Jupiter ships into the colony, intending to overheat the system and use their own tools to outsmart and beat the robots.

So the ships all come flying in, while John and the gang work to move a whole bunch of cables out onto the landing bay. It seems to work too, working to juice up the forcefield. With the shied coverage increasing, it’s touch and go for a while as SAR’s ship closes in… and smashes full force into the shield, bursting into flames.

The radio communication is severed, bits of the ship crash down to Alpha Centauri like meteors, and SAR is still alive.

As Will looks out at the chaos, he realizes that it’s imperative that they get to the engines. It turns out these are being used as giant bombs. This explains what happened on the Fortuna craft and also on their oasis planet. Will is too weak though, so he calls on Penny to get it back.

However, Penny runs into one of SAR’s robots, stuck under wreckage. Penny ditches her plan for the time being and shows genuine kindness, which seems to do the trick in rewiring their programming. Penny calls her newfound ally Sally.

Judy meanwhile, heads off to grab the engine, just as all the kids show up with their own robots, having helped out SAR’s troops when they needed it. With Sally leading the charge, a big fight between two groups of robots ensues, making sure there’s no casualties for our human comrades.

As fighting breaks out, Smith pilots the Jupiter 2 (something foreshadowed way back at the start of the season) and with Will in the passenger seat, they take off, bound for Robot’s home planet.

When they touch down, a massive lightning storm rages nearby. Robot creates a cocoon to shield Will on the planet. Will’s heart is weak, but unfortunately it breaks completely (metaphorically speaking of course) when Robot sacrifices himself to save Will. When he places his hand over Will’s heart, he puts a piece of himself inside. “Trust, Will Robinson.”

As Will and Dr. Smith discuss what’s happened, they’re suddenly interrupted by shrieking as numerous robots approach their ship.

Meanwhile, the adults decide to use the ol’ “input into the output” trick to fry all the Jupiter ships and thwart SAR’s threat. Now, given SAR and his goons are searching from ship to ship, it’s the perfect opportunity to fry them all.

SAR and his goons close in on them, eventually leading to chaos. John and Maureen try to escape in their truck but find themselves all turned around when SAR knocks them over. However, just before they meet a grizzly end, Will touches down with a voice message, which happens to be a command that neutralizes SAR.

Will realizes what Robot meant by “Trust, Will Robinson,” as it turns out the metallic part of his heart was actually a decoy for SAR. He knew that SAR would try to stab him again and as SAR does just this, Robot infects the rogue robot and becomes whole again. Thankfully he doesn’t die after all, hooray!

With the robot threat thwarted, we cut forward in time to see the robots working with , rather than against, the humans. With the robots free from their programming, most of them head off to find their own place in the world.

Sally is among them, leaving immediately, while Judy goes back to being a doctor. John is finally at peace too while Dr. Smith patches up her differences, deciding to turn herself in. Maureen heads down to see her though, encouraging Smith to look her up when she gets out.

How does Lost In Space Season 3 end?

As the episode closes out, everyone joins together for a family meal; as Will and Robot continue their plan to head out and explore the galaxy. Of course, despite promising to be back by Christmas, not everything goes to plan! The final scenes show a beautiful alien world. And NOW Will decides to wear his space suit!

The Episode Review

Lost in Space bows out with a conclusive chapter (despite the “end of chapter 1” nod) and wraps up all the big plot points across the season. SAR is finally defeated, the robots are freed from their programming, and the Robinson family all get their happy ending.

This season has really thrown absolutely everything and the kitchen sink at this show. Not everything has worked, but on the whole the satisfying conclusion is enough to round things out on a high.

After all, this show is designed for families – despite the 12 rating – and it certainly delivers on the adventure front. Whether Netflix will commission any sort of spin-off or sequel remains to be seen but for now, this family adventure bows out on a high.

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  1. Why penny stated at the end “The end of chapter 1” if the executive producers were going to make only 3 seasons?

  2. Was anybody really stupid enough to believe the executive producer when he claimed the show wasn’t cancelled, that it was always intended to be just three seasons?

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